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  • sWooZie

    What should I include in "Every Boyfriend" video?

    • bruh moment
      bruh moment

      1:25 is an undertale reference

    • Mr. Goodman
      Mr. Goodman


    • Azzam Alfaheed
      Azzam Alfaheed


    • Accelerator

      @xXGodOfWarXx yes

    • Pretty Much
      Pretty Much

      @Lauren Bannister This!!

  • Evan Fotus
    Evan Fotus

    Hey Ik this is just gonna be me but when the girl catches phenmonia with the baseball glove it’s on her left hand but then magically it ends up on her right hand after she catches it

  • Nitrofun123

    0:49 i Love how the Girl is Just shaking in freeze sooo much that you can See her twice

  • FaZeNarutoBTWツ

    There is so many facts of what my gf does 🤦🏽‍♂️😂💀

  • x Wonderland x
    x Wonderland x

    It's not our fault we're like this

  • Ивайло Иванов
    Ивайло Иванов


  • fishy boy
    fishy boy

    keep spamming to. Test in UR PHONE!!!

  • samantha soto
    samantha soto

    Im a girl i could't stop laughing

  • Valerie Wicab (Student)
    Valerie Wicab (Student)

    John 3:16 God loves you

  • Jerica Locke
    Jerica Locke

    Yo the shower fact is 100% true

  • Adam Hubbert
    Adam Hubbert

    Don't forget the cheat dream.

  • 8

    I dont even have a girlfriend why am I watching this

  • Fatima Acevedo
    Fatima Acevedo

    Me when swoozie posts: 2:01

  • Moses Odize
    Moses Odize

    i like have hot water and im a male

  • Nakiaya Scott
    Nakiaya Scott

    I don’t be pimple popping

  • Army 아미
    Army 아미

    Me noticing the All Might toy on the shelf...

  • Sadiq Daud
    Sadiq Daud

    I shower in hot water

  • ashlita


  • Celeste Tillman
    Celeste Tillman

    Bro I’m a girl and I stick to like 15% of my bed because my best friend steals my queen size blanket and literally puts her IPad and phone on the bed and sleeps far from it almost pushing me off even tho she’s on the side that has a table right next to ut

  • Myshiteu

    That’s so true like please don’t lie because it will follow you…just be honest

  • Bakugos_waifu 779
    Bakugos_waifu 779

    I just saw deku and I was like I'm staying

  • SimplyPF

    Who else saw the homeless guy at 2:12 from the fast food vid??

  • Eden Adams
    Eden Adams

    We eat off your plates because they are YOUR calories, so they don't count

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith

    A man who can get me French fries is my kind of guy

  • Niki Nicole slims377
    Niki Nicole slims377

    lol yes we get cold easy lol and yes we like a hot shower lol. And no I dnt like popping pimples yuck lol n ooh not all women take up 99 percent of bed some guys do it to lol. But ur point are true to a point hahaha ... the shower one is funny is hell. Love ur channel though lol.

  • DrPres -J Palomino
    DrPres -J Palomino

    Doing a swoozie speedrun cause im about to put the cuffs on this girl and I stay needing advice.

  • NOOB

    So way I like blankets and I get cold easily... am I a girl?

  • Yusuf Gaffar
    Yusuf Gaffar

    The nonchalant bamboo radiographically tire because himalayan anaerobically level but a victorious screen. concerned, resonant israel

  • General Jake
    General Jake

    "text me when you get home, get to work, and whatever else men do" me: noted i will text you when im cheating

  • Mcdooge

    3:49 nothing needs to be said

  • Micah Thomas
    Micah Thomas

    Bet this guys favorite movie is hitch

  • Miichu

    Me being different (tomboy?): "... Wait... Is this really true? 🤔"

  • ruftaps

    Good vid

  • Touka Harris
    Touka Harris

    2:56 this is NOT mY shAde of O M B R È Y

  • Lillian

    Swoozie: "Girls love blankets" Me: *lying in bed with two of them* gee, I don't know maybe not ALL girls are like this

  • Robert Rustebakke
    Robert Rustebakke

    Man sWooZie, idk how you do it man. I haven't had a girlfriend in like 10 years. Any pointers?

