Confessions of Fast Food Employees
🍔Still love fast food but hoping more businesses put their food lines in a position where customers can watch their food being made. Might give those of us who want to eat more fast food (but don't) peace of mind.

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  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko

    “I wasn’t even on line, I was at register” .. I felt that

    • Jade Grady
      Jade Grady

      Okay zwwlž2e31

    • Willian Rosado
      Willian Rosado

      kidflashgirl123 jump

    • Rudys

      Bruh I feel that everyday

    • noraize qazi
      noraize qazi


    • Helpful

      same. same


    1 used to work at a Wendy’s in Illinois and the one fry cook would never follow the cross contamination policy.

  • Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja!
    Infamous Onion Cutting Ninja!

    I don't care how much of a Karen they are, spitting in every burger that is custom made is nasty and you're a terrible person in general. This being said by a Jenny's crew member who's managers also don't care. Seriously, it is more rare to have someone order a sandwich the way it comes than to have it be custom made. I understand being pissed if someone wants some special sauce or "make it FRESHHH" but saying only this this and this is hella common and it is up to the person at register to make it easy to understand. For example, someone wants a Classic Chicken with no pickle tomato or lettuce. Well instead of saying that I just say: "only mayo", it's way easier for sandwich makers to understand. I can't say the same for second shift they are all teenagers on their phones and snacking so who knows what they do at night.

  • BabyYoda-_-

    I’d just go back to drive thru with an apple and yeet

  • MRVN

    Why has this man worked everywhere!? - Lifeguard - Clothing store worker And pretty much everything in between and beyond!

  • Abulqadir Abdulle
    Abulqadir Abdulle

    You know what got me the scene at the drive thru I was dead after that

  • Kid

    Ok now I don't trust fast food anymore they will probably give me food poisoning

  • Quincedaprince

    Yeah im never eating fast food again...

  • Mr. snow man
    Mr. snow man

    Mi name Jeremiah 0:24

  • Gary Byler
    Gary Byler

    The chick on drive thru at ‘chess’ is the quintessential rallys worker. Maybe even popeyes

  • Rob Reith
    Rob Reith

    "Don't be rude to anyone touching your food." I agree and that's a good rule. A better one is always "Don't be rude to anyone." Besides my youth I've always been nice, most people return that in kind. Life goes a lot easier and tends to be much more pleasant if your just a kind person. "Yo, here come get this food. Psych!" Bro that was f***** up, I'm not going to lie it was really funny in the story but dang that poor guy.

  • Jackson Croyle
    Jackson Croyle

    Dude that place you called chess is actually checkers and I went and stopped eating there they gave me one onion piece when I asked for onion

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    Japan sounds like Ireland's McDonald's

  • jeremiah peterson
    jeremiah peterson

    My name is Jeremiah

  • Jessica Negrete
    Jessica Negrete

    Update on your shift 😸 I will call him back 🔙 and I can do the truth and get a good weekend to get the truth is that ok for you and you guys can 🥫 it out 😉 and I will call you when we get paid for a new one and we will be home 💔😭 Nooooooooooooo tomorrow if you need anything let us know what you think about this weekend to see 🙈 and the

  • Lucas Zarate
    Lucas Zarate

    Experiments happened at Taco Bell I said no lettuce and they put extra lettuce and took off the cheese on for tacos

  • ghostkid124

    Its McDonald's

  • Rising Dragon
    Rising Dragon

    I bet it was McDonald’s

  • Milky bois
    Milky bois

    u said impossibrrr

  • Damer Gamer
    Damer Gamer

    It McDonald's Wendy's checkers

  • Lali Lally Paul
    Lali Lally Paul


  • Lali Lally Paul
    Lali Lally Paul

    Yuk 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖. ....................

  • MrM

    John is so hilarius

    • MrM

      Hha rwrong!

  • Luke Geddes
    Luke Geddes

    You could have sued Checkers for that ngl

  • Nina Dejanna Espinoza
    Nina Dejanna Espinoza

    so ronalds sound like mcdonald and jenny sounds like denny

  • FoxyGaming


  • TTvMrCheese2399

    What car you have a hunday sonata a 2021 hunday sonata? Sorry for bad spelling.

