I SWEAR TO GUARD!! (ft Young Don)
If ur smart, u try to avoid confrontation at work. I'm not smart.

(voice) Young Don the Sauce God:

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    😂😂😂 Yes! Love the use of a clipboard to make it “official”!

    • GOGETA The Monke
      GOGETA The Monke

      RSloft moment

    • Angel Martine
      Angel Martine

      sWooZie my big brother has claw marks too there when you get to much muscle or fat and my brothers a tank but I know he’s not that tanky

    • John Barras
      John Barras

      Ohhhh my god

    • Dorian uzmaki
      Dorian uzmaki

      Hi RSloft

    • Red Master
      Red Master

      When yt on yt?

  • Connor Koivisto
    Connor Koivisto

    that lady is a Karen

  • Coco_Puff*333

    10:31 😂

  • Kevin Stefanescu
    Kevin Stefanescu


  • Ethan N. Thomas
    Ethan N. Thomas

    The music in the background 2:20 is actually the theme song to geometry dash world the community shop theme

  • Mechanist 99
    Mechanist 99

    Tbh I don’t mind confrontation. I don’t know what to think about that.

  • Choco Nilla
    Choco Nilla

    Why couldnt you just place the items in seperate boxes would've made your life way easier

  • Knightshade08

    Big ups to you!!

  • Foxy Dash Crash
    Foxy Dash Crash

    There's nothing caught the New York tide

  • Rob Reith
    Rob Reith

    Yeah your system was not perfect but you were trying to do the right thing. Really the facility should have had a place for them to store their stuff which I'm sure they had lockers or something. People shouldn't be so inconsiderate if you're going to be gone for 6 to 8 hours you can't just hold a chair up that whole time that's nonsense. If there's not one there when you get back too bad first come first serve that's always the rule.

  • CornWorshiper

    POV: your the towel nazi

  • Spider gang 🕷 Dan
    Spider gang 🕷 Dan

    Yeah typing this with a wet toilet paper

  • just a daily vibe yeah
    just a daily vibe yeah

    Jimmy sound like young don the sauce god

  • Declan YT :3
    Declan YT :3

    Dude why don’t you just move all of their stuff onto one 🪑 chair lol😂

  • Michael Balcarcel
    Michael Balcarcel


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    Damjan Miloshev


  • Samuel Bhatti
    Samuel Bhatti

    I been with my parents to hard rock casino in NJ, New Jersey

  • Ninja TDM
    Ninja TDM

    Bruh the red dress and cyan or teal lady is definitely a Karen

  • Tracie G
    Tracie G

    Is jimmy young don the sauce god

  • The crazy YouTuber
    The crazy YouTuber

    I think Jelly won that battle

  • Isabelle Peters
    Isabelle Peters

    Love thé Young Don collab 😩

  • Oilicec Otos
    Oilicec Otos

    Solution: have a bunch of boxes all time stamped after they have their time up and so it’s not one big mountain

  • Juicey Jiggy
    Juicey Jiggy

    Young don😳👀👀👀

  • Ereh Yeager
    Ereh Yeager

    Oh my god it's freaking broly

  • Daniel Buron - MR. KING
    Daniel Buron - MR. KING

    My friend Young don

  • Vieru Ady
    Vieru Ady

    10:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You can game
    You can game


  • Breakout Culture
    Breakout Culture

    When someone say is there a manager you better ban her and say *KAREN*

  • Xero

    You'd think people wouldn't leave items of value out, in the open where people could steal em

  • Eledis lugo
    Eledis lugo

    As soon as you said that I'm going to Universal

  • Cory Palmer
    Cory Palmer


  • Hi Bois
    Hi Bois


  • CallMeWispy

    I dont know if it was intentional but the characters look like characters from pop team epic when everybody has their face pressed on their windows

  • Max Parsons
    Max Parsons

    Bro I would have said hey jimmie ima go Now see ya

  • AmazingQuez [aq]
    AmazingQuez [aq]

    Also I love the Arnold voice it is so accurate!

  • Pernell Chambers
    Pernell Chambers


  • Jet The hawk
    Jet The hawk

    I love when he talks about hard rock

  • xVJOSHVx

    Don: he boutta die

  • chhearlee roeun
    chhearlee roeun

    Just move all this s*** into one chair

  • andybuscus383

    Nice Pop Team Epic reference at 10:58.

