Hot Girl Summer •👄•
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  • Ryan Soltani
    Ryan Soltani

    No wonder he didn’t upload for 3 months, He was cooking us up a delicious 17 minute video

    • Zifi Studios
      Zifi Studios

      And 42 sec

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones

      Say he has a girl

    • Blabbit Gamer
      Blabbit Gamer

      @Soccer mania omg*

    • Haneef’s Cre8tions
      Haneef’s Cre8tions



      @sWooZie 👋

  • Jaina Shepard
    Jaina Shepard

    Let it happen because only you and your true friends knows the real you

  • Lego ninja
    Lego ninja

    You are going to beat that ass

  • Ryder watson
    Ryder watson

    👁👄👁 👅👁

  • The Heartless Knight
    The Heartless Knight

    So, I just found your videos and I'm sorry I'm so late joining in! Cut your losses and just walk away. Whatever is going on, it's not worth the amount of energy you'll waste that you could be using for something positive or constructive. Trust me, man. The World only turns one way; forward. Don't even sweat it, bro! I got your back. Thank you for the really great and surprisingly relevant videos! It helps to know that stupid happens to other people who are just minding their own bidness >_'

  • SL jason
    SL jason

    man fr i would just leave it just dont get mixed up with that stuff

  • astrxlsev

    id go str8 to mister steal ur girl abt it and confront bro.

  • LazyBoiz

    beat his ass like wtf do you want me to say you go aroung with yo Pus A and say stuff ab out me i would have started a whole war like bro

  • Gaurav thapa
    Gaurav thapa

    I would punch whoever says some thing bad about me in the straight up in the face and I might even knock him out

  • VetGenZ *
    VetGenZ *

    Brah u gotta face that confrontation, she gonna play hard till you get real

  • sami_-l-_

    I would expose him to his gf

  • _Ikxci

    get a priv story with them and throw up a bunch of gang signs and fakes posts with a strap ann tell 'em if they say da shit anymore they dun for

  • Quincedaprince


    • Quincedaprince

  • Quincedaprince

    "Don't tell nobody this" 2,791,975 views ermm the secret is out ;-;

  • Rigor Mortise
    Rigor Mortise

    Play games

  • Kaitlin Nash
    Kaitlin Nash

    Disrespec lol

  • Ramsey Rooster
    Ramsey Rooster

    Just ignore him don't listen to him

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips


  • TheSundaySpecial

    Best advice I can say is be the bigger man don’t let that crap bother u and if people start to stay stuff about u to ur face then correct them that they are wrong obviously

  • Mawuli Mifetu
    Mawuli Mifetu

    I’d would confront Mr.steal your girl .Other than that ,sWooZie your the best.🤩😎😎😎😎

  • Carson Does Gaming
    Carson Does Gaming

    That laptop was sweating the whole video

  • me and my friend
    me and my friend

    I Ignored it

  • Kirby Birby
    Kirby Birby

    I would fly to orlando and fold him

  • mohmad alazmi
    mohmad alazmi

    You better beat the girls ass if he’s stealing you’re a girl and he’s making out with another and you have a girlfriend back home you already know he’s a fuck up in life because of that I don’t think he’s really successful he’s already doing shit he must be smoking crack or something

  • Cora Beebe
    Cora Beebe


  • Cora Beebe
    Cora Beebe


  • AdriAviation

    Well tbh I would say i didn't do anything wrong (but thats messed up if he said something bad about u that isn't true)

  • Airika Scott
    Airika Scott

    Swooz we not be ninjas we be elemental masters lego ninjago tm Netflix

  • Bryce Hunt
    Bryce Hunt

    A don’t mind it

  • Quinn Hughes
    Quinn Hughes

    Only respond when they confront you about it don’t go up and say I didn’t say that then they get real sus

  • EpicGamerCorey

    Found the girl

  • Alicia Redman
    Alicia Redman

    Why he gotta disrespect Osceola fair like that

  • zjwolfy

    people been spreading bad stuff about me since i started school, i learnt those who just believe it aint worth it

