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  • Funky Dong
    Funky Dong

    I sent this to my group chat and they all thought I was personally attacking them



    • Maria raye
      Maria raye

      Sounds about right

    • Maria raye
      Maria raye


    • not bart.
      not bart.


    • Laugh Out Lolly
      Laugh Out Lolly


  • Kid

    Now I want swish cheese

  • Plush Adventures
    Plush Adventures

    Tryophobia victims… you have been warned

  • Artzy

    I think that maybe im the quiet one 😬

  • Kathryn Sears
    Kathryn Sears

    I loved the why hero academia reference

  • Jennifer Hamilton
    Jennifer Hamilton

    Please keep your animation like this 👑

  • xXxPeanut15xXx

    This was 2 min but it felt like 20 min like the MHA reference

  • Mary Trinh
    Mary Trinh


  • Maria raye
    Maria raye

    Your animation has gotten really good.

  • Ranay Tay
    Ranay Tay

    No cause I am the one who doesn’t really talk cause they are always talk about the one person in the group chat and the Change the name to a cult nahdjebshw whgyy

  • HotPizzaRollZ

    The animation tho😱😱

  • cesar lechuga
    cesar lechuga

    You don’t know where I live and I’m not telling you😐

  • Meme Craft
    Meme Craft

    Who has that friend that makes like 30 group chats for no reason like I don’t like that guy or this one is annoying like bruh

  • mohamed nur
    mohamed nur

    it's not a clip it's a magizine i'm talking about the nerf gun thing if you think it's a clip your a noob

  • Oyindamola Oluwole
    Oyindamola Oluwole

    All might swooe

  • ꧁ArtsyApril꧂

    I love the mha/bnha reference

  • Expert 510
    Expert 510

    Why my car got bullet holes in it

  • 😎Ashlyn Galaxy Meme Gamer 😎
    😎Ashlyn Galaxy Meme Gamer 😎

    That happens to me too

  • Damian Medina
    Damian Medina

    The animation kinda looks like Alex’s animation

  • levan qajaia
    levan qajaia

    download discord

  • Boxed by nev
    Boxed by nev

    That sometimes happens to me it very annoying

  • jahmarian thomas
    jahmarian thomas

    I'm the guy that's gets ignored when I say something or just sit back and read the chat

  • Over Wolf
    Over Wolf

    Imagine being in a group chat *cries*

  • BekkfXst

    This is kinda related but I hate whenever I ask a question in a snap story (especially in a private group story), and nobody answers it or gives their opinion. Like bro, I asked a question, why you gotta do this to me?

  • Ella Gray
    Ella Gray

    No talking about that he used wing dings language from undertales like am I the only on who noticed

  • No E
    No E

    Wait y’all are in group chats

  • Terryn Bland
    Terryn Bland


  • Lonk

    We haven’t changed our group name since we made it

  • Dabi Todoroki
    Dabi Todoroki


  • Rajeef McKenzie
    Rajeef McKenzie

    I don't have a car

  • Jessica Gillette
    Jessica Gillette

    Almight 😄

  • Zoro follower
    Zoro follower

    Plus ultra chicken nuggie!!

  • Benjamin Zhou
    Benjamin Zhou


  • Bear Boi The 1st
    Bear Boi The 1st


  • Ngozaaa

    I love the fact that you watch MHA ❤️

  • jnt 123
    jnt 123

    1:45 fun fact:they are speaking wingdings and zodiac signs

  • Incredibllies Miller
    Incredibllies Miller

    Lmao my friends dont have a second group chat.

  • Amund Halaas Irion
    Amund Halaas Irion


  • Tilen in Tinkara Show
    Tilen in Tinkara Show

    0:51 bruh tiddies

  • Dtay Bloom
    Dtay Bloom

    Nice 2minute video gn guys

  • Michenald Desroches
    Michenald Desroches

    Who knew all might could be that high pitched.

