Racing for Pink Slips

●This is Mr. Bigglesworth's ig but don't make him too popular cuz then he'll stop being my assistant:

●Mounia's yt channel about to be popping san!:

●Hoodie I'm wearing:

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    Next Movie: Fast and Furious >Mr. Bigglesworth's revenge

    • Corrupted Clan
      Corrupted Clan

      Mrbighlesworth with an ak

    • Seagull


    • Illusions simps for boom boom boi
      Illusions simps for boom boom boi

      You got your wish

    • Crazy Creator
      Crazy Creator

      Swoozi is hella thirsty 😅😂😂😂🤣

    • Isuapig

      Dwayne Polidano true dat

  • von Najera
    von Najera

    -laughs in texan- Zombie time you say


    I am moving to there! Because I got a need for speed...

  • sh1n3x

    ngl u look like my gym trainer.

  • Gabriel Alvarado
    Gabriel Alvarado

    I think right now would be a good time for the nerf war to begin

  • Platinum Andrew
    Platinum Andrew

    Yooo that was the 407meets squadddd

  • skeebo

    “for the next two weeks” 😔

  • Tate Griffin
    Tate Griffin

    Bro swoozie yes car culture is noise I love cars you need to make more videos about them

  • Alan Jones
    Alan Jones

    you're such a good friend to help your friends out and involve their kids in since they've been stuck at home.

  • oogabooga

    what car does swoozie drive

  • Dream Solo
    Dream Solo


  • Darkness

    This dude hasn’t aged a day

  • My Life As Saad
    My Life As Saad

    do yall wear mask in l.a?

  • Marcos Martinez
    Marcos Martinez

    Yo that song was the boys are back in town

  • imunstable

    "im going to the bathroom dont roofy me ok" she totally did XD

  • Evan's Train Tube YT
    Evan's Train Tube YT

    Get in loser we’re going shopping

  • Beverly Porter
    Beverly Porter

    10 minutes later fpi open up and then police said hand up

  • FajiBoi


  • AirPodUser223

    Orlando racer think it’s need for speed heat

  • Masuka Twenty
    Masuka Twenty

    Life is very strange.

  • Invalid User
    Invalid User

    swoozie seems like such a dope friend XD .

  • Vanitas ヴァニタス
    Vanitas ヴァニタス

    "Diabetes has entered chat"

  • Joel pazos
    Joel pazos

    nerd wars 😂

  • Agu U
    Agu U

    He is a great guy

  • John Maldonado
    John Maldonado

    kids helmet fell XD

  • Nilta Yesh
    Nilta Yesh

    I love the Baby Yoda cameo in this video! He's so cute!

  • William Eschenbach
    William Eschenbach

    Who that in the background

  • Loading 10000
    Loading 10000

    This dude Swoozie really helped me get over this break up 😂 he funny asf thanks jhit

  • Dagan Amaral
    Dagan Amaral

    why was everyone saying in chat mr beast is here he wasn't did he donate?

  • peeloff2 Roblox
    peeloff2 Roblox

    Swoozie got all the girls on hookup

  • Doge boi Puppuers
    Doge boi Puppuers

    Everybody gangsta till da kid pulls up with a spike helmet

  • Bonk

    Obviously swoozie is too scared to admit that he lost to the almighty Mr.Bigglesworth.

  • Daniel Volpatti
    Daniel Volpatti

    SWOOZIE YOU GO TO CAR MEETS OMGGGG I love you even more bro that is amazing

  • E Elite
    E Elite

    Chill man she’s just tryna play Mario kart that’s ittttt

  • Adjoa Royal's Corner
    Adjoa Royal's Corner

    Ssssllliiiiidddddiiiiiinnnggggg whhoooss did fall someone call A-Dan-da !!!! 😹😹😹😹 no but for realizy where the dm on here??

  • Sweet Tarts
    Sweet Tarts

    wait is tht the uber girl?

  • Haroun Rodriguez
    Haroun Rodriguez

    tell me about it I go to them like every day and I'm 11

  • Schubby

    Can u make more vlogs like this

  • Matt Ricketts
    Matt Ricketts

    Damn I could go for starburst rn

  • GalaxyAngelz241

    Does anyone know the hoodie he is wearing at the start of the video?

    • GalaxyAngelz241

      sWooZie out of everyone I didn’t expect you to tell me but thanks

    • sWooZie

      Check description


    this guys is living the life

  • Ethan Marcum
    Ethan Marcum

    No I'm not

  • Carlo Vs Gaming
    Carlo Vs Gaming

    1:51 why Vanessa lookin’ like Natalie Portman?! 🥰

  • Lovens Presume
    Lovens Presume

    🤣 the story telling on point

  • Orion The Phoenix
    Orion The Phoenix

    Uhhhhhhhh they weren’t away from school for just 2 weeks

  • Ranith D
    Ranith D

    bruh why am i seeing this now lmaooo bruh said nerf wars in orlando lol thts comedy

  • Not_ Alexnuh.
    Not_ Alexnuh.

