Confessions of a Robbery
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  • Kuntal Dive
    Kuntal Dive

    I can't imagine Keanu Reeves with his original voice now...

    • SnowyPug


    • Lance Thomas
      Lance Thomas

      Lol big oof oooooooooof

    • galactic tone
      galactic tone


    • the icecream ninja
      the icecream ninja

      @096 Playz ???

    • 096 Playz
      096 Playz

      @the icecream ninja 😂

  • Soren Peterson
    Soren Peterson

    He got the shoes from back to the future 2

  • ros vdl
    ros vdl

    He's wearing 25,000 dollar shoes in the background

  • 2 4 playes clan vlogs
    2 4 playes clan vlogs

    Bro no one gonna talk about his $50k shoes

  • Mr Meras
    Mr Meras

    Those shoes are expensive

  • Lps Streetkit彡
    Lps Streetkit彡

    Swoozie just unknowingly talked someone out of murder

  • emir

    Swoozie I’ve been watching you since 2014 and I still watch your videos to this day love you brother

  • Dev Bkny
    Dev Bkny

    thats a massive flex

  • Logan vanderploeg
    Logan vanderploeg

    sWooZie be like tells everybody at a robbery five seconds later cops pull up

  • get soft aimed
    get soft aimed

    swooz wear 13000 dollar shoes.him:imitates keanue reeves

  • Amanda Gabino
    Amanda Gabino

    Nice kicks

  • D

    Michael De Santa: “that’s why you don’t rob people THAT YOU KNOW”

  • FizzlePopPictures

    its keanu reeves as ted from bill and ted anyone else notice LMAO

  • Thomas Alvarez
    Thomas Alvarez

    Is stealing 350 dollars worth your career and freedom

  • salsa

    casualy has 40k shoes on

  • Loko videos
    Loko videos


  • A whacky monke
    A whacky monke

    Since swoozie has stoped making vids I have been having wet diarrhea and vomiting

  • rodliz1

    He got the air mags!!!!! Yooooo

  • Keira Charlton
    Keira Charlton

    Omg the Oregon trail game!!

  • Jace emore
    Jace emore

    You should have have called the police on him

  • Godlyness_f072


  • 44 YAM x
    44 YAM x

    That was too funny, bet he smokes weed too. 😆

  • TbagFanatic_FN

    Bruh my last name is Reeves

  • fortnite dxe 95
    fortnite dxe 95

    Karma is a but

  • some random guy
    some random guy

    your shoes

  • vGio Hits
    vGio Hits

    Does anybody notice he got Nike mags on

  • AZRAEL !
    AZRAEL !

    Ar- are those powerlaces?!

  • WooH777

    Plot twist: His friend was Keanu Reeves 🤯 P.S. This is the Matrix.

  • Ty Howard
    Ty Howard

    What shoes was he wearing

    • Tricky

      If you have 14,000$ to throw away you can buy it

    • Tricky

      Nike mags

  • Juss juss
    Juss juss

    Yooooooo can I have those shoes

  • Monke

    I’m so happy he drew gta san adreas 0:37

  • David Tamarozzi
    David Tamarozzi

    His shows though

  • Rawr Man
    Rawr Man

    Peep swoozies Air Mags😍😍

  • Dante Nunez
    Dante Nunez

    Hey my aunt smokes weed and she told me that weed is legal in New Jersey


    Fun fact: on google it says keanu reeved is the nicest guy on earth

  • Kirbs 101
    Kirbs 101

    SwooIe are u toad?

  • Gray_ Rainn
    Gray_ Rainn

    but then.. WOH


    Brrroooooo those Air mags are FRESH

  • Ty thegrreat
    Ty thegrreat

    I totally would’ve went back and robbed them blind every week

  • Maddie Hellner
    Maddie Hellner

    Maybe he’s the reason for 2020 being such a sucky year...😂

  • Eashaantheman

    I'm gonna flex on my ex's real quick Bow *me who gets jealous of the shoes*

  • Dagan Amaral
    Dagan Amaral

    the only reason they dont rob a bank is because of the chance of going to jail not because ur stealing other peoples money like bruh

  • Niraa Love
    Niraa Love

    Lol said what would John wick do . . "Get rid of the kids" lmaoo 🤣😂not the babies 🤣

  • Screamy Pillar
    Screamy Pillar

    “What would John wick do” me: dead men tell no tales


    Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is the LORD.”

  • Mathias Pereida
    Mathias Pereida

    you have air mags

  • 세하

    he sounds like abridged duke devlin

  • Goward Horton II
    Goward Horton II

    It's not karma its reaping what you sow

  • Elliot Bochey
    Elliot Bochey

    No way he’s wearing $25k+ shoes

  • Siana Poti
    Siana Poti

    My name is Kiahna

  • Thefirstcrusade

    Nobody: Keanu Reavs (cant spell it): I SMELL PENIES

  • harpreet dhaliwal
    harpreet dhaliwal

    Keanu every second: wOaH

  • Lisa Landry
    Lisa Landry

    0:50 “bro” 🤣

  • SW4RM

    wtf r dem cyberpunk shoes??

