Disney VS Universal
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  • Hunter Stokes
    Hunter Stokes

    At this point Disney’s gonna run the world in 2050😂

  • Tristan Thao
    Tristan Thao

    shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame

  • Uriel X
    Uriel X

    At 2:30 what the dog doin?

  • TheGreat9 Productions
    TheGreat9 Productions

    universal is so much better

  • carmike


  • Cj Saunders
    Cj Saunders


  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard

    Theres no competition, universal wins on diagon alley alone. Disney wins with its resorts but there's just not enough good rides. If you want to feel like a princess sure but if you want good rides you're gonna be on a bus all day.

    • Toe Pringles
      Toe Pringles

      There is definitely competition Disney knows how to filter people better than universal

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Never been to universal. Florida is way too far away. Love Disneyland.

  • Pickle0gr3

    0:43 I’m sorry but I’ve played this game before but what’s it called again, been so long

  • Coleman Moore
    Coleman Moore

    game of thrones land has lawsuit all over it

  • Scribz

    Kinda Ironic now that they do have interactive Mario cart with AR glasses and a lot of players.

  • Damon McDonald
    Damon McDonald

    When he said “how awesome would that be” I lost it

  • Kenneth Perea
    Kenneth Perea

    60,000 and keep the beard

  • SpookyTheCat

    you shouldn't make this controversial as f video

  • SpookyTheCat

    these ideas suck

  • SpookyTheCat

    the thing is universal is quality over quantity and disney just puts in 1 or 2 good rides they market it off that and then stuff it with crap

  • SpookyTheCat

    umm the sugestions for the marioride would cost about 4.7 billion to create engineer and make it safe

  • Old music 123
    Old music 123

    Bro why isn’t swooz a engineer for Disney

  • SLushy Pup
    SLushy Pup

    In Star Wars how come I haven’t seen somone in star wars use the force to move there light saber WITHOUT there hand is throughout a fight low key I would

  • Maria De sousa
    Maria De sousa

    i mean they made nuimos

  • WarTurtle

    Pre covid 😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭

  • anthony martinez
    anthony martinez

    disney could never buy universal

  • Heuab Jsjsjn
    Heuab Jsjsjn

    Did u know spiderman is worth more than marvel as a whole

  • Marcie C.
    Marcie C.

    honestly i think you could get sued for that stuff

  • Karate Ladybug
    Karate Ladybug

    I actually listen to NPR regularly lol

  • job diaz
    job diaz

    animatronic sidekicks

  • My Life As Saad
    My Life As Saad

    There is Mario Kart racing in Japan

  • mork a fight
    mork a fight

    Ah referishing soowize every time am sad soowize Vid every time am happy soowuze vid every time i am excited soowzie vid

  • Brendon Kelly BK
    Brendon Kelly BK

    The people skipping in line are mostly foreigners

  • CraftyDoesStuff

    He almost predicted the bowsers challenge ride

  • ArtsyAlbert

    Disney: Haha No

  • Clownz

    I guess Swoozie got his wish with Super Nintendo World and Mario Kart. Edit: Sorta.

  • Just Me Content
    Just Me Content

    “Just buy Universal”

  • Just Me Content
    Just Me Content

    *why does the radio have a British accent*

  • Tae Jun
    Tae Jun

    "low key mid key high key" , sorry but i want to die when ppl say this

  • Noah’s Videos
    Noah’s Videos

    I like how there's an All might in figuring in the background

  • n o v a
    n o v a

    this is my favorite action movie

  • Spread in Christ
    Spread in Christ

    Baby yoda not the side kick the mandalorian is

  • Preston Cruea
    Preston Cruea

    Why does grogu have a sith lightsaber?

  • kevin ramirez
    kevin ramirez

    Omg! I’m dying🤫🤣

  • Pure Void
    Pure Void

    “Baby yoda” is not his name it’s gorgu

  • the odd black whole
    the odd black whole

    All the 13 year old boys yes skip the line of Game of Thrones

  • AllyGaming

    I need to smoke what you're on, cause these ideas are like for 2050

  • Sydney Slaughter
    Sydney Slaughter

    That one about the folks that cut in line really piqued my interest

  • parker_ smith
    parker_ smith

    Galaxy's edge actually became a thing with the side kicks

  • Ballin Productions
    Ballin Productions


  • Saxon Gear
    Saxon Gear

    They already did that it’s a game on Xbox except for side kicks turning evil

  • Gamer Bot
    Gamer Bot

    Yo there's a new Mario land with a ar / vr set cool

  • Rowan Keigher
    Rowan Keigher

    That Mario cart idea is amazing

  • Joseph Daniel
    Joseph Daniel

    0:43 when Swoozie wins your heart with old games you used to play at the very beginning of your developing memory

  • Zeuscraft

    2:04 looooooool

  • Nicholas Galvan
    Nicholas Galvan

    Swoozie: just buy Universal Disney: WRITE ✍🏻 THAT ✍🏻 DOWN ✍🏻 WRITE ✍🏻 THAT ✍🏻 DOWN ✍🏻

  • Kadeem R
    Kadeem R

    X.X Baby Yoda Fight Scene : DDDD

  • Aidan MC
    Aidan MC

    No one talking about Super Nintendo world is a thing now? And maybe just maybe they listening

  • Billy Runner
    Billy Runner

    bro he predicted the Mario kart ride

  • Kadin Kasuboski
    Kadin Kasuboski

    I hope Disney doesn’t buy universal that would suck

  • Cherrycola9

    Yo swoozie not gonna lie, that Disney sidekick idea is fucking genius. It’s like Pokémon go except every Disney character ever created. You want your sidekick to be a gummy bear? DONE. Madame Leota got your back? DONE. Someone challenging you with their Gaston? Guess what time to bust out the hurt with Sulley! DONE.

