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  • Ma`at

    I’m learning new words to watch out for (Let’s) is one of them

    • Sharkz osu!
      Sharkz osu!

      i can't say LESS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anymore? Awwwwwwww mannn

    • WolfRhymes

      @Diana Anaid your right why be a doormat when we can help the lord get rid of all you hoes Revelation 2:21-23 KJV [21] And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. [22] Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. [23] And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

    • Diana Anaid
      Diana Anaid

      ANOTHER DOORMAT FOR ME??? Thabk you?!!!!!!!

    • WolfRhymes

      your whole video is trashed with one verse. Ephesians 5:25 - King James Version Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; there is nothing wrong with seeing only one woman as perfect for if she becomes your wife, you will not want to cheat on her because you see her as the best so why would you cheat on her?? you may laugh at the Lord and this verse but when you die and you finally become aware that you died and the only way out of hell is Jesus, you will be a prisoner of the Lord and the only way out if to follow him. SIMP = strong intelligent MANLY PRINCE

    • duggulol


  • Mário Chovanec
    Mário Chovanec

    S I M P ( super intense minecraft player)

  • Marqan

    Who initiates is not as simple as having a one-sided friendship. That tweet came for a severely inexperienced or unthoughtful person.

  • Cernos

    Not sure but I think we are the simps in the dog's perspective, We bought it, we buy food for it, we buy stuff for the dog just for it to wreck them, then the dogs befriends other Hoe-ners. We're basically their bitches

  • MedVFX

    Loads of horse shit, never simp for anyone. especially for girls.

  • ur trash
    ur trash

    "hol up wait a minute" is so funny

  • Kian show
    Kian show

    I’ve been simped on 1 2 3 oh no 50

  • Liz Cost
    Liz Cost

    That's so funny, I just watched a video about the girl who went an hour to get him that video game

  • Jesscavator

    Tough to realize that I've definitely been a dead plant waterer and a massive simp, but on the other hand, if anyone has an aspect to this, is that other person actually excusing the fact they're a flake, like i had this dude not respond to me for weeks on end and then on their stream they be talking about making friends in general and are like "yeah you don't have to reply for months on end I do that and it's fine" and then he be complaining he never gets invited and noone ever checks up on him and stuff like wtf???

  • Ana A
    Ana A

    When he mentioned the girl binge watching TWD after mentioning once "That's some hardcore simp behavior" 😳😳 Just realized I've totally been a simp before🤣💀

  • Noob Army!!
    Noob Army!!

    Don't worry "You got the power"

  • Eddy Escobar
    Eddy Escobar

    Sir you got my dislike

  • Eddy Escobar
    Eddy Escobar

    Noooo, the word simp was invented by pimp c, its sucker and pimp put together omg, get it right

  • Knots Billington
    Knots Billington

    lol this is why I rarely text first, as soon as I get that dreaded one word reply like "cool" (that ones hella annoying cause you know they dont give a shit like how much harder is it to just say "thats cool") I just give up 😂😂

  • kathmandoozle

    Wasn't "simp" a term started by Incels? I mean, most of the people I see use it now are incels.

  • S Boloshis
    S Boloshis

    Weak employees simp for their toxic boss.

  • Janach Plays
    Janach Plays

    Girl: can I sit there Me: ………No Disclaimer: don’t simp kids

    • Janach Plays
      Janach Plays

      Don’t simp kids

  • Daniel Olteanu
    Daniel Olteanu

    I don`t mind paying for her girlfriend too as long I`m getting a 3 some lol is this simp ?

  • Dp t
    Dp t

    Hey! My ex and her hubby!

  • Horu

    the solution is to don’t have gf, ez life

  • Tiny Elephanty
    Tiny Elephanty

    simp back? thats called giving a favor back, you're taking the word simp way too far *doing a favor to your friend? nah bro, thats simping*

  • Ash Lava Kat
    Ash Lava Kat

    take a shot every time he says simp *SIMP.*

  • Marcy wu
    Marcy wu

    Never have I simped and if you do why do you do it tell me in the comments also my cousin made me go on a date with a girl I didn’t so yea

  • Flamingo Fumi
    Flamingo Fumi

    Swoozie dropping fax i’m learning so much from

  • •-jomanad-•

    Is it bad me and my husband both simp for each other?