  • Jared Osei
    Jared Osei

    Bro swooz I know this video was a while ago, but PLEASE tell me what shoes are those so I can cop em 🙏🥺 Edit: nvm, description goes crazy

  • RF gaming
    RF gaming

    My mom: watching me watch swoozie Swoozie: why does every girl like taking 95% of the cover Me: looks at my mom My mom: slaps me

  • D3vilB4sket

    The blankets thing is so accurate. I got a girl that steals my blanket every time she comes over😂😂😂

  • the odd won animations
    the odd won animations


  • Quill Sommer
    Quill Sommer

    Damn it's like yall dont know what polyamory or non-binary people are lol

  • jatin patel
    jatin patel

    1:25 Undertail reference

  • Lioness006

    I sleep on my side of the bed. My dog ends up taking up 70% of the bed. I'm always hot but if it's cold, I love some cuddly blankets. But also, being always hot means I stay on my side in bed bc I get too hot. This also means my showers aren't scalding either. My skin gets itchy if I take too hot showers. And it's not good for your skin or hair bc it dries out. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to eats. I can take or leave fries. I like them, but I rarely order them bc I'm poor and they're not filling enough for the $$. I can get another burger for less than the cost of some fries. Lol I prefer online shopping unless I'm buying clothes bc I have to try stuff on bc stuff never fits me right, even if it's the right size. Sneakers and flip flops I can buy online, but heels I gotta buy in person bc I gotta make sure I can walk in them and bc sizing varies from brand to brand. I usually just do the checking in thing if it's late to make sure they got home safe, but I'm not obsessive about it. But I do this with friends too. I'm weird. Sorry.

  • Pure Anguish
    Pure Anguish

    "When you get a girlfreind" he clearly never met me

  • Monga

    Why is there a diaper on the couch

  • tuxedocell

    ronalds and old man from fast food vid

  • Patricia Sigmond
    Patricia Sigmond

    I have guy friends who tell me text me when you get home

  • Emilia Wasilewska
    Emilia Wasilewska

    are we not gonna talk ab how in the bigining of the video he drew Deku and Ochako bc they have 'quirks'

  • MsJadeyO

    Everything you described except the fries is my husband lol

  • Ghost Of Soul
    Ghost Of Soul

    2:24 what if you asked her what she doesn't want fort?

  • Ghost Of Soul
    Ghost Of Soul

    I saw an article about the women feeling cold thing Female's vascular system is more sensitive to cold so it shuts down longer and tighter than men hence the cold hands and feet. Then women have more fat compared to men and that doesn't have many veins so it kinda insulates the skin from the bodies own heat.

  • Some YouTuber
    Some YouTuber

    I feel attacked

  • Bee King
    Bee King

    bruh 1:26 i cant stop laughing

  • UnderTase Sea
    UnderTase Sea

    The word pimples are disturbing Edit: I do it before a girl does lol

  • ParrotMan01


  • JayyGlockz__

    1:16 eww 😷

  • Idk mate  lol
    Idk mate lol

    Love how mha is in the first part of the vid

  • Chonky - milk
    Chonky - milk

    "This is how we do it"

  • Rian Weston-Dodds
    Rian Weston-Dodds

    What’s your take on girls not wanting you to like “half naked” girls on Instagram? Every girl seems to be like that these days

  • Vince Henderson
    Vince Henderson

    one thing girlfriends or just any women in general is when the guy leaves the toilet seat up

  • lunatic devotee
    lunatic devotee

    me, wearing 13 lairs of women's clothes in winter: i see no problem

  • Dragon King 797
    Dragon King 797

    One thing iv done is ask them if they can guess we're were going out to eat and then take them to one of those

  • Ebony-Rose Jackson
    Ebony-Rose Jackson

    I....I might not be a girl

  • Harrison Styer
    Harrison Styer

    I just noticed there's an all might figurine in the background

  • CT-9932js

    life hack, bed against wall and sleep by the wall.

