Dead Fantasy 2020
An insane passion project that my dear friend Monty Oum created in 2007 (re-uploaded on his channel in 2010) now back with high res models and more intensity. Final Fantasy characters vs Dead or Alive characters in a crazy crossover fight... who will win?

Concept Creator//Choreography//Director: Monty Oum

Animator//Co-director//Modeler//Textures//Rigging//Layout: Uiyahan (support his future projects on his Patreon)

Producer//Co-director//Additional choreography//Sound Design//Sound Mix: sWooZie

Song "You Got a Problem Instrumental" by Knox Hill

Wardrobe details (check back soon)

  • sWooZie

    A lot of you guys mentioned that the intro is a great tribute to Monty and shouldn't be removed and I agree so it stays! Thanks for the feedback!

    • Diamond32


    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face

      Hopefully y’all will make a second one

    • unfortunatewitnessX

      When will Part 2 of Dead Fantasy come?

    • Horsey BOYY
      Horsey BOYY

      Will this man come back

    • Ricardo Francis
      Ricardo Francis


  • Jen Hui
    Jen Hui

    This is nice. But i prefer if the original ost was used in these remake. Uh and why is rikku tanned ?

  • Julez

    that bitch in the black said yeeeet

  • JB Rap
    JB Rap

    Do u still animate ur own videos

  • SimplyStupid


  • Kataleesi Lovas
    Kataleesi Lovas

    This is fucking amazing 😭 ugh my heart.

  • LoLo25

    So sick lets get more

  • GhostDraggon

    This turned out AMAZING but the music choice... that just aint it chief

  • Owen Schacker
    Owen Schacker

    Why the sounds sound like smash bros

  • Skyeshi

    I would say that this is really great, however the camera movements and timings are a bit off making it hard to watch at times. Itfelt a bit too fast to watch




    Is this going to be an actual game

  • AsianGuy

    More please.. we’ll done!

  • bommie park
    bommie park

    We need more🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • BifordusMaximus

    This is an awesome remake. I feel it loses some of the punch without the matrix soundtrack though. The Timing to the music gave it that extra kick. Bad puns intended.

  • Gay bit gaming
    Gay bit gaming

    Hi I lost the email monty n I had years ago n I wanted to ask if the script he sent me was true did riku really win 😢

  • Platinum

    Wait a damn minute you knew monty My 2 favourite animators and creators of all time were planning on doing a colab before Monty died

  • NumerousToofer

    EPIC! DOA and FF are both amazing

  • GameMation

    No way, you absolute legend. Doing Monty memory beautiful, unlike the Crude RoosterTeeth

  • kitty moon
    kitty moon


  • Matheus Dos Santos
    Matheus Dos Santos


  • Ekede Garner
    Ekede Garner


  • Triston Adams
    Triston Adams

    All i see is girls in this video peep peep simping dectected

  • Pressy Gutierrez
    Pressy Gutierrez

    I didn't know about this and it's my first time watching it and I loved it 💢keep up the good work

  • Mikita Karalkou
    Mikita Karalkou

    Thank you. If the underworld exists, I think Monty is happy with what you are doing.

  • BigRedXennial

    nice effort, but movement isn't nearly as fluid as Monty's and that does NOT look like Rikku AT ALL. Original music was better too. Some of the closeups are good tho.

  • JT Taylor
    JT Taylor

    No shot bruh this was me in elementary school bruh miss this shit🔥🔥🔥

  • Sr2D

    Ngl when I saw it say dead fantasy I thought it meant like some sonic exe crap

  • Classytango

    graphics look sweeetttt

  • Every Day Kid
    Every Day Kid

    Not really into DOA or FF but this looks really sick

  • Afro KID03
    Afro KID03

    This was crazy

  • GoDLikEPuzzle

    3:50 - 3:58 This whole sequence made me gush (pause).

  • GoDLikEPuzzle

    "Oh Zhu, poor Zhu..."

  • Genasis Mew
    Genasis Mew

    I thought this was a game

  • Lioness006

    I wish we could get more! That was awesome!