  • Rajeef McKenzie
    Rajeef McKenzie

    I know right

  • madara uchiha
    madara uchiha

    Black might .

  • Conford

    confused more like :confswoozed

  • soto love
    soto love

    Plus ultra dude

  • Terraria’s tree
    Terraria’s tree

    I seen this animation before on a lot of RSloft channel like pencilmation, mashed, and I like it

  • Zack Desroches
    Zack Desroches

    Lol ya that dude swoon or crazy

  • Melos sage
    Melos sage

    "I know where yall live" -swoozie

  • Tyson Baker
    Tyson Baker

    Lol yeah dat dood swooz crazy

  • Naim Plasencia
    Naim Plasencia

    The person that never talks look like a crack kid

  • Sebastian Vera Farming
    Sebastian Vera Farming

    Let’s not forget the ones that disappear for an hour for no reason

  • Sebastian Vera Farming
    Sebastian Vera Farming

    When you tell everyone your opinion then the topic gets changed 😒

    • Feras Laoufi
      Feras Laoufi

      Same i hate it when i ask something but i get ignored. *yeah you know who you is.*

  • marcelles sharpe
    marcelles sharpe

    I hate it it when somebody gets mad when you reply to something they said in the chat because they were only talking to one person instead of just goin to the DM's. Like why are you excluding certain people out of the convo when your in a group chat wit them in it.

  • nickie Burke
    nickie Burke

    0:19 daaamn, newest jojo lookin' WEIRD

  • Emma Field
    Emma Field

    I. Relate. To. Everything. All my Disc chats are on mute. 24/7. Because of this. I've been in GCs where I'm like in the top leagues in intelligence, and like, that put me in the position that all the other really intelligent people were. *No one listened to us.* We were RPing, and there was this dude that basically ran a cult, and he ignored all of us intelligent people who ACTUALLY HAD REALLY GOOD STORIES. Also, when I said something, no one responded, but when someone else said something, OH MAMA LET'S GO WITH IT. When I showed them a drawing or a poem (I'm good at both, especially the latter) no one said anything. When either of the other GC chicks showed something off, dyed hair, drawing that wasn't as good as mine, they were all over. And its like *bruh*. Why ain't I getting any attention here. One person, the "leader of the cult" person actually, said that I "bitch and whine," AND THAT WAS BECAUSE NO ONE HARDLY EVER LISTENED TO ME. Its like IF YOU WANT ME TO BE NICE, BE NICE TO ME!!! And another funny thing? Whenever someone said something, almost every time, I WOULD TRY TO RESPOND TO IT LIKE DUDE! WHY! CAN'T! I! HAVE! SOME! GOSH DARN! ATTENTION! Yeah that's my little rant about GCs, also sWooZie you're the best.

  • Lilianne Weinhandl
    Lilianne Weinhandl

    To people who dislike it when they hear beeping from group chats at night: learn how "do not disturb" works. Certainly if you're like me and chat with people from different time zones it's up to the receiving end to make sure their phone won't keep them awake.

  • naughtykid000

    The quiet people are there because an extrovert adopted them

  • Michael Foster
    Michael Foster

    Whys my guy dressed like almight 0:21

  • Maggie Laster
    Maggie Laster

    "I got banana clips on my nerf gun" 😂😂😂😂

  • Evantae Productions
    Evantae Productions

    Lol I do be muting the chat sometimes

  • Murha squad
    Murha squad

    He pulled up...PLUS ULTRA!!!!!!!!!

  • Ertoguk

    0:48 IF YOU WANNA GET CRAZY, WE CAN GET CRAZY - amazing Us refrence


    Everyone has liberty over our group chat name, suprisingly


    BROOOOOOOOOOOO I KNOW HOW YOU FELL WHEN NOBODY ANWSERS WHAT YOU SAY!!! and when people just talk to eachother alone heres a crazy idea GO HAVE A 1ON 1 chit chat.

  • Reaper legion
    Reaper legion

    ever sens this video dropped l just cant remember where did l see this art still before and it's killing me man l haven't slept in days it's hanging me some pls fucking help.

