Fast and Curious 2
Sometimes dads get anxious to flex their toys. Sometimes this can be a bad thing. Retelling a story I originally posted to RSloft back in Oct 2007 but now in HD with animation.

Birds of a feather stalk together:

Storyboards + animation + backgrounds done by the animation God Zeurel:

Jacket I'm wearing:

Mystery link:

  • Greenieplayz

    Spoiler: Him walking in his spongebob underwear is important to the story.

    • Aksel Fun gaming
      Aksel Fun gaming


    • ▲Just me▲
      ▲Just me▲


    • king football
      king football

      I from Trinidad. you realize how I spoke fro the first line

    • Greenieplayz

      @McKel im so sorry,

    • McKel

      Why did you?… spoil the storyyyyyyy :(((((

  • Diego Chiu
    Diego Chiu


  • Lucky Agabi
    Lucky Agabi

    so spongebob

  • sielie pienyu
    sielie pienyu


  • Frosty


  • Zeldris Wrath
    Zeldris Wrath


  • Charlie Coronado
    Charlie Coronado

    Wait hoe old where you???

  • Soren Peterson
    Soren Peterson

    How do people dislike

  • Midnight_YT

    I caught racist

  • Nature noise TV
    Nature noise TV

    I’m sitting here crying

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly


  • Darius Horotan
    Darius Horotan

    Tell me swooz what engine does ur paps bought?

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    😌😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his face!😅😅😂🤣

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    I love SpongeBob on Netflix!!

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    Okay then 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • Val Brito
    Val Brito

    the engine its 2jz with a FUKIN TURBO get guud bro i like the engine

  • Charles Dexter
    Charles Dexter

    Lego sml your comment I hate it

  • Jason Tawa
    Jason Tawa

    The way the dad at 3:44 comes out of the car window and the way he talks is perfect

  • c ops reloaded pro / the beginner of my channel
    c ops reloaded pro / the beginner of my channel

    Can we see more

  • Kurama ‘:
    Kurama ‘:

    Spoiler: his wife saw this

  • Manas Subhanand LSG
    Manas Subhanand LSG

    l am blue

  • Lilc Nigga
    Lilc Nigga

    When he said you want you want a cookie

  • Kahari White
    Kahari White

    This animation is amazing

  • Nolan Craig
    Nolan Craig

    3:54 The guys being crazy Me HAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Hebert Family
    Hebert Family


  • joe mama
    joe mama

    I finally found the person who speeds in the middle of the night with a honda with NO muffler


    Plot twist: the dad said less go bc he bought the dababy convertible

  • Nerdykittycatboy

    “Driving around in your.. Toyota Corolla” I love those little shitboxes

  • Robert

    Why does this remind me of Disney animation

  • Thurlii

    5:59 so um... a man walks into a bar

  • Zardy remixes
    Zardy remixes

    6:04 WOHOHOH NO NO NO WOHOhOhooooOOOOO 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  • SJLouie

    Bro the deep voice really shivered my timbers

  • maryam

    Trinidad yesss🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • mistsmilesplays

    3:09 lol

  • mistsmilesplays

    Why does ur dad sound like batman in like 1965?

  • Eduardo Gomez
    Eduardo Gomez

    😂😂😂😂😂this is so funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amy Yunker
    Amy Yunker

    why does the dad have the looney toons lookin animation

  • UwU

    So you were driving the car?

  • Optimistic one
    Optimistic one

    Punch it = go faster Floor it = go more fast Pedal to the medal = go as fast to the death

  • Jr Bla
    Jr Bla

    Your dad sundes like noob sibot form mortal kombat FYI

  • BLUE Bolt V2FN
    BLUE Bolt V2FN

    Anyone else notice his outfit looks like a nono german uniform

  • Man Adam7
    Man Adam7

    Fast and furious Slow and curious

  • Aksel Fun gaming
    Aksel Fun gaming

    If i was the one of the kids I would be so happy to see that

  • Md Nazrul Islam
    Md Nazrul Islam

    0:25 XD he said driving around in your little Toyota Corolla 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!!!!!


    Didn’t this guy had 10 mil subs

  • itstheend 101
    itstheend 101

    oh wow i am surprised that he came from Trinidad

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    So you have chosen death is the MOMENT

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    I got a new engine for my BeEmEr!

  • Lil Felony Official
    Lil Felony Official

    Watched this video a while back. Been lookin for it the next day after ever since. Searched many key words including ‘spongebob underwear’, ‘dad got new motor spongebob underwear’, mneighbor saw me in my spongeboh underwear’, etc. but no matter what, I couldn’t find it. I eventually had a slight memory fade and remembered the video also and I realized that I thought you were Luna cause you were so good at stories. So I search “Luna dad new motor” and sure enough recognize your thumbnail instantly and click the video once more. I have literally been searching for this video for the longest time because it was so funny. Thanks for the laugh bro.