  • Mikey Mladi
    Mikey Mladi

    Wait wut? Dead or Alive + Final Fantasy Collab!? Coooool

  • Ferret 288
    Ferret 288

    Where is the rest of it

  • gabe itches
    gabe itches

    What happened to vista wayyyy

  • TJPeters

    Monty is so legendary, excellent tribute man!

  • Ethan Najera
    Ethan Najera

    So it’s like smash bros

  • Diego

    My boy swooz keeping it real

  • Khut Khut
    Khut Khut

    More sounds is are all it needs. And voice actors?

  • Lovely Rodriguez
    Lovely Rodriguez

    Rooster Teeth could never.

  • Shotgun Gabe
    Shotgun Gabe

    There something about monthy's music choice that makes this fighting scene more epic. It just feel generic with the music choice here

  • Error

    Whoa Rikku was a shock lol! She was left out in the sun for a week with no sun block

  • Mary Chaplin
    Mary Chaplin

    I never thought I would see the day...great work, keep it up. RIP Monty, we still miss you.

  • Rexford Gyasi
    Rexford Gyasi

    Nice, I do miss the original soundtrack, purely for the dramatic scenes, I’m not getting the same feeling,

  • Rogue x Gambit
    Rogue x Gambit

    If you remake it... please let me see Vincent battle. PLease.

  • Gabriel

    I hate the fact that this only has 200,000 views

  • RyuTora Mori
    RyuTora Mori

    I'm waiting for the next episode 🙏

  • julian12465

    Good to see people who respect and add to Monty’s work instead of going the RT route and pissing all over it while shamelessly invoking his passing in Volume 4. The more people who honor his legacy, the better.

  • Square RBLX
    Square RBLX

    3:15 this is what gangsters like to watch

  • Stxeel

    Wow imagine 3v2ing couldn’t be me 🤡

  • Xavier

    That was UNEXPECTED

  • Lignting13

    I experienced it for the first time today!

  • Emmery Flame
    Emmery Flame

    I feel as though the sound effects could be a bit more impactful? Sounded very delicate compaired to the original. Needs a bit more oomf if you know what I mean. Music doesnt fit the fight either. I'm sorry my feed back is a little negitive, a lot of people like this I can see. This is great quality and a lot of love went into this. Well done! Monty would be proud! Please keep up the great work

  • Fries With That
    Fries With That

    Monty's videos were the most spectacular thing I've seen made by one person back in the day. Thanks for doing this, updated graphics looks great! (I would have preferred the original Matrix music but maybe copyright issues?) May I request you do the same for his other famous video "Haloid" as well?

  • Jose Daniel Tapiapark
    Jose Daniel Tapiapark

    hey friend this is a good tribute to the creator Monty RIP I hope you keep getting more dead fantasy is a good start When will the next video be?

  • Mimis R
    Mimis R

    Bruh why isn't this a fully fledged game? Already seems awesome!

  • MrEtown87

    I remember waiting for each part of the original to get uploaded to youtube. Was truly amazed. Doing this means alot sWooZie, thank you & can't wait for more

  • Loading WarCry
    Loading WarCry

    monty will live forever

  • AbdefFable1

    Monty Oum was such an inspiration to me, he will be missed and this is an amazing tribute

  • Gaming Tornado
    Gaming Tornado

    I love this ... for someone who knows a lot and anime this inspires me

  • Zack D
    Zack D

    You gained a new subscriber. Anyone that pays tribute to an amazing talent like Monty gets my utmost respect. The ending with you and Monty in the picture got me teary-eyed. Thank you. Cannot wait for part 2 of this remastered.

  • Mitchell Hoy
    Mitchell Hoy

    music kinda doesnt match lowkey

  • MrsLadyPerez

    I need this game! Please actually go 100% with it! And it would be awesome if in the end, Monty was the final boss or something to celebrate him.

  • Mirana Luna
    Mirana Luna

    I am actually waiting for the continuation.... Please please please

  • Mochichi

    I wish more people watched this. This is really good.