  • ColdplayFan59

    2:11 god dang that homeless man was so poor he could not afford new animation style not having a problem just pointing out

  • Lando

    I saw the reference to the fast food video

  • antoyne ragin
    antoyne ragin

    The ending music tho🔥🔥🔥

  • joe Savage
    joe Savage

    That moment you realize you watched all the videos and feel like the youtubers friend but then reality hits that they don't... Even know who you are 😂😂💀 love you swoozie keep it one hundie my guy

    • joe Savage
      joe Savage

      Also this video is so true I had one girl that took up so much of the bed that I woke up one morning litteraly balled up on my pillow cuz it was the only free space and I'm 6'3 and 214 pounds and she was 5'8 and 140 something. As well as she would then be mad cuz I would get up in the middle of the night to get a second blanket and she'd be like "your so annoying, why even sleep in the same bed if your gonna be like that" and I'm like "your sleeping wrapped up like a blunt so if I wanna be warm I need to go sleep on the couch?"

  • paceboi 0
    paceboi 0

    Was the murder weapon his chin 😂😂 3:32

  • sparrxw

    Btw swoozie them kicks hard as fork🔥

  • sparrxw

    Pro tip: ask your girl to guess where y’all finna go to eat, and whatever she guesses go there. Thank me l8r

  • Nigel McKenzie
    Nigel McKenzie

    That mirror in the back doe

  • itsShadowNinja15

    Well to be honest that's why girls be rolling they love it

  • itsShadowNinja15


  • Pema Karma Deschen
    Pema Karma Deschen

    That's called negative reinforcement..I think. Shit, psych was a long time ago.

  • Callie Choquette
    Callie Choquette

    I read somewhere that physically speaking, male's internal body temperature is hotter than girls which explains a few things when you think about it

  • Holeshot Hunter
    Holeshot Hunter

    funny fuckin' stuff

  • johnormike811

    Hahhahaha. Truth!

  • Lisa Cannon
    Lisa Cannon

    i do NONE of this. 🥴 must be why I’ve been single my whole life

  • Ramisha

    0:02 the MHA refrence! Omg

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis

    The mhm reference-

  • Pranxstarz Loki
    Pranxstarz Loki

    Me, a gay dude watching this even though I'll never have a gf:👁👄👁

  • angel johnson
    angel johnson

    MY man put MHA

  • Phoenix storm
    Phoenix storm

    Gaming , Netflix ,athletes, hobbys, for me like make , shift weopon dueling and somewhat scavenging

  • Rose AGT
    Rose AGT

    3:30 why is this trump with a chin

  • gpku gaming
    gpku gaming


  • kirbzcitkatz

    As a male, I LOVE antiquing! I understand y they like shopping

  • Kaitlyn YT
    Kaitlyn YT

    clicked bc of amber

  • Lonwabo Mali
    Lonwabo Mali

    LMAO 🤣😆🤣😆

  • Mohammed abdulla Janahi
    Mohammed abdulla Janahi

    Wait wait wait I'm a GIRL!!?!??

  • King_Pugzy

    Girls: omg you are so warm Also girls: fluffy weighted blanket duvet bed sheets 2 fluffy blankets fluffy pillow

  • MRnixS

    Who remembers the video game girlfriend or the crazy ex

  • Untitled Guy
    Untitled Guy

    o Edi Rama o te qifsha ropt edhe ktu te sWooZie duhej me dal rreklama jote me te votu m ne kanal amerikan sme le me pa You Tube rehat o rrac qir se na qive kocin

  • Munkhzul Purevdorj
    Munkhzul Purevdorj

    I forget my stuff unintentionally 🤣🤣🤣 but now I see how guys interpret that :/

  • starstoryteller

    There's a restaurant that has a large size called "My Girlfriend's not hungry".

  • marvin greene
    marvin greene

    What's those shoes?

  • Brianna

    not me being wrapped in my blankets whilst watching this 🥱

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    1 mil of this view count is me watching this video on repeat

  • jordan peterson
    jordan peterson

    Is the pimple thing really a thing with them?

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