Simpin' ain't Pimpin'
Simping doesn't just happen at the beginning. Your POI's energy can shift even in the 4th quarter.
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  • Yea Boiii
    Yea Boiii

    “It’s always for some other duuuudeee Lana..”

    • Mvade -robot
      Mvade -robot

      Thanks for subbing to me it means a lot

    • something

      i literally laughed so fucking hard

    • WildKat

      “I’m never good enough Lana!”

    • Irwin Hackshaw
      Irwin Hackshaw


    • Anu kumari
      Anu kumari

      Subscribe now🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Suga Batz
    Suga Batz

    Bless your heart, 😢. I can resonate with how you feel. You really be wondering “ Why the hell do I have so much love music! “ When your in that mood. And I highly understand the feeling , like the universe is conspiring against you. It’s ok to cry. When you validate your emotions. You are healing yourself. Even if you feel silly about it.

  • Audrey Poat
    Audrey Poat

    as a girl all i’m gonna say is that she actually was with the roommates and was saying stuff like “omg i don’t wanna god back there cause ____” and when she said the “the other dude” she was prolly talking abt you. i mean if you rly think she was even remotely into you she would’ve texted “this guy” so when she was like “i DEFINITELY have to say it in person” she was prolly thinking of you

  • The Chef
    The Chef

    I like how his phone is like the main villain

  • Trik Shot Games
    Trik Shot Games

    11:05 my guy transformed with that jacket flip

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez

    Man so relatable it took me a while too bro keep ya chin up , 🙌🏻

  • Emily Chingy
    Emily Chingy

    I still come back to this video to cry with Swoozie whenever I'm super lonely...

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster

    Maybe you need to change the type of women you date.

  • Aiden Philpot
    Aiden Philpot

    he reminds me of ski mask

  • XD_Jovani Parra
    XD_Jovani Parra

    I to am a simp S: Super I: Intense M: Minecraft P: Player

  • DB Jones
    DB Jones

    10:25 all you need is the remastered version of rip and tear from doom enternal or bfg division by Mick gordon

  • Family fun bmore style
    Family fun bmore style

    He looks like the black John Constantine

  • Jamie zo
    Jamie zo

    Just bruh

  • Prime AYO
    Prime AYO

    You know we going to know who she is by next video right 👀

  • Hayfer

    Yup, it was your fault - next time don't take someone for granted, time is precious!

  • Patrick Tarver
    Patrick Tarver

    Listen to u don't know me by Ti

  • Wiiblii

    Swoozie is the great therapist of the internet he teaches and he helps like I try whenever I detect simp nrgy

  • Julez

    If I had a dollar for every time this happened to me bro I be f****** rich whenever I'm in a mood Spotify just always decides to play the opposite song I'll be sad and it plays something even more depressing rather than playing something happy and of me edit:awe Swooz even hearing you talk about crying hurts me

  • Iffy Edem
    Iffy Edem

    Swoozie. You legit could get most of the cooche that you pursue. YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BE A SIMP

  • shahiem  joseph
    shahiem joseph


  • Seynii Baby
    Seynii Baby

    Bro this happend to me once and I will never let it happen again bro

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross

    My phone: *dies on 7%* Me: 11:23

  • Tyler Monsoon
    Tyler Monsoon


  • zacarias hidalgo
    zacarias hidalgo


  • aist

    Is it me or the button to exit full screen mode looks like ww2 german vehicle sign

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade

    The airport music 🤣🤣

  • Cydne Gee
    Cydne Gee

    ace attorney cosplay ? lol

  • kingster C.
    kingster C.

    I think I would be worried if my therapist just did tiktok moves while talking to me🤣

  • Ethan Chung
    Ethan Chung

    You need a hug man?

  • XxSwifty-EditzxX

    You got some skinny ahh legs


    shawty triflin

  • grey_wun


  • that_kid_precious

    Lana is a true friend

  • SuzieQ

    who in there right mind would turn down swoozie?! don't worry she'll regret it later

  • Lala Lala
    Lala Lala

    Swoozie looks like neyo👌 Bwt your not simping she just lead you on

  • Sam Nanerzzz
    Sam Nanerzzz

    Dog simping is the only simping allowed, am i right or wrong?