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️pls believe in Jesus Christ with all of your heart ❤️ and i believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • ggtheboi gg
    ggtheboi gg

    ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️pls believe in Jesus Christ with all of your heart ❤️ and i believe in Jesus Christ with all of my heart✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  • JustBushy

    if you hav'nt had Culver's you should try it! i have not heard anything bad about it and it is GUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDD!

  • Patrick Orellana
    Patrick Orellana

    Bro today I deleted my bro’s terraria because I thought he didn’t play it anymore and now I feel really bad

  • Yung Groover
    Yung Groover

    3:44 has to be checkers

  • Makeupbyrach18

    So disgusting. I used to work at "Ronalds" and never ever messed with anyone's food and neither did anyone I worked with. I have seen them drop buns on the floor and try use them and I'd be like nope and chuck it. Ughhhh, gag. I always get freaked out unless I can see them preparing the food.

    • zero


  • Ben Spinks
    Ben Spinks

    Fast food in Australia is a kangaroo

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    that poor homeless man :(

  • Dogsaredabest

    Love ur vids keep it up!

  • The._.Weird.1

    2:07 I go to McDonald's... Almont everydayyyy

  • Javon Antoine
    Javon Antoine

    This was suprisingly insightful, I loved it, Felt like Real Content, Subcribed not that it matters lol just wanted to express honest feedback on your vid, Loved It, Extremely refreshing.

  • 26G DA GOD.
    26G DA GOD.

    3:43 peeyayerrr😭

  • Allen Torrance
    Allen Torrance

    Not the I swore to gwawd and I think he called checkers chess 😂

  • itzmystic

    um jennys is actually and ice cream place so yeah

  • königs blau
    königs blau

    I love how honest you are and how you don't hide your dark shitty side. That's only makes you more relatable and likable

  • Wild

    There should be appreciation day for the fast food and restaurant workers.

  • Instagram stuff offical
    Instagram stuff offical

    This is slim shady fault

  • Henry Doodle
    Henry Doodle


  • Eulalia Padrino
    Eulalia Padrino

    OMG 👁️👄👁️ checkers

  • jacob bunt
    jacob bunt

    I went to a Culver’s and ordered a chicken sandwich and THEY FORGOT THE CHICKEN

  • erik

    the one lady in chest

  • the odd won animations
    the odd won animations

    Swoozie do you speak Java

  • Yes

    McDonald's has a channel. Imagine if they saw this and commented :)

  • neddy mitch
    neddy mitch

    I'm proud not to be American

  • Oarabile Mahlangu
    Oarabile Mahlangu

    What's it McDonalds


    Bro I got a few crazy story’s back in day I worked at tacobell.... I got a gun pulled on me ...

  • Gggghjj Gggdthgghhv
    Gggghjj Gggdthgghhv


  • littlecasino 5
    littlecasino 5

    Aaanndd I'm done with any fastfood that isn't chick FIL a

  • Natalia Beats
    Natalia Beats

    This made me crave sum Ronalds

  • Jonny Harris
    Jonny Harris

    take out the tomato?

  • metalheads rule
    metalheads rule

    dude I feel this shit working fast food

  • Giray Akca
    Giray Akca

    Imposaberrr lol

  • gaming league
    gaming league

    Your videos inspired me thank you

  • Micah’s song stuff
    Micah’s song stuff

    Rolands vs wackdonlads

  • el__pro3680 miranda
    el__pro3680 miranda

    Ronal Macdonald

  • EzaF monkyboy
    EzaF monkyboy


  • Cole Keeter
    Cole Keeter

    That’s a rule don’t mess with people that make your food

  • Illumi Zoldyck
    Illumi Zoldyck

    “chess” is so gooooooood yall should try it

  • pitbull


  • delusionnnnn

    Why oh why would you ever order something other than default toppings? If I'm getting fast food for someone else, I'm happy to do it, but that's my rule - no special orders. It just pisses people off, makes the wait longer, and puts a target on you.

  • Good Burger
    Good Burger

    Cant believe you were gonna give that poor homeless man your messed up food

  • Matthias Roels
    Matthias Roels

    3:00 Am i gonna have to be the a holr that tells him that negative zero is just zero?

