How I met JAY Z
I judge celebrities by how they treat their fans. Jay Z came out to my pool deck while I was lifeguarding and I tested to see how cool he was.

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  • Barbara Grimes
    Barbara Grimes

    That beat be sick tho. You should release your mixtape to the membership page, or share it with the world. 😉

    • Slickshady


    • Noodle

      I know those beats at re fire

    • Sebastian Green
      Sebastian Green

      @Kasey Shake right lol

    • Can Cag
      Can Cag

      @MaD- MullaH qqq11

    • Can Cag
      Can Cag


  • Encryptonize

    hey swoozie was marcos the high manager

  • Rob Reith
    Rob Reith

    Drop an ambiguous beat so it doesn't get demonetized. Proceeds to use the grindin' beat. 😅

  • Erin Appiah
    Erin Appiah

    i laughed so hard, i threw up..that says something abt your videos😂😍

  • Buhle C.N
    Buhle C.N

    Jay Z is gangster

  • Makoto Akiyama
    Makoto Akiyama

    Make a tutorial on how to beatbox grinding by eclipse PLEASE!

  • MrToriko98

    "We called her the British hillbilly" Well that just sounds Australian with extra steps

  • Joseph Daniel
    Joseph Daniel

    Is this real life… 👁 👄 👁

  • Nahian Kabyo
    Nahian Kabyo

    what the fuck...:o

  • quadreiz hanson
    quadreiz hanson

    Jay z still the man

  • pamela gallaway
    pamela gallaway

    too funny hahahaha

  • FroggyChairFan6268

    Or Launch my rap career or something Adande At the top of the rap charts

  • Deann Rushing
    Deann Rushing

    The near art phytochemically suit because police ordinarily doubt on a cold sweater. calculating, wholesale example

  • Ken Allen
    Ken Allen

    Mine favorite part way "What should I have my boys do to you".

  • Blessings Nyaringi
    Blessings Nyaringi

    Or is it a fanta sea. 😂😂😂😂it killed me

  • Gabrielle Guillen
    Gabrielle Guillen

    Good beats

  • JayZee


  • Victor Perez
    Victor Perez

    Tonaight I’ll be yor naughty girl that was so funny lol 3:49

  • Mart the Fart
    Mart the Fart

    2:56 he called Jay Z a she

  • DJ Rashad Hayes
    DJ Rashad Hayes

    I’ve got a HELLUVA Jay-Z story actually lol.

  • Robmoney 4life
    Robmoney 4life

    Lol the chris Brown part was a nice touch

  • Elijah Rudin
    Elijah Rudin

    What you think you can F with me "jigga wha?"😂😂

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    I just wanna know how is Jay Z gonna date Beyonce in secret and then get mad because people didn't know like ??

  • Joseph Daniel
    Joseph Daniel

    Why didn’t this get more views ‘trick love the kids’ lmao

  • Games For Cykits
    Games For Cykits

    So the moral of the story is, all BS?

  • Neo Mokhakala
    Neo Mokhakala

    Not me binge-watching these videos

  • Kani the great
    Kani the great

    Swoozie got some beatboxing skills

  • Lonwabo Mali
    Lonwabo Mali

    This story was dope. Dope best-box and dope lyrics. Lol😂

  • The Encouragement Kid
    The Encouragement Kid

    Broooooooo I haven’t watched ur vids in ages!!!! Still fire

  • Ricardo Morales
    Ricardo Morales

    Swoozie was on worldstar on the computer

  • David C
    David C

    This video was amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andoy Doy
    Andoy Doy

    Jesus Loves all of you

  • Qoxyy Uybk
    Qoxyy Uybk

    The friendly slipper proximally buzz because restaurant oppositely expect lest a smoggy brow. public, mammoth frame

  • Viral Reels
    Viral Reels

    Cashonlymate...Cash Only Mate


    Seems like you the ASShole in this story.

  • Mangolorian

    there is No sPoOn

  • JAY

    y was that song lowkey fire😂🔥

  • jakia jamsconeqsa
    jakia jamsconeqsa

    he the principle off dajammies

  • Ellie Boddie
    Ellie Boddie

    wait swoozie knows about tyrone biggums

  • Luka milosevich
    Luka milosevich

    Omg Hess famous

  • W for Wavy
    W for Wavy

    wait did you just expose jay z cheatin on b

  • Kingchills03 _
    Kingchills03 _

    Jay z got a body count🤔

  • Dream Crusher
    Dream Crusher

    sick beats

  • Speng visuals Edits
    Speng visuals Edits

    Who can donate me a gift card


    That best was kinda crazy tough

  • KSM


  • Αλέξανδρος Περος
    Αλέξανδρος Περος

    ay that's 🧢🤷🏻‍♂️



  • osmosis 01
    osmosis 01

    Predator eye bodyguards get that sick beat. This video was funny Jayz whooping a random kida in a rap battle at a PlayStation party

