My First Vlog
A new way for me to reach everyone. I've stepped into the Video Blog medium. This is the pilot episode lol. Enjoy

  • SSSpeedster Flash
    SSSpeedster Flash

    He does not age at all he’s like Keanu reeves

  • SSSpeedster Flash
    SSSpeedster Flash

    The vintage games I want then

  • AbdulAziz Saud
    AbdulAziz Saud

    11 months ago?

  • Djs Animations
    Djs Animations

    Damn just realized how old swoozie is, im over here born in 05 watching this dudes vids thinking hes in his late 20s when this is him in 06.

  • Johari Ruben Cunningham
    Johari Ruben Cunningham

    I went to old vids on his channel but found his first vlog that says 10 months ago. HOW

  • Silvia Garcia
    Silvia Garcia

    Why does it say 10 months ago

    • Debt ✓
      Debt ✓


  • Tommy

    2006: Swoozie posts his first vlog 2020: Swoozie forgets he posted his first vlog and reposts it

  • Spark One
    Spark One

    Yoooooo I can't believe you are famous now man..... We went to west orange together yiu probably don't remember me but we had classes together.... My name Scotty St. Remy class of 99 west orange... You loved break dancing and I remember your sister.... Good to see you being successful homie 🙏🏿❤

  • Andrew Scream
    Andrew Scream

    man started his career before i could even walk

  • xXPumpTheGamerXx

    Swoozies age in 2006: 26 years old Swoozies age in 2020: *26 years old*

  • Allinmyworld

    My gosh Swoozie fade is on point here. He hasn't aged at all

  • ECK

    Why does it say this was made 10 months ago

  • Camden Fraser
    Camden Fraser

    If you turn captions on for most of the video it doesn’t match what he’s saying. Like he talks about emails he gets from girls and this one girl from MySpace. Is that stuff he cut out when he reuploaded the video?

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats

    woooow vintage youtube

  • Pure Sour
    Pure Sour

    “ the call it vvvalvaloging it’s a really weird name “ Lord you really know it was made in 2006 lol

  • Running on Tostones and Lemonade
    Running on Tostones and Lemonade

    I'm losing it, this is edited like it was made in 2012

  • Josh Ma-li
    Josh Ma-li


  • Yazziie D
    Yazziie D

    Wow this is amazing... same person then as you are now.. looks & character 👌🏽 love it

  • L0ogi

    mans really pulled out a dream cast

  • Super Reebz
    Super Reebz

    Orochimaru wants to know your secrets of anti aging

  • Cryptic

    This man doesn’t age the year just changes

  • SP Kenja
    SP Kenja

    This is old

  • Ana Ramos
    Ana Ramos


  • Ertoguk

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the start of one of the best youtubers that has ever stepped foot onto RSloft

  • Tweeti Birthfluids
    Tweeti Birthfluids

    Fucking 2006? I was less than an embryo at that point 😂

  • Shaboobla2K

    GOT has the same energy now as Lost

  • Okuhle Reeds
    Okuhle Reeds

    Swoozie is the reason why we have so many vloggers today. He is the genesis of vlogs

  • Xelina

    I sorted by oldest videos and this came up but it was only 7 months ago???

  • HiroBoy

    He looks the exact same as today like wtf

  • Jereen Garrison2
    Jereen Garrison2

    Not you makin your first vlog the year I was born

  • The Slayers is such a killer group bro.
    The Slayers is such a killer group bro.

    Am I weird or did this vid come out 7 months ago?

    • Herobot

      Yeah the video after is 14 years ago

  • denis

    This is 2006

  • Titus Cromah
    Titus Cromah

    How was this made 6 months ago but it’s one of his oldest

  • Majurubo

    Why does this say 6 months ago 👀 Honestly I’m just wondering if Adande is still Christian so that’s why I’m looking at his old videos haha

  • Kibo

    Swoozie is a vampire guys

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha

    Aging has left the chat 😂

  • Andoy Doy
    Andoy Doy

    Jesus Loves all of you

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson

    Is he aging backwards

  • slut whore
    slut whore

    this guy looks like a combination of diddy and 2pac in this video

  • Edmond Ducon
    Edmond Ducon

    u look like diddy or 2pac in this video

  • kura rogers
    kura rogers

    2006 was when i was born cheif

  • Cleb

    I subbed because it's a nice vlog :)

  • Fortnitepro67

    wait wait wait wait he started his firat vlog last year uhhhhhhh thats a long sonce he uploas thumbs up if your watching in 2021 lol

  • Anaconda Playz
    Anaconda Playz

    Recorded on a game boy

  • Th3nonstop

    Video made before I even existed

  • Anonymous panda
    Anonymous panda

    Wait what 5 months ago? Are we time traveling?

  • Simbi Chideya
    Simbi Chideya

    Bro how old is swoozie

  • Baldi Basic
    Baldi Basic

    Why does this say 5 months ago for me in 2021 XD

  • sitez

    Swoozie wanna play on xbox one with me?

