Diary of a Dog Lover
All my dogs hate me.
Storyboards + animation + backgrounds done by the animation God Zeurel:

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  • BlackBrosstudios

    Swoozie literally found your channel like a week ago ayyye!! You funny af just been binge watching all ya stuff mad respect for the channel!!!

    • Bro, my milk tastes like✨🌈CoLoRs🌈✨
      Bro, my milk tastes like✨🌈CoLoRs🌈✨

      Ik samee!!

    • Kheder Mohamed
      Kheder Mohamed

      Swoozie Literally found your channel like a week ago you funny of just being windy watching all your stuff now to start for the channels

    • Kheder Mohamed
      Kheder Mohamed

      Susie Susie literally found your channel like a week ago you’re funny of just being you watching are y’all stuff now to start for the channel

    • Anthony Yero
      Anthony Yero


    • Anthony Yero
      Anthony Yero


  • Cooper and gabe
    Cooper and gabe

    Me: im sad I’m a dog

  • Peggy Penrod
    Peggy Penrod

    My dog will like you

  • Lui Terez
    Lui Terez

    I got bit by my cousins dog

  • GrugoVajoh

    Congrats! Your now my favourite youtuber after watching 2 of your videos!

  • monke with a pheonix
    monke with a pheonix

    Ngl that dinosaur straight up looks like a smaller version of godzilla 1998


    Just put the dog down.. what's the worst that could happen

  • Michael Clintsman
    Michael Clintsman

    Yeah one time somebody offered us a turtle

  • PeytonFTW

    That’s literally every day of my life just BARK BARK BARK

  • Majd Adnan
    Majd Adnan

    my dog while I was watching this 🐶🐶


    If ur a cat lover get ur ass outta here

  • Eugenio Palma
    Eugenio Palma

    Nah is ok dogs do this alot

  • Noah Woolaway
    Noah Woolaway


  • Xab-boy

    Thank you for putting ren on the front 😄👍🏻

  • Thiago Couto
    Thiago Couto

    Loved the Cuphead reference!

  • Selemani Muhire
    Selemani Muhire

    i am that neighbour

  • Kayla Anderson Anderson
    Kayla Anderson Anderson

    I dont care about ntn else. But they named their dog kayla

  • RaloRising

    Dog I know you’re not tight over a dog barking it’s a dog come on man

  • Pom Queen
    Pom Queen

    You need a CORGI small but medium, cute and super nice and goofy but really energetic but so worth it , corgis will love you to death

  • Noelani Bond
    Noelani Bond

    Hey ren

  • One Of You
    One Of You

    Benji look like a damn .... super villain 💀💀😂😂

  • Fond War YT
    Fond War YT

    I am watching this while drinking pepsi

  • Dean Harlow
    Dean Harlow

    Barf barf baef

  • Michael Gaming System
    Michael Gaming System


  • Michael Gaming System
    Michael Gaming System


  • Rolly Pahilanga
    Rolly Pahilanga

    If a dog see me it follows me

  • UrBoi Abraham
    UrBoi Abraham

    Meet the W💫💫F

  • sh1n3x

    the dogs are racist.

  • Dog

    My German Shepard kept trying to run away. He loved us, but he didn’t realize running away wouldn’t be good.

  • NillaWafa ButBlack
    NillaWafa ButBlack

    Why’d you guys get rid of yeh first light brown dog who was unproblematic 😭

  • DJ SonicSwag
    DJ SonicSwag

    BROOOO it’s took too long to find your channel again

  • Raul Gamonal
    Raul Gamonal

    Cuphead get ready now go knockout

  • pavan gill
    pavan gill

    Its because small dogs are evil

  • ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ

    Dude whoever gave you, your family, and friends those dogs for sure mistreated them to make them that way tbh bc it’s never the dog it’s the owner or whoever yk mistreated it in the first place

  • TheCoolCookieShow

    Every dog that I have met that has been named Benji is a psycho

  • I’m A Female!!! 👗👠🎀🚺
    I’m A Female!!! 👗👠🎀🚺

    I love dogs. Even though I got charged twice. Broke up a couple dog fights myself 😂😂😂

  • I’m A Female!!! 👗👠🎀🚺
    I’m A Female!!! 👗👠🎀🚺

    That title sounded so wrong 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoe Ayako
    Zoe Ayako

    And this is why I have a turtle 😅

  • NotImportant

    For a big fan of cuphead this is amaazing

  • pootis mann
    pootis mann

    thats the exact smae for my dog

  • Lioness006

    Get a lab or golden retriever. I mean, they're the most popular breeds for a reason.

  • c willmott
    c willmott

    SuRe WhATs tHe WorST tHat CouLD HaPPeN

  • Dededank 2
    Dededank 2

    the scotts

  • Louis Gutierrez
    Louis Gutierrez

    I love this

  • Felipe Lopez
    Felipe Lopez

    Bro Cooper is my cousins dog and Benji is my dog and they’re both shitzus So What be going on

  • ꧁ itsyagirlYt ꧂
    ꧁ itsyagirlYt ꧂

    I think the dogs are racist that’s just sad 😞

  • canadian trains all day!!!
    canadian trains all day!!!

    death could happen

  • canadian trains all day!!!
    canadian trains all day!!!

    what kind of dog do you have and where do you get them because if my dog as a chainsaw i am calling the cops as soon as i see that * 911 whats your emergency* " yeah so my dog as a chainsaw and i am in the bath room OH GOD!!!!! hes brakening down the door AHHHHH!!!!!!!! HES HERE OH GOD!!!!!!!!! HELP SEND EVERY ONE YOU HAVE AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *call ends*

  • Kayandra

    Not Benji 😂

  • Asirt Q_Q
    Asirt Q_Q

    This brought back the pain of cuphead 3:15

  • glommy !!
    glommy !!