  • Anjel Vigil
    Anjel Vigil

    Ik this is bad but, I would tell his girl he’s cheating on her and show her sum proof

  • Commandment Wolfz
    Commandment Wolfz

    The last story swop is will tell about a girl is too his kids on how he met his wife

  • KingL

    You either choose me or lose me 🤛🏽 🎤

  • Noah Zordel
    Noah Zordel

    I go beat ass

  • Angelo

    If someone tells lies about me I'd slap them but with my fist


    I would've talked to mr steal your girl's girlfriend and tell her WHAT'S UP

  • djyoboi awesome
    djyoboi awesome

    THe CLuuRrBb

  • Jessica Aromy
    Jessica Aromy

    Oh I no I no a Cheesecake factory that is a Restaurant

  • xxx icy
    xxx icy

    If u know he has a gf just ruin his career that all I'm saiyan

  • infected gaming
    infected gaming

    i don't give a shit that's what i doo it is what it is they allways bark but never bite

  • Izaiah 10
    Izaiah 10

    Just pull up to his crib and be like why are you spreading like these lies about me

  • kensei

    rip disney quest

  • Dacha

    need ur homie? i think id say hello and aks hwhy she anfoloowed but she probably ignore me...

  • Jam Jam
    Jam Jam

    See I'm Petty so I would always ask omg how's your girl when I see him or be like don't you wish so and so was here. A phone call isn't simping if she wasn't willing to come out after that's a different story but you have to always speak up for yourself and set your comfort level. So that's not on her.

  • DaBabyonice

    Ik dis was like 4 momths ago but I feel like if some body talkin that bull about chu an it ain’t true to just forget it, unless it’s effective then maybe say some or ask a question but if it’s just like so an so said this this that to bla bla is like…..okae🥸 &? Yk? That’s just me

  • Dominick lee
    Dominick lee

    Alexwasabi is the mr steal your girl.

  • Gloriadonald Garcia
    Gloriadonald Garcia


  • Meme God
    Meme God

    i got plus two aha

  • Fuvk You
    Fuvk You

    Found em.

    • The Gamble
      The Gamble


  • Dana Y
    Dana Y

    since we're homies.... my advice is to stop paying attention to people on social media. That whole "drag you down to their level and beat you w/ experience" adage comes into play...and you won't always be the one doing the beating.

  • Markthemusic Man
    Markthemusic Man

    If I was in your shoes Swoozie, homie, just ignore it my g. They ain't worth it.

  • Honey Zhané
    Honey Zhané

    I don't know what I would do, but I would FOR SURE want to know if anything was said about me.

  • keith coggins
    keith coggins

    Unfollow him he will ask y u say u been hanging with my girl bra was up wit dat

  • Bustfomers 8
    Bustfomers 8

    Summer She’s A Hot Girl And Will Call Her Summer -Swoozie

  • Ezenwa Chinwuba
    Ezenwa Chinwuba

    Go for a new Gori

  • Tycoon HTC
    Tycoon HTC


  • Mack Boxing-MMA
    Mack Boxing-MMA

    With all due respect Swoozie, I got respect for you, but you kind of pussed out at the club.

  • Kuno Afton
    Kuno Afton

    Alright this is my advice im kinda like the kid that is really nice but if you irretate me i would kinda be like a volcano and i had have a lot of fighting in my life and to be on honest i won them all so my advice is like dont care about the girl just give him a good fight to make him mad and then hopfully he will stop welp thats my advice its what worked for me in the past

  • Olivia Cox
    Olivia Cox

    Move on cause they're not going stop even if you put hands on them

  • Tickymeister

    That’s really sad.