  • nova9

    Swozzie make a vid about my hero academia

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus

    Simp S: super I: Intelligent M: Minecraft P: Player Dduuhhh

  • Diana Anaid
    Diana Anaid


  • B Rad
    B Rad

    But also watch out for the women who wanna pay for everything on the first date. They can be extremely clingy, needy and jealous and that is all red flags there.

  • Lumno


  • Konstantine Tabagari
    Konstantine Tabagari

    The thing is im a simp and i like it is that ok?

  • mpaculba


  • FakeFaith

    Never simpped less goooooooo

  • Keiavi Deitas
    Keiavi Deitas

    i dont watch your videos because your funny i watch them because THEY TEACH ME LIFE and then they are funny anyways

  • Capman

    The most wise words I have ever heard: "Its ok to simp for somebody if they simp at you back" YES COMPLETLY

  • MysticBlue 02
    MysticBlue 02

    I really liked how this video wasn’t all “girls will take advantage of you!” (Doubtless some will) and talked about one-sided friendships Been a fan since your “Disney employee” videos may I just say…. HANDSOME! That complement was sincere and free… no need to feed me!

  • Paints-With-Dreams

    My own family is simping me :(

  • emanym

    Bad owner! You need to treat your dog better.

  • Isaiah Cox
    Isaiah Cox

    I miss you send food😘

  • Axxzjano

    The 🍕 emoji got me 💀

  • The Literary Witch
    The Literary Witch

    I felt that quote. I stopped texting the 3-4 friends I thought I had around 2019 to 2020 and now I have zero friends and more money.

  • TalkinToonyBox

    Text: I miss you (Me goes) (She says she didn't have any money) Me: Not my problem, maybe you need a job

  • Doctolero LorenzoLuis
    Doctolero LorenzoLuis


  • Ashley Sammons
    Ashley Sammons

    Super intents Minecraft player

  • Intergalactic Dust Bunny
    Intergalactic Dust Bunny

    2:45 "I was on Twitter one day...." Well there's your problem...

  • Daymen Marick
    Daymen Marick

    i dont know any of these formalities people can be more mature its all superficial he said she said bullshit i think you better quit let that shit slip!

  • sambungan pasaribu
    sambungan pasaribu


  • Alphabackfisch

    Just want to be comment nr 9999

  • ssd soup
    ssd soup

    i dont really ever text first but i always pay for my part or if i dont i take whoever paid for me to do something after like a movie or a smoke out or both

  • Firebeatle

    And girls say guys suck

  • Sapphire

    Swoozie: the only time I ever hear from her is "I miss you, let's go get some food" and I end up paying every time..... Me: SUS. AS. FUCK.

  • TheFunkyDunks

    2:34 You just said " tell me why come" da fuck?

  • GVSHD game review
    GVSHD game review

    ayo i bet her name was ann i bet u]

  • Jqke

    I will try to get 10000 comments

  • Liam Quen
    Liam Quen


  • Liam Quen
    Liam Quen


  • Liam Quen
    Liam Quen


  • Liam Quen
    Liam Quen


  • Liam Quen
    Liam Quen


  • Pizza Man
    Pizza Man

    Pretty sure the people at my school don't know what simp means. I did something stupid and this girl calling me a simp.

  • Shanell Violets LeCarr
    Shanell Violets LeCarr

    Qwadae was my simp. And I never even met the dude I've redirected after he got married. Mad late. Healing in progress


    I hate dog person

  • Fatemma Hussein
    Fatemma Hussein

    +11111 i agree with him sooo bad That's so true

  • lamadrid

    I regularly watch this video just to remind myself


    the kicks on point

  • Third Temple
    Third Temple

    I like the South Park quote, “A relationship isn’t 50-50, it’s 100-100.”

  • Ethel_Playz

    50-50 Being optimal, what would you say is the breaking point? 70-30? 80-20? At what point would you recommend somebody take a stand. Just curious.