  • Canondeez - Piano Covers & More!
    Canondeez - Piano Covers & More!

    holy shit its actually happening in japan's universal

  • Sarah trin Lycan
    Sarah trin Lycan

    Disney better do this Because now I am expecting it 😄

  • Sara Nightfire
    Sara Nightfire

    True story: I was in Disneyworld one time and it just opened. There was a huge gap under the ropes right next to me that teenagers cut through the line in front of a huge crowd a few feet ahead. Then there was another crowd, and then there was this gap. A park employee caught the teenagers and was tearing them to shreds. While I ducked under the rope and got in 30 minutes earlier than I should have without getting yelled at because he was so focused on the teenagers.

  • Fred-bear101


  • Marissa Pancake
    Marissa Pancake

    anime world?

  • larissa mccoy
    larissa mccoy

    just wanna point out disney is awesome star wars is awesome i would totally take baby yoda home with me!

  • Lalalalawhat

    Oh Ashley

  • The Cartoonist
    The Cartoonist

    4:04 don’t give them ideas

  • Team Squad
    Team Squad

    You had to cut line to do not just call us out

  • Akio Chan
    Akio Chan

    "Here's just one tip,buy universal" if it was that easy they already would have done it

  • Nkululeko Rivosyn
    Nkululeko Rivosyn

    Game Of Thrones Land ❤❤❤💯😂😂😂

  • dope a meen
    dope a meen


  • Ez Dubs
    Ez Dubs

    The fighting side kick idea is like 2050

  • Ez Dubs
    Ez Dubs

    How dose 4 minutes make me so happy and excited to watch it’s what swoozie dos.

  • Ninjagger22 Best
    Ninjagger22 Best


  • Dabomb

    Swoozie: buy Universal Me: and then what

  • Ironwolf 365
    Ironwolf 365

    Well that is what they are doing for Nintendo land

  • osama alsayed
    osama alsayed

    buy Universal lol

  • RanBelGaming

    Universal all the way 💯

  • fotis xevgenis
    fotis xevgenis

    Hate to break it to you but Universal doesn’t own the GoT right neither Harry Potter that was showed in the beginning. Both owned by Warner !

  • Shawn Comenote
    Shawn Comenote

    How about a hand band where has a magnet on the Palm and when you reach for the light saver it actually brings it to you

  • Ultra Glender
    Ultra Glender

    Springfeild Land at Disney.

  • Blocky Melon
    Blocky Melon

    And Lego Land just watching the madness like: \_😐_/ :what about me..

  • Stephanie Rutherford
    Stephanie Rutherford

    What team are you on

  • Blood of Christ Jesus covers me
    Blood of Christ Jesus covers me

    Wait! HOLD UP NIGGA...Universal IS NOT TRYING TO BE DISNEYLAND. Universal is a TRILLION times better than Disney666Land. Come CORRECT or don't come at ALL! FOH! with that B.S.

  • Kayla Minty
    Kayla Minty

    Did anybody else see Loki appear😂😂

  • Kuntari&Friends

    who else saw goku

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    The brought the sidekicks go life with the build your own robot

  • Ellis Lee
    Ellis Lee

    Dat animation tho👌

  • Exploding Dynamite
    Exploding Dynamite

    Disney Wins!


    Yo I from Trinidad when is u come back my dude

  • Gina Canady
    Gina Canady

    BAwhahahah!!!! That was funny! :D

  • PaleRiderYT

    Skipping the line... swoozie don’t know bout that fast pass

  • Mayo Mate
    Mayo Mate

    Shame.....shame.....shame... *me shaming my friends for not know what Pokémon is*

  • CDCplus


  • CDCplus

    If you can find baby Yoda I c commit to eating stuff that I hate

  • Brianna Barrett
    Brianna Barrett

    Universal for the win

  • Tp L
    Tp L

    And they did it in usa,Tokyo

  • Gas mask gaming
    Gas mask gaming

    WHY I WAS THE 999,998th VIEW

  • H x T
    H x T

    Swoozie you need to be a manager for this stuff

  • Carlo Vs Gaming
    Carlo Vs Gaming

    Buy Universal, Swoozie i love ya but no

  • Sopolope

    Iron man rollercoaster where you get in the Suit.

  • GHOP Vlogs
    GHOP Vlogs

    How many living rooms he got?

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