  • Cassidy's Toys&Crafts
    Cassidy's Toys&Crafts

    I found NYC girl :)

  • get soft aimed
    get soft aimed

    what happened to the lego animations

  • Lee Chauke
    Lee Chauke

    That red tie energy is Godly

  • Maple Lad
    Maple Lad

    professor swoozie I need help I be simpping but i can't stop.

  • jasmineax


  • Mvade -robot
    Mvade -robot

    Thank you for subbing to me

  • Stelliphina

    I hope that the next girl who dates Swoozie will know that if it doesn’t work out, she’s becoming a story time

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez

    Man this shit hit different especially right now

  • Heidi Snelgrove
    Heidi Snelgrove

    best self-analysis ever! Hang in

  • Shanell Violets LeCarr
    Shanell Violets LeCarr

    His body language is telling me so many things in this story. The way swoozie owned his part in keeping someone in the maybe zone is admirable. I have come to like this story the best out of all his stories. Because I feel like I can relate to the topic and feel like a friend

  • David Virtosu
    David Virtosu



    👔0:01 = me 🤣

  • Mars Figueroa
    Mars Figueroa

    Your fit reminds me of light yagami from death note

  • Nixrye

    Mmm Mr.BlackBeans cosplay

  • Htoon Thiwa
    Htoon Thiwa

    Haaa dj guy is the best song maker 🤣


    That whitney Houston 😂

  • DeadlyMouseFlix

    fix your mic my guy, every video has static

  • Ariel F
    Ariel F

    I lost it when he started singing Lana


    Smh we all gota learn

  • Alaric Afriyie
    Alaric Afriyie

    Damn that airport DJ did u dirty

  • Sechelani NGAMBI
    Sechelani NGAMBI

    Bruh the singing killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thailiyah Lindo
    Thailiyah Lindo

    ‘Now you get to stand there and watch ‘em leave out the window, I guess that’s why they call it window pain’- Eminem

  • Dhara

    We miss you!

  • kawiil youtube
    kawiil youtube


  • Yowokubo

    13:35 Bruh was opening coke cans

  • Lau Fiu
    Lau Fiu

    I'm starting to think swoozie is the problem lol

  • Simenbo

    hes the doctor

  • isaac boites
    isaac boites

    Swoozie you're 41?

  • Jashandeep Singh
    Jashandeep Singh

    Well that sure was a true story it happens sometimes...yeah I have no idea what to say

  • Jashandeep Singh
    Jashandeep Singh

    Well at least some people can understand

  • Tiamaco Guillaume
    Tiamaco Guillaume

    Thats real disrespectful 😤

  • Megan Acosta
    Megan Acosta

    That 90’s r&b music video cry hit different.

  • Baiba Zvirgzdina
    Baiba Zvirgzdina

    Love how honest you are with your feelings , swoozie 😍

  • Marcie O.M.
    Marcie O.M.

    12:02 …. That hit me so hard in the gut but at the same time …I laughed SO HARD (rip to Whitney) but the WAY YOU SANG IT! Love you swoozie 😂❤️

  • Kamilla Parker
    Kamilla Parker

    We need airport djs 😂

  • Āstēia

    Mr simp hi hru and Lana..bro you missed out

  • Imhighonperks 999
    Imhighonperks 999

    But I been single for me whole life tho😩

  • Creepy Cannelloni
    Creepy Cannelloni

    Omg, he was plan B....that's a pretty shitty thing for her to have done. Respect to sWooZie for handling it so responsibly like an adult! Edit: Adults can cry too, it's okay

  • TNO Basi
    TNO Basi

    love you swooz, they don’t know what they have until they lose it🖤

  • Malice

    Get this man a TV show

  • JavaJohns

    I hope you find that girl that rocks your world and you rock hers back! 😊

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M

    Seems like Swoozie is not the victim in this story. His Karma just came back to bite him in the butt 😬

    • Dink Bros
      Dink Bros

      Haha that's exactly it

  • Goblin Goblingab
    Goblin Goblingab

    at this point i think you just overreacted and still are bc of someone

    • Dink Bros
      Dink Bros

      Haha for sure!

