Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events
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  • blodripa

    Stan Lee will forever be a legend. RIP.

    • bread_card


    • Alfonso Jimenez
      Alfonso Jimenez

      Rip :(

    • Gregory Gomes
      Gregory Gomes

      @lizbeth yes almost 3 years ago

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki


    • lizbeth

      HE DIED?

  • Arnav Raghuvanshi
    Arnav Raghuvanshi

    I'm still waiting to meet Swoozie but bros definitely 2000/10

  • Shrimpy Gaming
    Shrimpy Gaming

    We need those bad experiences before it takes him another 7 years to pick up a different on this topic

  • Asra Akbar
    Asra Akbar

    Everyone literally has to be nice to you swoozie. Your the sweetest human! Hope I get to meet you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rock Start
    Rock Start

    Nice v..

  • memelord 776
    memelord 776

    Hopefully I’ll get too meet Stan in heaven

  • Psychological Disrespect
    Psychological Disrespect

    Plzz upload more🥺🥺

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers

    I met MatPat at a guitar center. Dope guy

  • The Bobo gamer
    The Bobo gamer

    Stan lee has died in real life but he will be alive in our hearts and dreams

  • Random Stuff Golden Fredboi
    Random Stuff Golden Fredboi

    I feel like I’ve heard the story before

  • Chronixcz


  • imdaniellight

    Ready for the next vid!!!! That looks so good hahaha

  • imdaniellight


  • Div ino
    Div ino

    When you want to bump in to celebrities like that but you live in Japan😭😭😭😭😭

  • Octavyan

    “…Is you JJ?!” “Yee!” “Can I get a picture?!” “YEE!”

  • Katie C
    Katie C


  • Mason Frieders
    Mason Frieders

    Swoozie rating you is impossible because it’s off the charts amazingly the best

  • Torian Teague
    Torian Teague

    Damn right I just stopped everything I was doing to watch this video

  • PlanetGamer 001
    PlanetGamer 001

    Ngl out of every celebrity, I wanna get a chance to meet swoozie

  • Blade theory punch Slash
    Blade theory punch Slash


  • KarmaLaya Goldenrule
    KarmaLaya Goldenrule

    His shirt tho.....

  • Synthy

    rick and morty lied to me about obama

  • J3TCS

    TALK ABOUT THE BUTTHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Virgo Seventy Three
    Virgo Seventy Three

    Out of all you met... I only met The Man... Stan Lee... Sooooooo afraid to ask for a picture just shook his hand... I was in Heaven!!!

  • Mr. snow man
    Mr. snow man

    What's five guys

  • Noob Army!!
    Noob Army!!

    5:45 "tap tap tap"

  • GalaxR D.
    GalaxR D.

    Not gonna lie it would be kinda cool if he put some of the fans he met in the video and rated them I would like to see that

  • DrTiled

    its not a surprise stan lee is so cool rip stan lee, your a legend

  • Joshua Ottley
    Joshua Ottley

    Would be 10000000/10 if i meet Swoozie. The man knows Caribbean culture, and that speaks volumes to me.

  • kawaii guy
    kawaii guy

    There is 1 place where Stan will be forever, in our hearts❤❤❤

  • kawaii guy
    kawaii guy

    5:46 swooz: is you jj Jj: ye Swooz: can I get a picture Jj: ye

  • kawaii guy
    kawaii guy

    Stan lee is spiderman/10

  • SpiraLHub

    DMed swoozie and he put me on his story. 10/10

  • La Rassy
    La Rassy


  • Sammy Matias
    Sammy Matias

    When are you coming to Chicago???

  • Daniel Campos
    Daniel Campos

    Too Easy

  • kill me please
    kill me please

    O B O M N A

  • mason stikbot world
    mason stikbot world

    do on about halloween

  • Tiffany Miner
    Tiffany Miner

    Swoozie out here posting QUALITY? CONSISTENTLY?! All here for it 😍

  • FNAF 635
    FNAF 635

    stan lee easily top 10 nicest people in the world like seriously stan lee was super nice and super kind

  • Danny is Lame
    Danny is Lame

    I like how confidence he is when he says "when im a billionaire" and not "if i become a billionaire"

  • loco playz
    loco playz

    i just want to point out how swoozie sounds like a rapper name.... just add lil or something else before it

  • Royal freak
    Royal freak

    no stop

  • just a pineapple
    just a pineapple

    7:57 reminds me of that one crazy girl from Beckeys prim the animation

  • just a pineapple
    just a pineapple

    IV aways wanted to see Stan in real life but I'll never get to...

  • Amir Ramaj
    Amir Ramaj

    I have a friend who met Obama in 2012 he has the picture framed he was a cop in ct it was cool that I can say I know someone who met him

  • Jimmy the arsenist
    Jimmy the arsenist

    I remember meeting Obama definitely 9 or 10

  • canade canada
    canade canada


  • Guardian n
    Guardian n

    I think Billie eillish said her fans are embarrassing

  • NotCorty XD
    NotCorty XD

    5:25 Its the guy from Fortnite!