  • Hunter Fitterling
    Hunter Fitterling

    Find the truth and then confront

  • Roshier Oemraw
    Roshier Oemraw

    I wouldn't spent to much hours on is som people are je like dead

  • Madison Haug
    Madison Haug

    Don't listen to girls sometimes

  • Madison Haug
    Madison Haug

    The don't listen to go sometimes

  • creeperBro

    the title remind me of hot girl bummer

  • Stupalo Luka
    Stupalo Luka

    I would've made a plan that would reveal the truth between Summer and mr gf stealer

  • crime_master223s

    I'm gana have to square up

  • Levi Wilkerson
    Levi Wilkerson

    Bro I would find mr steal yo girl’s girlfriend and tell her would ole boi been up to

  • Maryam Toulas
    Maryam Toulas

    It can feel hella like WTFFFF when bitches out here lying about you but anyone who knows and actually cares about you ain't gonna believe that shit. Anyone who does isn't worth your time to correct

  • Altmetalpunk

    Bro I'd be exposing mr steal your girl. Youre a better man than me.

  • Altmetalpunk

    "I exfoliated today" 😂😂😂

  • Connor Acton
    Connor Acton

    Tell summer that mr.steal your girl is a donkey

  • Stick

    4:14 Tankman-

  • Wayem Ketcham
    Wayem Ketcham


  • Danilo Boiko
    Danilo Boiko

    Yeah I had one occasion were some people were spreading lies about me,what did I do you may ask? Nothing,absolutely nothing,cause does persons wanted me to react,to do something,yeah.... ain't gonna happen

  • Danilo Boiko
    Danilo Boiko

    Un momentito😂

  • wild and free42
    wild and free42

    Yeh born and raised lie u gonna lose everytime honestly having a baddie turn out like that is not surprising you shot ur shot she just wasn't biting end of story lol

  • dream xp79
    dream xp79

    If I was you I would leave her ass in the club and be like i had a great time bye un unfollow her

  • Q The philosopher
    Q The philosopher

    Shut it down

  • D4rk S0und
    D4rk S0und

    Tell his girl what he's up to, she don't deserve it

  • Aj Jones
    Aj Jones

    I will tell her he has a girl friend and he cheating on her and he said he gon do the same thing to u so have fun

  • Elijah Alexander
    Elijah Alexander

    As passive aggressive as posting a video about some beef is. I feel like it legitimately solves some problems for you

  • Danny Dean
    Danny Dean

    All people do is spread lies about me dude so I just say if people believe it they aren’t worth your time

  • ki kee
    ki kee


  • ki kee
    ki kee

    We ninjas?

  • ssd soup
    ssd soup

    id jus drop her n if the mr steal yo girl gotta problem with me he gotta problem with me

  • Baldemar Cordova
    Baldemar Cordova

    Girls realizing they have to be hot for hot girl summer

  • Larry Knicks
    Larry Knicks

    10:34 Occam’s 🪒

  • Juicey Jiggy
    Juicey Jiggy

    Swoozie did the right thing, these people aren't good

  • That Random girl
    That Random girl

    I would've warned summer about mr steal ur girl

  • LivingSmarterNotHarder

    yeah swoozie if anyone talks bad about you I'd confront the person who is talkin bad about you and say "Hey if you got anything to say about me then say it to my face." Then yall can clear some things and see if this dude really be thinkin of you like that or if he just a jealous dude tryna steal summer. I think seeking clarity about a situation that involves you is fine. If it's not about you then just stay outta it.

  • Edgar Reyes
    Edgar Reyes

    So basically Mr Steel your girl is a simp by making up lies about you just to get a girl in other words Summer

  • E Breezy
    E Breezy

    I would honestly be mr steal yo girl

  • Margie A.
    Margie A.

    🤣🤣🤣 too funny 😂

  • TimeBomb

    The question about the last minutes of the video I would call her and say he has a girl why are you hanging out with him

  • Ash Leeé
    Ash Leeé

    HGS: "Let's go to the cleeeeerrrrrb " Swoozie: "Da clerb??"

  • Ash Leeé
    Ash Leeé

    I like how each time not Collins key had triple the amount of plus ones lmao

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