  • Megan S
    Megan S

    OK it seems like they were not exclusive.

  • Noe Galvan
    Noe Galvan

    me watching this after getting heart broken and simping for someone ….😏

  • Lana Jacob
    Lana Jacob

    Are u from Trinidad? U look like it🤔

  • Sharon Yae-Jin Ha
    Sharon Yae-Jin Ha

    You seem so cultured. Sometimes I doubt the value of art and animation and then I see ya intelligent-ass delivery keep it up brotha.

  • The Way In
    The Way In

    This was so relatable, this one time I cried HARD, about someone I didn’t even date. It caught me off guard but I think it was tears built up for years of unrequited and unreciprocated interest from several flirtationships, all coming to a head. The person I was seeing - we didn’t even “date” for long at all. We had one really amazing date and then, I wanted to advance and they wanted to chill on it. So I started getting more pushy, and they started responding less, until… yeah. It ended promptly with me getting blocked. I felt such a loss, I blamed myself over and over, I considered them this amazing golden dream person that I had messed up so badly, I deactivated my dating profile, and haven’t really seen anyone since. That was 2 years ago, and I’m just starting to entertain the idea of dating again, really moving on. What made the difference I think is that lately I’ve been thinking less about the person I lost, and more about what I can do now. With them not in the picture, I can date anyone now, yknow. I can look back now, and instead of just blaming myself, I can think about what worked and what didn’t and what were the circumstances. I’ve reflected and learned about myself - what I’m looking for in a partner, and the kind of person I now want to be in a relationship. I can apply it next time and hopefully get a little closer to that dream relationship I want. Yay for growth

  • Ultimate banana
    Ultimate banana

    Why can swoozie predict anything

  • SlashDager64

    Swoozie busted a light yagama

  • Marrisa thai
    Marrisa thai

    therapists in teenwolf who?

  • Poopmaster4

    yo I would not have pulled out my personal playlist. Anything that you cherish can be tainted with the memories that you used to know. I would have made a whole new playlist which would have sucked. 80+ songs that I love down the drain. i bet pikmin isn't the same because of your memories with your pikmin buddies who cheated on you with another pikmin fan.

  • Александър Жарков
    Александър Жарков

    Dude in the new year’s I got dumped by this girl that I was simping she lie saying she doesn’t want to have new relationship the started simping for this one dude in front of me but karma he dump her for her friend sooo yeah

  • Shaun Rickit
    Shaun Rickit

    This is therapy? I thought these were videos about cool stories😐

  • Alisha Gadson
    Alisha Gadson


  • URI Ibarra
    URI Ibarra

    why do you look like light from death note 📓🖊💀😂

  • Imani Steele
    Imani Steele

    9:43 got me ded

  • Jazmine Paden
    Jazmine Paden

    Swoozie where do you find these girls they always seem problematic from the jump lol

  • Nasu-ka

    Ew that what i do lol 10 songs same ones everyday until i switch it up 🤣😂

  • Diane Culas
    Diane Culas

    Adande just made me realise that I’m SIMPING simping for someone 😂

  • Big M Go
    Big M Go

    This video has overall sokka vibes

  • Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey
    Jok3er271 JKlilmonkey

    Had a similar situation man, this time I was the guy who was getting strung along. And when I tried asking her if she wants to make it official and she just pushed me away completely. Turns out this girl has mega daddy/personal issues. Dodged a bullet forsure. I was blinded by simpin and that ain’t pimpin.

  • sativa diva
    sativa diva

    my ex broke up with me over text after a year, 2 days before christmas at that and told me the entire relationship meant nothing lol. and then while still healing from that relationship, 4 months later my grandma succumbs to her cancer and passes away. fuck 2020-2021 man.

  • sativa diva
    sativa diva

    it’s always the girls that don’t deserve it that get the good men 🥺🥺

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