  • Miss Kabamba
    Miss Kabamba

    watching this again makes me happy

  • Emilia Arkell
    Emilia Arkell

    2006..... I WAS 3 YEARS OLD

  • Ni La
    Ni La


  • Neonity

    True classic. CRT TV, Baseball Caps and old game consoles.

  • Cherry Adams
    Cherry Adams

    You’ve been cool since day one tbh. It’s not a lot of youtubers who didn’t switch up after fame came.

  • Denisa Johnson
    Denisa Johnson

    Wow bruh

  • Autonomous Sinner
    Autonomous Sinner

    Not a remaster? Crazy... lol

  • Rachel Vasquez
    Rachel Vasquez

    I remembered this from back in the day 😖 nostalgia

  • francesco diblasi wwe
    francesco diblasi wwe

    Bro like a month ago I Scrolled down to this vid I think it was this one or a different vid

  • kateri :D
    kateri :D

    even then he was fucking good with the advice

  • JustJaySama

    god, this aspect ration...geeeeez

  • NightShift127

    Swoozies Diaries, Swoozies Memrawrs!

  • Zaynah Cordova
    Zaynah Cordova

    Is no one gonna talk about how it says it was 5 MONTHS AGO wtf😂😂

  • Waytotheland

    The video quality is mad nostalgia for me.

  • Infertrex

    Idk why but all the comments say they are from 3 months ago and it says this video was uploaded 3 months ago

  • Oblivion Afton
    Oblivion Afton

    Why does this old video is 3 months ago and his other old videos is 14 or 13 years old

    • jaxon1 aka forza Horizon 4 the best
      jaxon1 aka forza Horizon 4 the best


  • ///ᴀᴍɢ

    I knew you was Trini SALUTE 💪🏾🇹🇹

  • DropTheSauce

    Internet explorer took a while didn’t it

  • MuleX

    Nobody is gonna talk about why this video is 3 months old

  • Sunshine_ByPolar

    Old swoozy

  • Big James
    Big James

    This video was made when I was born 😭

  • ISlingGunz Nikkalodeon LT
    ISlingGunz Nikkalodeon LT

    All I’m saying is I watched all of lost in 3 days

  • Massive Ghost
    Massive Ghost

    Black don’t crack

  • AirRun Games
    AirRun Games

    Broooooo I used to be that poor hahaha I'm so glad we both don't have to live like that anymore. Seems you've always been a humble dude I'm impressed.

  • cyborg noodle
    cyborg noodle

    when is “how i almost lost my v-card” gonna make a reappearance

    • cyborg noodle
      cyborg noodle

      @sWooZie my mistake i wasn’t looking hard enough LOL

    • sWooZie

      I set that to private?? I thought that one was still public. Hummmm

  • Agu U
    Agu U

    He looks so yug

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant

    First every

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant

    This the real first video ever

  • Steve The Giraffe
    Steve The Giraffe

    Why he look like Kobe

  • Antonella Tumay
    Antonella Tumay

    Pretty epic

  • Nick J Calcaginio
    Nick J Calcaginio

    Am I the only one when he said draw thought the picture was gunna be of rose from the titanic lmao

  • Brickk Wall
    Brickk Wall

    Bruh lost is such a good show 🐐🐐🐐

  • Lil Gurn
    Lil Gurn

    Welcome to the mid 2000s

  • Drawgade

    i feel like swoozie traveled back in time to record this

  • Culajah Smith
    Culajah Smith

    Omg you look so different !

  • AGJ2310


  • zake Youtube
    zake Youtube

    Yea this vid was made 14 years ago

  • Keto Cutie
    Keto Cutie

    This video is 20 years old. Maybe that's too harsh. Ok, 15 years old. (He said he met her on myspace y'all)

  • Thatonecutegirlriya James
    Thatonecutegirlriya James

    Your voice you look really different

  • Nicholas DeRose
    Nicholas DeRose

    I remember this man from CGS and the Ultimate Gamer , this boy one of my day ones.

  • Aaron

    That wild if this is from 06 I was three when he made this hella wild

  • ToneDef Marmalade
    ToneDef Marmalade

    Black ben stiller hahah

  • John Muthimu
    John Muthimu

    I was rly wondering how a 2020 video can get to as low as 240p

  • J

    Legend man

  • Nathan Rangel
    Nathan Rangel

    Black Benjamin Button Swoozie=BBB

  • lowkey_ zack
    lowkey_ zack


  • CodMaster601

    What's that intro sound from. So familiar but can't remember.

  • Charlie

    this is crazy guys, swoozie hasn't aged at all. I mean... I don't think he ever has....

  • Stone Engeron
    Stone Engeron

    Bro I was 2 when you made this video

  • Emeli Elizabeth
    Emeli Elizabeth

    This is 2006

  • WoodChippes

    When I go to oldest this pops up, but it came out 1 month ago

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