  • Gino Lau
    Gino Lau

    This is really funny i watched this 15 times and its not boring

  • UndercoverJedi

    do more like this

  • Shadow. Gamer
    Shadow. Gamer

    Think twice about his nose 😂😂

  • Toni Original
    Toni Original

    Okay, 1st of all, n0s doesn't make flames from your exhaust and, using n0s needs a lot of preparation since it can destroy your engine because it's gonna overheat

  • mr wolf
    mr wolf

    I like how his dad turns into a mad hulk

  • XxFastmotionplayzYT!

    Cool vids!

  • elan's extreme fortnite
    elan's extreme fortnite

    That's not important to the story

  • TMF

    Fast and Furious then: Paul Walker Fast and Furious now: John Cena

  • Yu Chen Liu
    Yu Chen Liu

    *I S E E A B M W L O G O*

  • Mitsuri simp
    Mitsuri simp

    Bruh my guy went 999 and that guy went just as fast?!

  • Mitsuri simp
    Mitsuri simp

    For my beamer

  • Elvis Plays
    Elvis Plays

    Wow, driving with your family, dom toretto moment

  • Aesthetic boi
    Aesthetic boi

    Full dom toretto its kinda very dangerous

  • Matt Alfred Bautista
    Matt Alfred Bautista

    Lol turbo with a blower what is this

  • Nolan's world
    Nolan's world

    What adults see: oh he's playing with his toy cars! how cute! What kids see: 2:13

  • Minecraft twins
    Minecraft twins

    When he said LESS GO sounds like dababy

  • Armando Olvera
    Armando Olvera

    I like how he said when he said get to the first house turnaround get to the turnaround he thinks I'm done but I'm ready to die

  • Trey Arnold
    Trey Arnold

    dom torreto? family?

  • Chance Tinsley
    Chance Tinsley

    didnt know you can make noises like that from your mouth.

  • Void Dolphin
    Void Dolphin

    post porfavor

  • Sean’s playz
    Sean’s playz

    My dad was a golden glove state champion for New York sooooo 🙄

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    You KNOW its serious when he makes a name parody of a movie by vin diesel

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    Dom would be proud

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    Spoiler: the dad is a jerk in this story

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    If you don't wear spongebob underpants around the house you are not a MAN

  • Boris Pernichev
    Boris Pernichev

    Probably a 2jz swap if it's a BMW 🔥

  • Malu Karlsen
    Malu Karlsen

    Can we see your dad

  • engineer gaming 2
    engineer gaming 2

    lol the engine sticking out is a v6

  • Migs Ramos
    Migs Ramos

    how old are you there

  • Monica Johnson
    Monica Johnson

    Okay old man I see that you you have chosen death

  • Simon Zelyakov
    Simon Zelyakov

    I wacht this video 5 times a day

  • Pajama man
    Pajama man

    The guys shirt Kind of mind me of something else

  • Jessica Aromy
    Jessica Aromy

    Best vid

  • Nintendo _vlogs723
    Nintendo _vlogs723

    Does anyone else get pencilmation vibes

  • Joe_v69

    There's no way this is 1 year old

  • Skawe Pee
    Skawe Pee

    Fakest story he’s made yet LOL

  • Rising Dragon
    Rising Dragon

    Was he a kid 5:52 omg that scary

  • SMG8 \\ Musik Productions
    SMG8 \\ Musik Productions

    2:12 family

  • Fireybros

    I love how his dads mosth mothment is sooo smoth and it souds like somthig from hortan hears a who

  • Another Starr Guy
    Another Starr Guy

    Swoozie got that WW2 drip

  • Tomas Morales
    Tomas Morales

    RIP headphone users 2:14

  • awesomeboy28362


  • Carlos Soriano
    Carlos Soriano

    Yes the spongsbob underwear where very important

  • Jackson Ashley
    Jackson Ashley

    0:27 Can’t Fool Me With Product Plaecement!

  • Crow


  • Eddy rios
    Eddy rios

    Yall heard that turbo 😳😳😳

  • Ynwafro

    🇹🇹 I’m here

  • Kettle boi
    Kettle boi

    No it’s not important to the story 😡

  • ZimicxFN 愛する
    ZimicxFN 愛する

    Gg BTS XXX Hi 👋😇

  • TheHaloGamer


  • Elijah sanatan
    Elijah sanatan

    I'm Trinidadian

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