    The way he screamed VaNeSaA!!! I'm dead 😂😂

  • futa hentai
    futa hentai

    Wait y'all talk to people ?? Hows that like

  • Michael A
    Michael A

    Adande saying that the Nerf War will happen once the quarantine stuff cools down sounds so sad because from the looks of it, it may never happen and this is 5 months since this video was posted.

  • arts lembro
    arts lembro

    Do you were a mask😑😕😕

  • Ezekiel Delgado
    Ezekiel Delgado


  • Carlos Iturbe
    Carlos Iturbe

    Fun fact Im buying a nerf gun called nerf rival knockout its like a real pistol

  • That One Youtuber
    That One Youtuber

    Swooze: "Can you stop dancing in your underwear and let's go?" Vanessa: "These aren't undies, they're Bikini Bottoms." The amount of Sass, I'm dying XD

  • Joey Ramos
    Joey Ramos

    I love how he said 2 weeks

  • Enzo Errera
    Enzo Errera

    Never knew swoozie was a part of the car community

  • Triiz

    the amount the title got changed

  • isaac teng
    isaac teng

    Texas car culture is the craziest street races almost every night

  • BenJeez

    bruh how does nobody notice how girls that he isn't dating walking around in his house almost naked and he thinks this normalzzz????

  • cupcake awesomeness
    cupcake awesomeness

    swoozie seems so nice but i could never. ur just friends with models and you got them inviting u over, bf gone, while they dance half naked? oh noooo i couldn’t

  • Bryce Gardner
    Bryce Gardner

    Swoozies a car guy?

  • Julie Badlam
    Julie Badlam

    Bruh I have been to that KFC before lol

  • xd lit
    xd lit

    someone tell him to come to car meets in Houston...

  • Sym Riot
    Sym Riot

    This is some gang shit

  • Clay Knight
    Clay Knight

    1:00 “When your boyfriend is out of town, you call me over” You are a mistress, Swoozie

  • crapyanimates


  • CholoPickle

    why your skin not oily

  • batmancambro

    lol i saw that the dislikes were 609 and u should of called it "Racing for Pink Simps

  • Gboy Gamer
    Gboy Gamer

    Lmao "diabetes has entered the chat"

  • carlos quezada
    carlos quezada

    you should see the truck culture in oregon they just be burning out and drifting eerryyywhere

  • Pyrokid from cali 17
    Pyrokid from cali 17

    Cali only throw banger meets 🥱

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask

    Can I uhh purchase your jacket pwease?👉👈🥺

  • Skillz

    What’s the car yo

  • Skeleton Man
    Skeleton Man

    His girl is bad tho

  • Mousa PS4
    Mousa PS4


  • KingToast

    1:19 IS SHE USING MO- *A U U U U U U U U G H*

  • william clackum
    william clackum

    Love it. Had Nerf wars at my college, got shot while I was class, kinda happened like the matrix.

  • MynameisMournless

    pay money to see me shoot guns, i can literallly watch people shoot guns for free anywhere else

  • Ventiacion

    Why so many g35s 350zs are better

  • Silent Spade
    Silent Spade

    I wanted to see the race

  • Omar Khaled
    Omar Khaled

    Please where can i find the same hoodie

  • Sanic

    He said he was going to take it slow then said he might say Hey wanna move in with me

  • Mr Eccentricities
    Mr Eccentricities

    who's the kid lol WHAT HAPPEN 2 WAITING MAN SMH

  • Pedro

    0:02 no man you just haven’t seen the full car culture LA is the most diverse and best.

  • Insane Savages
    Insane Savages


  • ice age
    ice age

    Where is all of the race

  • Eric Hart
    Eric Hart

    Blaze is better

  • ValakIsAfterMe

    Premiered my birthday lol

  • Hans Gaming
    Hans Gaming

    what car does he drive?

  • Little birdie
    Little birdie

    Okc street racing is just like this. Man I miss it.

  • MasonBenedict Lucasan
    MasonBenedict Lucasan

    You hit the gin

  • Citybae Tv
    Citybae Tv


  • Purple Bandit
    Purple Bandit

    What type of car is that

  • Sebastian Reynoso
    Sebastian Reynoso

    NVM just looked at description

  • Sebastian Reynoso
    Sebastian Reynoso

    Yo where u get ur sweater bro?

  • ray ray
    ray ray


  • Jesus Fernandez
    Jesus Fernandez

    It’s San Jose

  • Spaced-out Hippie
    Spaced-out Hippie

    the defenition of, "I work out all the time, but im still not seeing results uggghhhhh!!!"

  • Brother B
    Brother B

    Wait who is the kid

  • UI FROLY Amvs
    UI FROLY Amvs

    Why does swoozie single

  • Peeper The Penguin
    Peeper The Penguin

    Is my boi into cars, if so he is officially my favourite youtuber

    • sWooZie

      I accept this title with great humility