  • N.A🥶🤺

    I love the mha reference 😂

  • Emre Unal
    Emre Unal

    For the first one where your messages get lost in the sauce, just spam the message a few times

  • Mira Windows
    Mira Windows

    This is clearly true 😤 like dude the chat I’m in is about a game we all play but when I need help no one be there but when they need it I’m always there same for questions and I’m like Kay..fine. 🤦 I feel like if I were to send this I’ll be questioned in so many ways though but personally I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about a group chat lol.

  • Harrison Styer
    Harrison Styer

    My man Detroit smashed him

  • Jesus Rangel
    Jesus Rangel

    My hero academia

  • LoginA

    Deku be like 0:26

  • some_idot_kid

    i feel like swoozies character doesn’t fit him

  • Alexandria Trenier
    Alexandria Trenier

    I’m the person that never talks lol.

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill

    Dude, was that a Command and Conquer reference at 0:46? Either way, your video's are hilarious! I haven't watched them in a few years (for whatever reason) and started back last week. Man, I haven't laughed this much in a while!

  • *-stupid_pikachu-*


  • Robert Flores
    Robert Flores

    The first half looked like zeurel art style

  • highoffnanii

    But what really irks me is when I'm new in the gc and I say hey or something and everyone reads my message and ignores me like HERES MY GRAND ENTRANCE.

  • highoffnanii

    Lol Ima send this to my 30 groupchats cause in each one of em is a person with some of these things you talked abt

  • Little Raven
    Little Raven

    The GC name thing me and friend just be having a GC name battle put here lmao

  • Teaching with Shayan The Gamer
    Teaching with Shayan The Gamer

    Yeah bro this happens to me

  • Tiamoi Rowe
    Tiamoi Rowe

    Swoozie: What's the most passive aggressive way to let my chats know I got a bone to pick with em? 🤔

  • 𝘨𝘩𝟢𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨.

    I’m the person who doesn’t talk because 1: I most likely have them on mute 2: I’m only there to be noisy and read the chat 3: they ignore tf out of me *Edit:* I’m not gonna even lie.. I sometimes legit ignore people ;-; or I either forget to text but I’m not even good at socializing so there’s so many problems starting there lmao

  • Lisa Cannon
    Lisa Cannon

    “You’re a ghost” i don’t talk in the group chat because I’M THE ONE GETTING IGNORED SWOOZIE.

  • itsShadowNinja15

    I like talking to my dog about stuff

  • captain butters
    captain butters

    I muted my EVERY SINGLE group chat associated with school cause i dont want trains of messages at 3 am WHY do they message at 3 am idk

  • Utatane Piko
    Utatane Piko

    I felt that first section of the video too much. I usually turn into that person that doesn't say anything because I'm usually the victim of being lost in the sauce qwq

  • Alejandro Allende
    Alejandro Allende

    Been here for years and I love the animation progress 🙌

  • Pharaoh XP
    Pharaoh XP

    That My Hero Reference though

  • Classy Cassy
    Classy Cassy

    its not even me, its my friends and first time I watched this video I knew for a fact it was just my friend group tbh

  • ExBoi

    1:16 excuse. Me *What*

  • Kleb Apple
    Kleb Apple

    all might beat his ass

  • Daisy Loves
    Daisy Loves

    brb imma send this to them

  • Skattle

    Nice Us reference. "if yall want to be crazy, *tap tap* we can get crazy!" lol

  • Junior F
    Junior F

    The animation is actually wild

  • sumic

    dude i swear everybody is out to actively ignore me on purpose, it's crazyyy hahah

  • Jet Productions
    Jet Productions


  • M.Coşkun

    Lol dis dude Swoozie crazy

  • When

    I know where y’all live

  • Danny Welsh
    Danny Welsh

    Dont get conflused 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Cor Toad
    Cor Toad

    Do u want to join my group chat 😂

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