  • Thanh Huyen
    Thanh Huyen


  • Kielya Placide
    Kielya Placide

    The only thing that needs to be fixed is the graphics..... Btw I like it videos.

  • block head animation
    block head animation

    This is amazing

  • Yoombu


  • Henoc Paillant
    Henoc Paillant

    Kasumi & Ayane will forever be my fav’s 😭🔥💯 this is dope bro

  • Brandy Cook
    Brandy Cook

    Please do the whole dead fantasy and please finish where Monty left off. I've seen all of them and I want to finish it😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • johnny boy
    johnny boy

    Wow, That was awesome!!! I Thinks it's great!!!

  • PinkTacoKillah

    He would be proud this is nutty

  • Arnaud Kamtcheu
    Arnaud Kamtcheu

    Incredible!! I saw the original like more than 1000 time ! You made mounty justice! Also am I the only one notice that in this version the red hair girl give rikku a couple of extra hits compare to the original ? Ah ah well done !! => 3min35

  • Gamma Alpha
    Gamma Alpha

    It looks amazing! Well done guys!

  • S. Akil
    S. Akil

    The most ineffective guns and bullets ever...i love it

  • Brandy Cook
    Brandy Cook

    I used to love Monti and his animations Dead Fantasy was so dope

  • JJ Reedz
    JJ Reedz


  • Shaboobla2K

    This game is fiire!

  • Ben Harper
    Ben Harper

    This is an AMAZING recreation, with a few additional details and focus on character expressions during close ups are so much more informative (similar to FF7:remake)! Only thing that distracted me a tad was the music track choice - unfortunately I hold the original animation in such high regard as purposeful animation with accompanying music has such a lasting impression to me. Given that the choreography for the animation by Monty appeared to be heavily based on the song timing and accents (Matrix Reloaded: Chateux), poignant moments/moves felt less impactful with the new chosen song. Such as: Dead Fantasy intro Rikkus intro landing Hitomi's intro Yuna shooting in the face to gain ground Rikkus teleportation save Hitomi's pillar volley, Etc.... Still for first timers I doubt it would bother them :-D! Regardless I am very excited and do hope you are able to finish this series as Mounty Oum was set to deliver something really special - (especially if you have the script Monty was working on/with). I'm especially looking forward to what you manage DF2, DF5 (Tifa's heroic moments), and DF6....(the conclusion of that fight still hurts to see it black out at that point ugh)!

  • M Jd.
    M Jd.


  • DarknessXxMaster

    Had to search for this. Dead Fantasy is so awesome!

  • Zayth Leon
    Zayth Leon

    Even years later I see dead fantasy and still get goosebumps from how amazing the fight choreography is ^^

  • MelloGrx

    Tifa at the end was beautiful.

  • Ursurper

    man that was good

  • Shinobi Showdown
    Shinobi Showdown

    Dead Fantasy was dope AF! RIP Monty.

  • xavier talyor
    xavier talyor


  • Marcus Shutt
    Marcus Shutt

    Monty actually died from an allergic reaction

  • nixX3n

    oh man that is the most weeb shit i've ever seen, and I love it

  • hi

    great fight scene

  • KingKeez

    LIT 🔥

  • MVPslayer

    swoozie doing God’s work

  • Kyle Chisholm
    Kyle Chisholm

    TIFA!?!? Maynnneeee i was waiting for paine

  • cryogenicheart2019

    Not bad but jumps are floatier than ever.. pennywise gonna be pleased

  • AliceQueenOfMadness

    Dead Fantasy was one of my favorite things that I watched on RSloft over a decade ago, so seeing it remade like this brings a smile to my face. RIP Monty!

  • Ivan challenging videos Lam
    Ivan challenging videos Lam

    i thought this was star wars with those pink light sabers and guns if itwasn't for those characters. XD

  • Jackniel Rosado
    Jackniel Rosado

    Yo that’s was so sick oh and my your friend Rest In Peace

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