  • Lettuce Breakfast
    Lettuce Breakfast

    Stan the legend

  • Vtinelk

    0:42 grammar *inf/10

  • James

    swoozie, sounds like you're trying to be problematic lol.

  • Dabinori

    I’m so sad I never got to meet the GOAT Stan Lee. RIP to the absolute legend

  • Gflow

    Bro you gotta tell us how to get sum girls bro im out here single af

  • Tiger Bro 2241
    Tiger Bro 2241

    Jaiden Smiths line *Did you know the answer to square root is carrot*

  • brush

    I miss Stan

  • TheyCallMeGray

    Petition to get a billion dollars so Swoozie can talk about bad experiences

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee

    The animation preview at the end of the vid was amazing and so smooth!


    Swoozie: I met Stephen Curry. *Flight enters the chat.

  • Kristen Orser
    Kristen Orser

    This man is a literal celebrity magnet

  • El mundo
    El mundo

    I just realized I been watching swoozie for years and am not subed to him yet

  • Vatu

    He fr said when not if I become a millionaire

  • Brayan Nava
    Brayan Nava

    Bro let me get your autograph

  • Simon Zelyakov
    Simon Zelyakov

    Finally i foand a a new video of you

  • anarchix

    Nice napoleon dynamite shirt though 👍👍

  • Hegmi

    I just knew Stan was gonna be awesome

  • Family fun bmore style
    Family fun bmore style

    I would turn into a fanboy if I meet swozzie but what if jj got you in star wars

  • Family fun bmore style
    Family fun bmore style

    Your my highest inspiration swozzie and you met Stan Lee bro wow Anthony Anderson and you met Jada and Jaden and you met Obama and you met j.j

  • 2 A2y
    2 A2y

    Imagine how many gang signs my man's thrown up

  • Brooklyn

    Holy shit you met the one and only Stan Lee?!?

  • Aaron

    Upset I was never able to meet Stan Lee

  • Tiger YT
    Tiger YT

    This dude met Stan Lee. THE MAN STAN LEE THE LEGEND STAN LEE

  • phantomfox yt
    phantomfox yt

    ik juice wrld might not be on this list but rip legend fly high

  • Physer

    Stan, the man

  • Super Plush64
    Super Plush64

    I love swooshes

  • SuperBowser CRG
    SuperBowser CRG

    Swoozie do you like Jojos bizarre adventure it’s an anime and if you ever start watching it it gets more interesting when part 3 happens


    Obama, Kim, almost all of them: 0

    • Jimmy the arsenist
      Jimmy the arsenist

      Have you met them?

  • I play games
    I play games


  • I play games
    I play games


  • Jazz Ratazz
    Jazz Ratazz

    One day I’ll meet sWooZie

  • Jacoby Hammitt
    Jacoby Hammitt

    Now I NEED you to do a part 2 about A-hole celebrity’s

  • Idk Bro
    Idk Bro

    bruh how many celebs have you met

  • NeickhaSuPRA

    Miss you bro🥺

  • Nathan Griffin
    Nathan Griffin


    • Landon Powers
      Landon Powers


  • The Flower Child
    The Flower Child


  • Minitrain

    meeting any youtuber irl would be pretty cool

  • Madame Blackimus Prime
    Madame Blackimus Prime

    For Anthony Anderson to say that...that's not hood. That's just rude. He had no excuse to act like that. Gross. 😡🤬

  • Irene

    I plan to be a celebrity 😤

  • Aaron

    I love the Napoleon dynamite shirt

  • Unidentified xox
    Unidentified xox



    Lowkey kinda snobby how Anthony was like “this is why you’re in RSloft”. Like Swoozie could’ve easily had the lines memorized if they weren’t given to him literally THE MORNING OF

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    0:38 My man looking down on you rn from heaven smiling with the score he got. Rip goat.

  • Daniel Sibanda
    Daniel Sibanda


  • The Last Word
    The Last Word

    R.I.P stan :(

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Hey awesome video

  • Gabriel Snipes
    Gabriel Snipes

    Bro I love Swoozie, I wanna get a pic but I live in Louisiana

  • Ian Melrose
    Ian Melrose

    Back in July 2012, my parents, my sister, and I were vacationing in Rockport, MA. We took a day trip to Salem and We ate at a pizza joint and we had a celebrity run in with Tim Meadows. He was at the pizza joint with his son. My dad got to take a picture of him as well as shake his hand. We highly believe that he was in Mass for Grown Ups 2.

  • Thatone Legend
    Thatone Legend

    I feel like youtubers are the worst about being celebrities like ive only met one on my life but i hear some stuff and am like bro these people are your income.

  • Justin Chacon
    Justin Chacon

    My sister saw u like 2 days ago at the restaurant 😒and did not take a photo

  • Paul Zelaya
    Paul Zelaya

    Yo, hold up ,hold up, do you have a back to the future hat. Love bttf