Toxic Relationship Signs
There are a few ways to tell if you're in a toxic relationship. Here are some quick tips and story about a toxic situation that I was involved with.

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    Thanks for the new video, Rachel.

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      Rachel got a nice a- jk

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    My man can't get a girl I'm sorry

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    He hit her

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    Lol swoozie u are so funny

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    he is your go to dude that's what its called

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young

    At four years old I ran into the doorknob of my mom’s bf’s door and it gave me a really bad black eye. It’s possible that that’s what happen to “Ann”

  • Kai

    Hey dude, im really sure that she was hit physically by her bf, since you said, and i quote "Humans don't have flat faces" unless she like 7 feet tall annd the corner of the door hit her, she was hit physicallynin the eye.

  • ayerstheblueninja

    yes you can get a black eye by a door

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    Great Advice + Story I can learn from You're always great thanks for another high quality content 💯

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    😂 i started thinking whether I want to date this girl that Im currently talking to. I can feel how mentally exhausted it can be just listening to the story. I can totally relate.


    bro wtf i had to pause the video at 13:30 and walk around for a sec cuz i was so in shock

  • Jack Koch
    Jack Koch

    Swoozie big fan have been for a while I hope you see this but im late af. So it is possible. When i was about 8-9 i played football. My mom had told me to go out and make sure my gear was in her trunk. I woke up at 6a.m couldnt get back to sleep so I figured hey why not. She woke up to the door shutting when I went outside. She went to check on me saw I was not in my bed and very rightfully panicked thinking I had been taken. In her panic she ran to the front door swung it open and yelled for me while I was in the car then she did the same with the garage door. However when she did it with the garage door she didnt move out of the way and hit herself in the right eye with the edge of the door and had a black eye for a while. So if when he kicked it she was in the right spot it is very possible.

  • Jamie Edwards-Stromatt
    Jamie Edwards-Stromatt

    door's can give you a black eye

  • Collin Baekelandt
    Collin Baekelandt

    no jou ken hav a blakk ai

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    the ark player

    a door can not give you a black eye he puncher in the eye Call 911

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    It gave my dad two black eyes

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    U are so smart

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      This is obvious bro. Common sense unless you are a simp.

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    A door cant give you a black eyes however, a door handle can


    This nigga swoozie go in his closet and press random

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    13:52 thecse lol

  • Vtinelk

    I ran to my door and I can confirm yes in can hit ur eye


    They know I'm here

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    yes a door can easily cause a black eye

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    Rip to the old people named bob out there 😂

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    Filip Filip

    Ok, stop, so you're telling me you found this perfect girl you super like, you said no to her because "she's clingy", and then she calls you up to check if you want to be with her one more time, you pull every muscle to say no, and you make a video badmouthing her soon to be husband right now? Is the toxic relationship the one between you and her where you're both toxic people? You for stringing her along and her for not letting you go even in a serious relationship?

  • the machine
    the machine

    Man with fedora hat gives me relationship advice Me:the lord has praised me

  • SwissRR

    A door can kinda bruise you but not usually

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    Bandit, the acountabilibudy

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    Jacoby Hammitt

    You cant tell me you didn’t check your thumb size when he was talking about meeting ann

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    Just looked it up, it says a door can give you a black eye so.

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    Swooz the handle ooooooor ze corner

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    sam murphy

    Unless she’s like two feet tall then I don’t think you can get a black eye from that

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    I got a black eye from a door

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    Joao Mbala

    Yh the relationship is way more toxic from what it looks like

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    Dustie455 hairtrooper

    Swoozie great advice but you should have let her stay with you even if she was clingy

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    Damn bruh u a playa

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    Matt is fond boss

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    John F Kennedy

    13:31 I am lost I am lost I am looooooooooooost I am lost

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy

  • John F Kennedy
    John F Kennedy


  • Bred

    I got a black eye from a door depends on the angle it hits you from

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez

    The door knob

  • jeremiah peterson
    jeremiah peterson

    You should be a tharepest

    • Bred

      Ofc you're a fortnite kid can't even spell

  • Spencer G
    Spencer G

    Pray the sinner's prayer and confess to your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repent from your sinful lifestyle and devote your life to following and obeying God's will for you make the decision today he chose you because he loves you he chose to send his only son to die for you so you can recieve eternal life in heaven and peace and happiness and favor on earth because he loves you always remember that make the decision today before it's too late make God happy the bible says when one person becomes saved there's rejoicing in heaven and a party ayee you want there to be a party because someone is proud of you God will be proud when you make the decision so make the decision today have a blessed day and always remember God loves you that's why he sent Jesus to have a chance at having a relationship with you God bless you

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    Gabriela Ortiz

    Love your videos

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    The doorknob could have hit her in the right place and she got a black eye from the door

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    Ms paint lol

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  • Pyreau

    if she was tall the corner of the door could give a black eye

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    Pierce TT

    i am rewatching this and `ann might be hannahxxrose because she is a gamer and hannah has the word ann in it ..... sooooooooo

  • Eduardo Luiz Ferreira Cunha
    Eduardo Luiz Ferreira Cunha

    Toxic ppl never believe they are toxic. How can I know I'm not the toxic one in the relationship?

  • Outward Barley11
    Outward Barley11

    My guess for the black eye is that the door hit her nose and caused the black eye. Your nose, eyes, and ears and all connected, so when the door might of hit her nose it could’ve caused the black eye.