  • Ken Kaneiki
    Ken Kaneiki


  • Film Cam
    Film Cam

    0:34 swooz confimred jay-z cheated on beyonce with Becky wit da good hair 🤣

  • Tee Fullwood
    Tee Fullwood

    Lmao...not so ambiguous beat 😂😂😂

  • Ψ SoFrostii Ψ
    Ψ SoFrostii Ψ

    2:20 i cant breathe

  • Christina Diaz
    Christina Diaz

    Love the reference btw

  • Primus

    This reminds me of the collision course album that Jay-Z did with Linkin Park.

  • Prim Dune
    Prim Dune

    This beat hits HARD!!

  • Miskito Ragee
    Miskito Ragee

    The greatest life advice BUT DID YOU DIE?

  • Zachariah Salinas
    Zachariah Salinas


  • Magdaline Thompson
    Magdaline Thompson

    Kill two stones with one bird 🤣🤣🤣

  • unibrow boy
    unibrow boy

    pin me just cuz

  • GMD Glowing
    GMD Glowing

    underrated video

  • Monsieur_Oof

    Tbh that beat was *f i r e*

  • Lancelot Nelson
    Lancelot Nelson

    SwooZie: aw man I was about to go flex on my ex Me: ooooooooohhhh

  • Paul & Tara Marshall
    Paul & Tara Marshall

    I'm an idiot what's your name?

  • The Gentleman
    The Gentleman

    4:06 I couldn’t stop laughing

  • AirPodUser223

    I remember that ps4 party

  • MAQpi's Gaming and stuff
    MAQpi's Gaming and stuff

    Did anyone get the look at me now lyric?

  • Adam Nasir
    Adam Nasir

    stop ear assaulting me with your lispy whispering, you fiend!!!

  • Noah The Perfect
    Noah The Perfect

    2:19 bruh she talks so fast i had to put the speed at 25 so i can hear it

  • Benjamin Martz
    Benjamin Martz

    Was I the only one that kept pausing the video to read what was said?

  • Amy Badley
    Amy Badley


  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores

    Outro is complete 🔥.

  • Gabriel POT
    Gabriel POT

    U met ur 1 jay z where's ur 2 jay z Car guy joke for the one who are lookin at this like a donkey looks at a horse

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    Yo D again with her about it and you can show the world can you actually make a good wife for what happened you tell me a story hell you got

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    And your comment that OK with me I don’t know but tell me OK fine but

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    Did you talk to me that did you get I’m not saying did you are doing me a favor birthday I don’t like that I don’t put a new toilet what are you doing I’m n

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    Comment wto audit me know when comment on the

  • zack denis
    zack denis

    Is- Is this story actually real??????

  • Toby George
    Toby George

    That beat be sick tho. You should release your mixtape to the membership page, or share it with the world. 😉

  • aaron c Clerville
    aaron c Clerville

    fuck you

  • Slickshady

    Ngl he do be looking like him

  • Eden Olson
    Eden Olson

    t h e r e i t h n o t h p o o n

  • K1ng Duckee
    K1ng Duckee

    4:25 ngl absolute fire when u said u was gonna give jay z uur mixtape i thought that was a joke but nah u got bars

  • C. Nathan
    C. Nathan

    I like yo cut G

  • azera

    jay z was prolly like how these lil kids know who i am society truly fucked

  • N- Matter
    N- Matter


  • Marc'nly Joseph
    Marc'nly Joseph

    Me in roblox rap battle 4:28

  • mixel

    That beat was fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pink Dimond
    Pink Dimond

    I lost it at fanta sea

  • Joshua Hayes
    Joshua Hayes

    Ayee that rap was 🔥

  • Weebruh


  • legendary Bruh
    legendary Bruh

    The beyonce singing and Jay-z rap kills me every fucking time 😂😂😂😂

  • Devily Rose
    Devily Rose

    Did he really rap

  • Ayko


  • Rock_Boy 238
    Rock_Boy 238

    Don’t make him mad

  • Nicolás León Schiaffino
    Nicolás León Schiaffino

    2:38 i know that scene

  • Supreme Papi
    Supreme Papi

    Yo like jay z prob in commets

  • Mekhi Mccollum
    Mekhi Mccollum

    I almost died when the security guard started beat boxing

  • Alfayed Malik
    Alfayed Malik

    0:57 Dude sounds exactly like Tribore from Final Space

  • Christian Collins
    Christian Collins

    What was that at the end