  • lunatic devotee
    lunatic devotee

    0:14 i didint know he liked playing super amazing wagon adventure

  • Kuat Aler
    Kuat Aler

    Yo you know what I noticed my guy was wearing air mags back to the future

  • Gabriel

    Fun fact: john wick is a playable character in a game called payday 2, (not voiced by keanu sadly, but it’s still john) Payday 2 is a heist fps coop game where you do heists like banks or an election or the *w h i t e h o u s e* So keanu robbing a bank is accurate if payday 2 is canon help my head hurts and im typing at this at 3:am and my eyes hurt and why is tjos my forst comment in swoozie channel

  • SpaceFlye

    At least your friend still had like 70 dollars to spare. Not a total loss.

  • DemoZero

    Whoah man!

  • Minimg

    Good video

  • RoachMan64

    I wish I could those shoes

  • jelly 123
    jelly 123

    bruh anyone saw his back to the future shoes O_O

  • Elijah Gallo
    Elijah Gallo

    "and im like" BoOgErS

  • YA BOI
    YA BOI

    I guess you could say it was a most bogus journey

  • Lucas Rose
    Lucas Rose

    sick shoes bro

  • David Moreno
    David Moreno


  • solow07 the god
    solow07 the god

    Don't think you know how happy I am that you have those.

  • Slifer

    Is this like confession of a dangerous mind and since the "main character " is called Keanu Reeves and in the album there is a song called Keanu Reeves

  • Adriel

    This is the Gospel, Gospel is derived from greek meaning good news. The good news is that Jesus has taken the place for our sins. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, we all sinned it’s simple. One sin and God can rightfully put us to hell, like a judge sees a murderer and the murderer is guilty the judge who is just will put him into person or even give him a death sentence for the crime he has committed. But God instead of pouring his wrath on us for the sins we have committed, he pours it on his son, his son is the righteous one, the one who has never sinned and who is the author of life. His Son holds all things in place. The Son with the agreement of the Father is sent down on earth and incarnated as a human sent down to die on a cross on a hill named calvary. Through his death and resurrection we have the forgiveness of sins, That is why when Jesus, on the cross, said “It is finished”. but how do we PARTAKE in the cleansing of sins? We must have the obedience of faith, meaning believing AND repenting from our sins. Repenting meaning change your mind, change your will, and change your heart about sin and turn to Jesus. So do we keep on sinning? No! we don’t, we repent from it. Willingly sinning is like putting Jesus on the cross again! Come as you are and let God change you!

  • Glen

    What's the name of the shoes he's wearing right now

  • Tasha Rob
    Tasha Rob

    “WoAh!” Is my favourite parts.

  • WatchDog

    Dat a LOT of quarters....dang

  • Ryder Zgrodek
    Ryder Zgrodek

    0:00 just going to flex on my ex’s real quick

  • Wyatt Cumbie
    Wyatt Cumbie

    airmags... fucking airmags.... im so jealous

  • Dripdropking

    i love your vids so if u can tell me how u edit and animate your vids i would appropriate it



  • Wakaran Man
    Wakaran Man

    My man flexing Nike bruh

  • Gameboy D
    Gameboy D

    People never thing of GOD the creator of universe sees you steal hes going send the police your way or a situation set up to take you down I seen it happen

  • Animegod

    Main words:wow

  • Nintendoisbest

    XD my name is keanu so this is vid is just sorta (really funny) funny

  • TheUnholyFrog

    this manz life is crazy

  • Lance Hite
    Lance Hite

    Most people having random thoughts like can I rob a bank my random thoughts okay so a speck of dust have so many atoms that you and me do not know the spelling of the number and that is the same with the number of starts in the univers so what if every speck of busk is a univers that is so similar to ares that you could not tell the difference and if that is true then is a galaxy similar to tissue?

  • Gaster k
    Gaster k

    im your 74k like

  • Vybez

    0:31 Should have named him levi ackerman

  • The Uber Successful
    The Uber Successful

    Lol swoozie was the old man in dave chappelle stand up comedy skit: "DON'T DO THAT! That's 5 to 10!"

  • Seheri sskfcfoBeverly the
    Seheri sskfcfoBeverly the

    Your videos are the worst

    • Seheri sskfcfoBeverly the
      Seheri sskfcfoBeverly the

      Show get your RSloft channel is a terrible you terrible terrible terrible Channel terrible terrible

  • Tose Themothy
    Tose Themothy

    Me : ook new vid more fun Hij : *im just gonna flex on my exi's real Chuic* POOOOOWWW ME :😑😐😑😑😑

  • Pierre-Ralph Mani
    Pierre-Ralph Mani

    swoozie put robbery video fbi: ohohhhh dis is gonna be funny😐

  • Shoyu Becca
    Shoyu Becca

    That "Whoa!" dude had more revelations in his head than I did during a final exam

  • Mori jin Go brrr
    Mori jin Go brrr

    The drip hits too hard bro

  • MaximusDingus

    Mans shoe game so on point he got his ex's sayin "Great Scott!"

  • CashYoutube

    Robber right there.

  • amateur drawings
    amateur drawings

    Its soo enjoying to hear ur story's whetever its abaut

  • ColdplayFan59


  • King Ultimate
    King Ultimate


  • Whitzala

    "Took MY advice?!?!"

  • JDM_KYL3

    I’m just focused on them Nike mags

  • Alone in space
    Alone in space

    It’s almost impossible to Rabobank days

  • WarriorCat47

    I’ll I hear is woah

  • Young Toky0
    Young Toky0

    My mans got Nike Air mag

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