  • Sandra Obiezuoha
    Sandra Obiezuoha

    Wait so does that mean anime…

  • keonte bennett
    keonte bennett

    This video is basically about rent a girlfriend (anime)

  • Killua x Gon
    Killua x Gon


  • Market Neture
    Market Neture

    Do anything for anyone that is not your job is simping

  • kawiil youtube
    kawiil youtube

    "Let's go"

  • Randooe

    Yeah, im a simp S - nope lol I - M - P -

  • Drive Me Sane
    Drive Me Sane

    I'm gonna be honest here, the thumbnail looks more like slavery than simping.

  • Dexxter Seth
    Dexxter Seth

    I lost my shit when he said "ToropiCAALLLLLL"

  • Marcos Sosa
    Marcos Sosa

    He's storytelling style reminds me of a friend of mine who has the same style.

  • Denster

    It's a mutual thing. Give some, take some. Don't just give, and don't just take. I usually mirror a new friend pretty closely. If I make efforts with little return, I'll discontinue said efforts temporarily. Works like a charm.

  • Russell Francis
    Russell Francis

    You're circle needs to be smaller.

  • Jorge310 Ball
    Jorge310 Ball

    0:32 is fax for me

  • Neutral Warlord 2
    Neutral Warlord 2

    We are just scoring

  • DangerDan*

    Reality check, you can't both be Simping. That means the friendship is legitimate. Because those who mutually benefit from each other is not Simping.

  • King Kong Fan
    King Kong Fan


  • Katharine Unwin
    Katharine Unwin

    I have a friend she is techinacally my best friend who really like harry potter and was a huge draco mafoly fan so when she did an impression for I said "cool I don't know who he is " then spent an hour watch harry potter stuff so I would know who draco mafoly was . Her contriutation to our friendship is more visble . but mine is still there doing it best trying to be better and better everytime . side note : we also both have the same humor so if she thinks somethings funny she might tell me and I will laugh . it's great .

  • Just a 90s kid
    Just a 90s kid

    How not to be a simp: Hosted by a Simp Premiere on friday 7:30/8:30 cc

  • TNO Basi
    TNO Basi

    It’s so crazy to see how far you’ve come, I’ve been watching you since the third grade and I’m 18 now, proud of you swoozie thanks for all the good laughs🖤

  • NoobMaster

    Literally pay 2 friend

  • Yoda Gaming
    Yoda Gaming

    I never simp. I never did simp before anyways.

  • TrashCan

    Imagine a being simp~Posted by the chad gang

  • L E V E L 0
    L E V E L 0

    I need to turn this off because this whole thing he’s saying is personally attacking me in a full circle lmao Great video I’m subscribing

  • Avarosa

    2.5K beta simps have disliked this video.

  • rordon gamsay
    rordon gamsay

    I simped for a full wallet Money makes me happy

  • Gkurosé

    Omggg nooo lol my friend sent me a picture of a movie she was watching so for the week I watched the show + the movie. Just so when we met up we'd have something we could talk about for a while 💀

  • Sweet Scheme
    Sweet Scheme

    Swoozie: "Platonic/friendship simping exists" Me: *thinking it doesn't....only to realize my friends do it all the time*

  • vTideLacez-sxvca

    swoozie is a real nigga.

  • TheSelectricuser

    I have never simped

  • معاوية الوريكات
    معاوية الوريكات

    Simp Conspiracy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Banani Kalita
    Banani Kalita

    watching her favourite show after she watched yours! like who does that!? 😭 it's very kind of u @Swoozie

  • Niki Nicole slims377
    Niki Nicole slims377

    I dont know where u meet these girls. Once your in a relationship it’s either or. Meaning if you buy for me the next time I buy for you. Lol but if the guy really likes you he prefers to pay. If you relationship gets deep some guys prefer to pay mostly because your in a committed long term thing. All I have to say is I dnt mind paying for my guy 🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏💋💋😘😘. Love makes us weak. So if I like u swoozie I will pay simple lol

  • That one girl
    That one girl

    Stop spilling our secrets bro!!

    • Vilen

      “sTop SpilLing OUr seCrets BRo” lmao well to late

  • DrPres -J Palomino
    DrPres -J Palomino

    A wise man once said “simpin aint pimpin”