    “how does your neighbor not hear their dog barking nonstop?” we do. and we hate it more than you.

  • Olgita Rigby
    Olgita Rigby

    0:26 lol hahahahahahhahahahah

  • 1300 Ghost
    1300 Ghost


  • Mr. David
    Mr. David

    Nothing funnier than mixing up Subject Verb Agreement.

  • malina crear
    malina crear


  • Smolbeanbre UwU
    Smolbeanbre UwU

    Okay but- my cousin had a dog named Kayla they said they got her from someone 😭 she was crazy then she got trained but sadly she passed away I few months back

  • Agent Bun
    Agent Bun

    B b b b bu bu but I like doggy

  • paris_pup2008


  • Thatboydavid

    Meet the woof

  • Tom Zart
    Tom Zart

    MAN'S BEST FRIEND !! A man’s best friend is still his faithful dog Who anxiously awaits his return home. Where would man be without his canine love When his human mates have left him alone. If a man was as good as his dog thinks He'd be more famous than a football star. It's too bad our wives don't feel the same way I guess it’s because they know how we are. Man has no fear of his dog's love for life Though it’s usually man who buries his pet. It matters not be they large or small What animal has loved man more, as yet? THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  • JetKiller95

    i would live with swoozie if i was a dog

  • Jimmymike

    Everone: choose to live with swooize That dog : nah G

  • Fluff the dog
    Fluff the dog

    0:32 what kind of Noise is That 😂🤣

  • Ertoguk

    The twillight zone theme fits so we'll woth Benji lol

  • phoenixfriend

    There are only two okay places to get dogs - reputable breeders and shelters. Not randoms on the street offering you a free dog. That dog is free for a reason.

  • [AIR] FGC Replays
    [AIR] FGC Replays

    gotta boost the algorithm for sWooZ

  • Green Infinity
    Green Infinity

    Cuphead be like:

  • D L
    D L

    I too had a dog eat a hole in a wall once. I will never understand how he managed the first bite.

  • Zenicome

    Bark Bark Bark Bark it’s a dream

  • :o

    Got some good video not lying

  • Gabriel

    Dude, i was scared of dogs for a long time, because a dog bit me when i was 9 years old, but now i like dogs.

  • Onyx88 Dragon
    Onyx88 Dragon

    Glad my dog is chill but if he not I have to be there or to prevent a fight or a dead small mammal like a rabbit anyways he be always laying like spelled coffee

  • Goober on the Internet
    Goober on the Internet

    Is noone gonna talk about the "Good day for a swell battle!" At 3:15

    • Hafez Abdulrazak
      Hafez Abdulrazak

      Cuphead boss announcement.

  • bachan rai
    bachan rai



    0:32 dog go yeet

  • charoemolina

    No you’re not It’s the guy that sells it to you it means me to it that’s why I hate you it’s a dog

    • charoemolina

      What the fuck?...

  • WolfDraws

    Cuphead reference 3:17

  • The Spooky King
    The Spooky King

    I have the same neighbors

  • Soibean

    my guy little dogs are mean idk what it is but there just that way

  • Lennea Jannaway
    Lennea Jannaway

    I think your dogs were rasest

  • Messy Art Desk
    Messy Art Desk

    This is one of the reasons why I don't like dogs.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    kayla have rabye

  • Lemon with a Monster
    Lemon with a Monster

    Pretty sus dogs

  • Mariá Elmorsy
    Mariá Elmorsy

    This video was so relatable I had to watch it like 7 times 😭😂

  • Dude Menace
    Dude Menace

    Cats kill dogs love it’s the truth dogs kill babies they suffocate them

  • Void9990

    R E N

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez


  • Pasta Frog
    Pasta Frog

    yo what happen to benji or how ever you spell it

  • Misra Badir
    Misra Badir

    He dog outside always barking? That was my dog lmao

  • Ron Don Scorcho
    Ron Don Scorcho

    my chihuahua always does shit like that, trying to invade my other dogs privacy.

  • Donny

    this was a good a vid bro

  • Tendai animations
    Tendai animations

    Swooz : Rolled the window down Pooper : O__O Swooz : Pooper 🤨 Pooper : 😒😏 Pooper : balalaaa🐩

  • Preston 905
    Preston 905


  • Tess Acle
    Tess Acle

    1:39: it looks like foxy from fnaf

  • cindyotaku21

    hi swoozie , i saw someone on tiktok that reposted this video. i dont remember that guys username sorry


    0:10-0:15 any if you are an og you will know how he got that scar on his cheek


    Try find me every vid

  • Akash Dyavanapally
    Akash Dyavanapally

    bro my dog won't even go out even if the door is wide open

  • Michelle Long
    Michelle Long


  • Candy Vargas
    Candy Vargas

    The hilarious sphere distally try because carol observationally slap beside a homeless ocelot. psychotic, naive cuban