  • Cyari Williams
    Cyari Williams

    Swoozie:"I walk into the Towel Hut" Also Swoozie: *gets yeeted into the Towel Hut* 😂


    What my hands were up

  • Marwan Hammich
    Marwan Hammich

    Thats what she said 10:47

  • Chris T4myp3rs
    Chris T4myp3rs

    Swoozie says face your fears ok get over here school shooter square up

  • Max Taliaferro
    Max Taliaferro

    2:51 🐸🤌

  • Yusuf Gaffar
    Yusuf Gaffar

    The eatable motorcycle preferentially comb because anethesiologist minimally bubble amid a ill manicure. ruddy, flowery daisy

  • Yuriro458

    My name is Jimmy

  • Future Boosted
    Future Boosted

    “He boutta die” 😂😂

  • Stephen Robertson
    Stephen Robertson

    You drop your stuff in a chair for 6 HOURS straight, Adande or not that stuff ain’t goin to be there anymore.

  • ZERWADO 318
    ZERWADO 318

    Is young don the sauce God jimmy he sounds just like him please tell me

  • Hunter Herman
    Hunter Herman

    Just got done with hard rock and it was amazing

  • Moxi Foxi77
    Moxi Foxi77

    If I were on the Same wifi as 4 mill other people I could imagine the connection would be so laggy

  • Cristobal Alvarez
    Cristobal Alvarez

    Why do people always think that if you make a buff/muscular person feel the slightest ounce of inconvenience they are gonna kill you or resort to violence?

  • LadyAsharaLavellan

    You know your a fan when you have a video playing as background noise and you recognize a voice of someone featuring in the video.

  • Tank Tang ke
    Tank Tang ke

    I tried doing Confrontational but I end up getting fired from my Security job for being rude and unprofessional

  • MiXi_bIxI

    I love you're video's dude😸❤️

  • Galaxy the Space Dog
    Galaxy the Space Dog


  • zaydawg5434

    This is a great story, I personally would’ve put a sign up that said ‘if you put your stuff here you must sit on the seat you’ve picked.if you leave your stuff it’s considered lost and found.’

  • Priscilla Thomas
    Priscilla Thomas

    Honestly Adande I applaud you for doing more than your actual job which is to make sure people don't die in the pool so y'all don't have to call the ambulance or be sued. People leaving there stuff in the pool area is an actual problem cause that's also a way for people to sue the hotel because the visitors were "reserving" their seats and now their stuff is lost and thats without you actually fixing the issue. Your job is not to be a personal security officer for people's items and they should've thanked you that somebody cared about not having their stuff out WHERE IT COULD BE STOLEN and in a place where no one goes basically. Theses people today like why couldn't you just leave your stuff in the hotel or just not take a lot and take that with you🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  •  ¯ \ _ ( OwO ) _ / ¯
    ¯ \ _ ( OwO ) _ / ¯

    Da He-man shirt thoooo.

  • Rambling Collector
    Rambling Collector

    So I noticed that a couple of the figures looking out the window look like the girls from Pop Team Epic. Coincidence?

  • Somethingg 8
    Somethingg 8

    “U bout to die”

  • Joseph

    If you ever work there again split up everyone’s stuff in to piles and when they say what they have it will be in a pile

  • Victory 127
    Victory 127

    If you would’ve put up a sign that said like “if you leave person belongings to reserve chair and are not back within 30 minutes they will be move to the lost and found” it would’ve been perfect

  • ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ

    Not all these annoying karens 🙄🙄

  • Spit

    My 3rd grade teachers first name was orlando

  • Pavillion


  • Doran Martell
    Doran Martell

    1) write new pool area rules 2) let the paper mature for one week as you rethink about them and inevitably edit them. 3) contact upper management, explain the issue. Provide rules only if taken seriously. 4) apply rules starting next month, with plently of warning about upcoming change

  • TheNolo

    This is literally the best channel ever! Keep up the good work man 🔥

  • Lodunost Sahloknnir
    Lodunost Sahloknnir

    At the pool where my friend worked back in the day. If you were "Reserving seats" you had like 30 minutes or your things would be moved and placed into the life guard office space. They had sectioned containers there as well. I remember people getting mad all the time thinking they could get away with leaving things behind and keeping their seats. They also thought they could get away with trying to get that free upgrade to one of the big umbrella tables. I would watch from the wave pool. It was epic, this was in a time before the word KAREN or DARREN meant what they mean now. It was a different time. God that was fun to listen to some of the freak outs people would have and laugh...