  • itatchi

    Aigth listen if the door hit her on her eye it would be the corner and if she ran didn't she locked the door and he hit it open it would take a couple of hits then even more

  • Lucilfer Adonis
    Lucilfer Adonis

    The nice ones are the easiest to hypnotize sWooz... See, in truth most women do not want a straight and narrow in relationships and who they get with, honestly speakin they much rather have a soapie of a relationship, devastating lows with mournin and grief then exhilarating highs of joy and happiness This tricks them into thinking they've infact formed a deep connect and pact with you, and that you are a huge part of their life so they can't simply detach from what they identify as a part of them... it is sad really. But don't mix this in with love, if a guy/girl does this intentionally to form the said bond to simply chain other then it is only hypnosis, but if their feelings are the same it really isn't as both fall to the psychedelic trip that is "Love" Hope this is understandable

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Ok, I have a question for anyone whose willing to give an answer. I’ve been in a toxic relationship before and I’ve always had this question of, If your a toxic person whose always toxic and then stop, do old habits die hard? Or how does that work?

  • Scar Rosa
    Scar Rosa

    The black eye door thing is likely because I have been close the getting one with a door

  • Alcoholic Crusader
    Alcoholic Crusader

    His parents are racist, he gave her a black eye, he cheated on her and they got married... I hope that this relationship isn’t toxic anymore or else this guy just asked her to marry him because he needs to put a big step into the relationship other than sorting out the problems in the relationship. btw Swoozie love your videos man ❤️

  • Andrew Dinger
    Andrew Dinger

    I got a black eye from a door knob

  • Steeltown Canucklehead
    Steeltown Canucklehead

    Yeah my parents were still living in the same house even when they were divorced when I was young. I don't remember what it was like really other than from what stories my mom has told me, but I'm sure it wasn't fun at all.

  • Mirian Tostado
    Mirian Tostado

    La llorona's husband felt like he couldn't leave either dude Soo toxic relationships are always gonna be around but they can be fixed

  • Josean

    Since the N64 star fox story I started following you and after every love story I concluded... we have the same level of salt bro... hands down... but... it's all in what you make of it and learn from it so stay positive

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    nafeeza s

    I'm sorry but Swoozies "WOOOOW" killed me 😅

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    Oh dope, we have a Counter in New York, too. They rule.

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    As a male I was in the most toxic relationship

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    sWooZie is my new therapist

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    Imagine those toxic people watching this

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    lightning the true shadow lxp

    Only if the eye was lined up with the crevice in the door

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    I feel like swoozie be dumping loads into anyone who steps foot in his place😂😂😂

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    Bro swoozie is old 😂

  • nickg35x

    for her getting the black eye she hit her forehead and bruised it, then the blood will travel down to the eye causing a black eye im guessing not a doctor

  • Cheese balls
    Cheese balls

    Ok so a door can cause a black eye but it’s it’s not that common so it might have happened but there’s a good chance that’s not what happened

  • Meh animationZ
    Meh animationZ

    There was a kid in my class he was very short he hit his eye on a doorknob giving him a black eye

  • Trevor Marsee
    Trevor Marsee

    Ennnh, the fedora is pretty moderate, but fezzes are cool (This is a terraria/movie referance)

  • abbyanne wilson
    abbyanne wilson

    the term is called *man clown* my friend if yk yk

  • Robert Jaradeh
    Robert Jaradeh

    "Get happy first, then get into a relationship, relationships should add to your happiness not be the reason for your happiness." WOW Bravo brother!

  • Hanak0-Chan345

    Yeah...that guy punched her. I got hit by a door on my face once. (Yeah it hurted like shit xD)The whole side gets black not only the eye. I think he attempted to hit her but the door broke the impact and maybe she was confused as to what happened. I'm still sad that she got married to that terrible person. I really Hope nothing happens to her

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    Audrey Musanga

    Swoozie you sexy or whatever....

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    Loren Brown

    Preach Swoozie!!!

  • Laura Swiftfoot
    Laura Swiftfoot

    Yo this sounds like one of my friends, I drove her to the police station to file a restraining order cuz he kept harassing and stalking her online, tried blackmailing her, verbally abused her, stalking her at her work. They got back together!

  • Joustin Napoles
    Joustin Napoles

    If anyone knows the ann girl Instagram please slide it

  • Patrick Marshall
    Patrick Marshall

    theres alot of stories that swoozie has i gotta believe that its hard to keep track of all them . swoozie do you keep tabs of these girls ? write what happens in your notes or have a bulletin board of pictures and notes with strings wrapped around them connected back to you lmao.

  • Lexio Blackmoon
    Lexio Blackmoon

    Door nob or handle could of hit her

  • TNHGaming

    "If you break up with me, you're never gonna find anyone better than me" ... Sure buddy. Keep telling urself that. pfttt HAHAHA 7 (damn near 8) BILLION people on this planet..and this guy thinks he's on top 😂😂🤣🤣

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    I know I’m very late to the video but got dam that girl needs help shit lol

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    You are the best at making these types of vids

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    That was suchhhhh an amazing deal

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    Sonya Gill

    My mom got a back eye by walking into a door in the dark lol. Definitely possible.

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    love the fit!

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    So i just googled it and u r 41?????????????

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      no tf?

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    I just rember Swoozie is 49

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    Ann is noisy butters

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    I love your videos. I’m from Italy

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    A friend has given me a black eye by a door

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    0:55 😂😂 only millenials will know

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