Video Game "Addict"




Thumbnail: Zeurel + Bandit

Outro song:
"Fear The Mixup" by Ryan Little

Brown Wrangler Jacket:

Matrix 2 shirt:

Shoes: Black Chelsea boots from Zara Men

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  • Dylanrealporche  cow
    Dylanrealporche cow

    I love that the on the back of the it said ups killer

  • Eliseo Martinez
    Eliseo Martinez

    Why not play games to escape from reality?

  • jas skawinski
    jas skawinski


  • Manu Boymelgreen
    Manu Boymelgreen

    Swoozie straight facts

  • Mason Frieders
    Mason Frieders

    I sleep with a ps3 in my bed so I’m not alone

  • Mason Frieders
    Mason Frieders

    This is true

  • Red dead dumb stuff
    Red dead dumb stuff

    I once played games for 26 hours

  • Ma`at

    Idk what they’re paying the person who came up with the “ loop video “ button but it’s not enough

  • Leggo Kid
    Leggo Kid

    Am I not a gamer? 😢

  • Hursh-Lee Cloete
    Hursh-Lee Cloete

    Bro I'm a gamer and is sooo normal to play games in the morning and stop in the morning

  • David bm
    David bm

    Ur not a real gamer if u dont relate

  • Dr penguin
    Dr penguin

    I think that ups usually leaves packages whenever you not there

  • Dr penguin
    Dr penguin

    Ups leaves packages whenever I have packages that are supposed to come and I’m not there

  • EchidnaPlayz /
    EchidnaPlayz /

    Tbh, video games are played to either, have fun, or, to escape from your current reality. And that's NOT a bad thing. As long as ur having fun :).

  • Wizard Yeti
    Wizard Yeti


  • Cubez 515
    Cubez 515

    Took me a long time to get recommended this cool channel

  • lulu

    I'm watching this at 2:54 am Send help


    i wonder if he was pretending to have all the symptoms of an addict and denying it as a way to help some people identify the problem.

  • TMF

    People: Video games affect you IQ Me who gets always gets an A: Are you sure about that?

  • aist

    Ayo is that zeke in the start?

  • Richard 'Marrione' Afton
    Richard 'Marrione' Afton


  • KingL

    It is addiction. That’s why I stopped it. And you should too,not completely tho!

  • Fire Sword Gaming
    Fire Sword Gaming

    I thought he was bald until I saw the hair so I know it’s an aggressive buzz cut 😂

  • Otis

    “Is that a supra”

    • Otis

      Is it?

  • Matthew Glazier
    Matthew Glazier

    Jokes on you sWooZie, all gamers don't have girlfriends/friends :|

  • Team Sophie Meow
    Team Sophie Meow

    Is it bad my awneser was yes to all of those quiz things…

  • Plushes adventures
    Plushes adventures

    I love pikmin

  • quadraticAir

    Im addict but i would freak out

  • Itz Lilli
    Itz Lilli

    twin i think we need an intervention...

  • Zgamer boiLIVE
    Zgamer boiLIVE

    This is me

  • 𝕎𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝕖𝕪𝕒𝕓𝕠
    𝕎𝕒𝕟𝕚 𝕖𝕪𝕒𝕓𝕠

    Inn a Addict because I’ve fatwani

  • Tempting-Tophat

    videogames dont affect my school work my depression and anxiety do but parents dont really care about my answer soooo yea

  • Chico Richards
    Chico Richards

    my grandson when he read the title:shit they found me!!!!!

  • Tixmothy

    His famous female friend is probs pokimane

  • Blue Oblivion
    Blue Oblivion

    You hear something but you aint see nothing nothing happend

  • soviet polarbear
    soviet polarbear

    im addicted because i live in a very safe place and i always here somthing like guns and nobody else is doing anything and its just my imagination

  • Light 9 gaming
    Light 9 gaming

    No no he’s got it all wrong this is what you do, you played this anime game and you try to energy blast the bad guy

  • kelsey knowles
    kelsey knowles

    Yes I have experienced that feeling before (I’m also addicted)

  • U tone
    U tone

    Kid go to sleep with toys Swoozie goes to sleep with gaming magazines I don’t go to sleep

  • umad bro9765
    umad bro9765

    "competitive" or "pro" means addict.

  • Imperior warriors
    Imperior warriors

    Na fedex is to unreliable i just spend two hours running around my city until i find the disk

  • Amanda Gabino
    Amanda Gabino

    You should do a gaming vid I would love that and so relatable

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    I work for UPS and I'm chasing them down jumping over conveyor belts and down stairs to get them to stop bc they left a package behind that needed to be delivered lol

  • mohamed nur
    mohamed nur

    i'm so addicted to call of duty warzone

  • Ereh Yeager
    Ereh Yeager

    Why was swoozies monitor built like a Motorcycle engine

  • Liam Reid
    Liam Reid

    Yes you are

  • Jenny Limpot
    Jenny Limpot

    i kick someone opsy

  • Maverick

    I"m used to be addicted but after not play for like 2 years I got more self control and I'm good.