  • Liz Gomez
    Liz Gomez

    Anyone else thought he was talking about Denny's when he said Jenny's till you saw the logo

  • Australian Penguins
    Australian Penguins

    once I went to Culver's and ordered a chicken sandwich and they forgot the top bun how do u mess up that bad on a sandwich to forget the top bun

  • kaebutt

    When I worked at a certain taco chain I’d fill their tacos/burritos/whatever like half as much as normal if someone was mean. When people were really nice I’d load them up. When I was there no one would spit in someone’s food or drop their food on the floor. But yeah always be nice to the people handling your food, that should be common sense

  • the Bombing soda
    the Bombing soda

    I actually call Mc Donald’s ronalds. I say it because it’s easier to say.

  • LeviPlayzGames

    i think "chess" is chick-fil-a... the hat looks kinda like chick-fil-a

  • Ian Karanja
    Ian Karanja

    Bro Chess is badly staffed in MN too. 30 - 45 min for an order no matter the time of day or how many people are in line. No gloves either lol

  • yuless Imfab
    yuless Imfab

    I don’t know about anywhere but here in Hong Kong everyone is clean no matter how rude the customer is. I personally work in a restaurant, so I’m sure about that, Hong kongers are hella clean mashallah

  • Jiff Pop
    Jiff Pop

    The ass that gave you a bag of shit for your food needs to not be let off so easy. If someone did that to me, I would ruin their day by not leaving them alone until they gave me exactly what I had ordered.

  • LegendaryKing

    I miss this style of videos

  • The World Wide West
    The World Wide West

    “It Was even more Emposader”

  • Supernatural.Unicorn

    Jesus Christ

  • Marc Silva
    Marc Silva

    They are Denny’s McDonald’s and checkers 😂

    • Troy Morene
      Troy Morene

      Wendy’s. Not Denny’s

  • Jayda J
    Jayda J

    Can you do a video on Tokyo Japan ? 🤔

  • HAZY Plays
    HAZY Plays

    instead of blurring out the logos for the fast food places change the letters around like lipotech or Fick chila

  • Calvin Marshall
    Calvin Marshall

    The put there things on your food

  • XSportsCommentary X
    XSportsCommentary X

    As someone who works in the fast food industry this def happens in most places. If your an asshole sometimes people fuck with your order. But their as some terrible people who just give you a bad time for no reason, like I just want food y they gotta give me attitude? And I can relate so much when they always fuck up my order. I couldn’t tell you if I ever eaten a spit burger. But I hope I haven’t 🤷‍♂️

  • Adreanna Sears
    Adreanna Sears

    It’s their fault for messing up the order tho

  • Draco

    Barely tried to hide The rastaraunt

  • Ninjapizza8247

    So basically I'm getting a burger from McDonald's (this was like 10-11 years ago) I get my burger and I'm like "I can't wait to have my plain burger" 2 buns, 1 patty, and some ketchup is all I ever ask for (I still get that order everywhere) I take it out and bite into it I get a mouth full of onions So basically they put onions in there pattys (?) And it was like a homemade recipe instead of what they are allowed to put in it (the person 100% got fired the next day) and now I have a hatred for McDonald's and I will only get drinks there and nothing else (unless I absolutely have to)

  • Spiritual€@nofwup@$$

    This is basically all copycat Robin Harris. Ever seen Bebe's kids.

  • Spiritual€@nofwup@$$

    I had one like this threw that shit in the bitches face and drove off

  • Paul Dzhugostran
    Paul Dzhugostran

    The gigantic play hemperly hop because bone realistically whistle as a courageous charles. capricious, pleasant comb

  • CubecAnimations

    Why 0:04

  • Paul.........

    This is why I always tip

  • Jayden Thomas
    Jayden Thomas

    I think I know where you went you went to McDonald’s Swoosie

  • Gabriel Alvarado
    Gabriel Alvarado

    Don't worry swoozie that homeless guy WoUlD jUsT bUy DrUgS wItH tHe BuRgeR

  • Quora_The_Sith

    2:49 that's the same in-n-out I go to


    i have to check my food multiply times before eatting

  • Unami Kush
    Unami Kush

    I’m pretty sure it’s checkers 😂

  • Pierre Martin
    Pierre Martin

    My name is pierre 😃 3:40

  • George  Floyd Gayming22
    George Floyd Gayming22

    If someone does this to my food imma straight up fuck em in their ass forcefully