  • Raty Playz
    Raty Playz

    I love it

  • FFM Fanatical Food Family
    FFM Fanatical Food Family

    He should’ve put the wrist bands and taped them on the boxes full of their stuff

  • Marcus Broussard
    Marcus Broussard

    Swoozi vs timeless tim

  • C.J. Taylor
    C.J. Taylor

    “They call me the towel na-“ “Honestly, I forgot to use a condom…” Wtf… I got an HIV commercial

  • CDCplus

    12:52 what if your scared of dying?

  • Ivy Girl
    Ivy Girl

    If he had the little wristbands around their stuff(unless they were just around the chairs), shouldn't all their stuff be together in case someone tried to lie about something?

  • The Faceless Channel
    The Faceless Channel

    I have an idea you could have done instead of putting they junks in the lost and found you could’ve put all of it on one chair confrontation free

  • William White
    William White

    What I would’ve done with the items left by the families was if they didn’t come back within 15 or so minutes I would’ve put them in the lost and found then when they came back From the park I would have feigned ignorance and sed to them “ what what items where were you sitting again oh over there Oh now I remember those items. from this morning! Yeah I left them with security I figured they were lost items so yeah my bad oh well you can always just get them back from security yeah again my bad but anyhow did you enjoy the park don’t forget to tip your waiters and servers” To really hammer the point home also Say that with sarcasm and emphasize the “ from this morning”

  • Brody Garrity
    Brody Garrity

    I am afraid of heights so I might go jump of a cliff

  • Ayde P
    Ayde P

    What do people need all these chairs for to put their individual stuff

  • Cruz

    "Can u bump AT he boutta die"🤣🤣🤣

  • Drew Beats
    Drew Beats

    Ayeee I’m son young don as jimmy great voice acting

  • Surge Chaos
    Surge Chaos

    Nah man I was praying for u when I saw that manbeast

  • Thomas Wanderer
    Thomas Wanderer

    Im just gonna say. You were not in the wrong. Your a hero of the pool people my friend! seriously. People who just “reserve” seats and not come back till tomorrow. It’s fucking annoying and. Deserve. To. DIE-........ to far?...

  • Marcos Reyes
    Marcos Reyes

    I can't believe I was there when sWooZie was there but trust me I didn't know ab him back then

  • Some One
    Some One

    Extrovert here this is......*cough*......cring

  • Jesus Ismael Polendo
    Jesus Ismael Polendo

    When you said you hate confrontation, and the title says I swear to gaurd, I thought you where gonna say a bjj gym.

  • TjonYT

    jimmy said "just watch the water im dead haha..."

  • mahdi


  • SynergyGuyArts

    Dude... a $1K check? I got partner of the quarter and got a plaque. lol

  • Shamblesu

    there was a spider in the shower, it wasn’t like IN the shower but it was on top of the shower walls in the corners and shit. so i’m not trying to touch it it had a whole web built. so me being the person that i am i got the bright idea to get a bag. full it with water and just chuck it at the spider. it worked but i had to clean up web off the walls of my shower..not fun.

  • Winston Millard
    Winston Millard


  • Jd Animation
    Jd Animation

    Two masters of animation

  • McGriddle69

    Working at Starbucks really helps that fear of confrontation because you just get to a point where you get sick of EVERYONES shit and then you realize that you're worth more than getting yelled at because somebody got almond milk instead of oat milk.

  • Jude Johnston
    Jude Johnston

    Yo swoozie Ik I’m kinda late to this vid but just a question, when did you work at the hard rock hotel? I just went there like a couple years back, and might’ve saw you.

  • Carter Matthews
    Carter Matthews

    Yo at the end of don’s when he “that’s all you gotta do” he kinda sounded like beast boy but with a deep voice lol

  • Deann Rushing
    Deann Rushing

    The ashamed pear adversely ignore because wind trivially identify forenenst a able respect. greedy, wiggly click

  • Lorena Matamoros
    Lorena Matamoros

    Did anyone notice young don

  • purpelled

    Dude one time chilis was full and people had to wait outside

  • Tiger Phoenix
    Tiger Phoenix

    Reminds me of Comic Con. One time I went to line up for some exclusives and found over 20 empty chairs in the front of the line. (This was blocks away from the convention center). Eventually started talking with people in line and found out no one owns those chairs . Realizing people were trying to get other exclusives at the convention center and trying not to sacrifice their place in line by placing their chairs (as a reserve) We all agreed to move their chairs aside since it would be unfair for the 20+ people in the back of the line that actually sacrificed their time. 7-8 hours later the people that owned the chairs showed up and you best believe they went Karen mode but never got spots back Sometimes you gotta get in confrontations or else we'll be rewarding bad behavior