  • JustCallMeSchwick


  • Henry Helmbrecht
    Henry Helmbrecht

    Haha you're addicted

  • moody_eater

    Lol you been doin RSloft for 16 years omg

  • comer pickles
    comer pickles

    I really love your coat. Where did you get it??

  • Lala MaGinty
    Lala MaGinty

    I understand so relatable all the situation so don’t datable 😕🤔😐

  • Ylin Htet
    Ylin Htet

    Oh ok well that's good but 😳

  • Asher Fuller
    Asher Fuller

    I go to sleep with my phone

  • Narrator

    it is normal

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A

    Game informer nooooo!

  • Humbloom

    I have five

  • Karma_San

    Well I have now learned I may be addicted to video games✋😭

  • Cary O'Connell
    Cary O'Connell

    me when i go on a sign your addicted to game: FALL BACK FALL BACK

  • Fire Demon
    Fire Demon

    I need a pikmin 4 :/

  • darkknight101

    so when you started reading the list i just took a look at myself and realized almost everything is true.....

  • The dank turkey
    The dank turkey


  • the white dimond
    the white dimond

    mmm. no

  • Alexiully

    We can conclude.....starts waving naruto signs, lost it at that part :))) But in all honesty now, you can game like a maniac 24/7, just don't forget about work/school, and the few important ones you got, the rest is manageable...

  • L E V E L 0
    L E V E L 0

    Chasing a ups truck is like chasing a ice cream truck. Psh not like I would do that….😂😂🥴🥴🥴

  • Margaret Garcilazo
    Margaret Garcilazo


  • Adam Rodriguez
    Adam Rodriguez

    KEEP it real always

  • Adam Rodriguez
    Adam Rodriguez

    Loved the stories

  • Adam Rodriguez
    Adam Rodriguez

    BRO BROOOOO yeah you might be addicted, im a gamer buttttttt your storys ahhhhhhhhhhh. LOL



  • tanned shade
    tanned shade

    the only pikmin thing we needed was pikmin four that came in less than 20 years

  • GgG Hfg
    GgG Hfg

    The first situation like my dogs would get into the trash and I’d be playing a shooter like man I’ll just deal with this once I die. Also I don’t really play co-op but yeah it sucks when someone else is playing and you don’t know how to work with them

  • Wolfs

    I have

  • BEE

    I stayed up untill 6 am playing fortnite

  • Evan Gonzalez
    Evan Gonzalez

    Bro facts tho, you’ll be playing with only one person and then they level up from lvl 6 to lvl 30

  • SLAY3R

    Your not crazy I waited 1 week for my friend to play it takes to with me I didn’t even open the game when he told to download

  • Erwin Huyoa
    Erwin Huyoa

    i can relate

  • Seth Bergen
    Seth Bergen

    I’m a gamer,he’s an addict

  • Maza

    Sounds about right, except the ups thing

  • BlackCatYT

    Yeah when playing online you are legally obligated to stay at the PC and you cannot leave EVER. I am not addicted I in fact only have 1 sign of addiction haaa

  • Dbzfans309

    1:53 is the best part

  • Chase

    him goes to sleep with a gaming magazine me goes to sleep with a tablet

  • uchenna ozoude
    uchenna ozoude

    1:42 I laughed so much at dis to the point that I peed my pants

  • thatkiddzee

    I could tell you the whole story of advanced warfare cod

  • bowo

    Fuck sake bruh. Watched highschool dxd and i got all of these...

  • redrud 22
    redrud 22

    all true for me

  • arian eyvazi
    arian eyvazi

    everything you said was wrong

  • Aiden Acres
    Aiden Acres

    Swoozie: right? Me: you frickin bet

  • Akira Kurusu⁷
    Akira Kurusu⁷

    Its me im addictive to video games

  • HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer
    HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer

    I'm addicted, I grew up in a horrible childhood.

  • Footsoljier

    1:20 thats Banjo Kazooie not Zelda

  • Fan

    3:54 nah man back then I was too lonely

  • No Name Here
    No Name Here

    Actually, when I got my new phone. Me and my mom could NOT miss the delivery. So we chased the mailman down the street, and did exactly what swoozy did XD Edit: yes, it was a UPS truck

  • Nathaniel Clyde
    Nathaniel Clyde

    You have to do more of these animations in bright colors like in this video

  • Otter

    I like this kinda content it’s much more chill than the other stuff

  • AdorexKhloe

    kiss kiss kiss

  • Michael Cartier
    Michael Cartier

    Whats that jacket?

  • jordan peterson
    jordan peterson

    Yes having your player two have another player ones soul crushing lol. But seriously, I feel for you swoozie

  • SpyLoveMoney

    As a gamer, i find this very true. I’m not addicted either, is just like you can’t stop cuz it’s cool