Confessing my Embarrassing L's
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Thumbnail: Zeurel

Shoes // Nike Air Force 1 High - Tisci White
Hoodie // My Hero Academia U.A. High Collegiate Hoodie (sold out)

  • J Magic
    J Magic

    Why aren't the comments talking about how sick that shading on the sonic was? He went off on that drawing

    • animeboi in da cut
      animeboi in da cut

      @Ma`at nvm I saw it now

    • animeboi in da cut
      animeboi in da cut

      @Ma`at Where's ur original comment? I dont see it

    • Ma`at

      @animeboi in da cut thank you fam 😭🙌🏿🙌🏿

    • Ma`at

      @YoungLeaf XIV it’s cool

    • tallest name bigger then space
      tallest name bigger then space


  • Val Parkin
    Val Parkin

    lol you look like skee-lo in 1995

  • Javonte Turney
    Javonte Turney

    What is a

  • Robloxian Aviation
    Robloxian Aviation

    9:39 *D I S B I E G* 11:06 *L I E K D I S*

  • livyPOP21

    dO YoU gO tO uA hIgH sChOoL wItH iZuKu MiDoRiYa

  • Gaston Gaston
    Gaston Gaston

    One time I put dish soap on my head as shampoo and I felt retarded after

  • Hernany De Almeida
    Hernany De Almeida

    Nike ain't gonna come BACK😂😂😂

  • Vtinelk

    11:44 he trusted u traitor

  • Fog JMS
    Fog JMS

    I like the life lessons


    L ' s

  • NobleWarrior8

    You and Todd got me crying laughing!! 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Roamin L.
    Roamin L.

    zWooZie will pin this if he loves his mom

  • Every Day Kid
    Every Day Kid

    The Nike one hurt mr I can't lie

  • Malik Cardoso
    Malik Cardoso

    He's wearing MHA merch

  • Superkigs

    love the hoodie

  • stacyju77

    I am rolling at the Todd story 🤣😂💀

  • Veteran



    if i made a vid like this it would be a movie series

  • Rising Dragon
    Rising Dragon

    I once coughed my blood out cease I was kicked in my mouth so I turned off the lights and tried to fight but I wrecked the hole room and the Amazon camera with night vision it it so the only thing I could do was break the camera so I just flung my baseball bat at the camera and i was like hehe I did nothing and they saw me throwing the bat at the thing I was like I can explain then I get a falcon punch in my stomach well I Am black so boom blood shoot pew pew pew pew pew And when the baseball thing did it it hit me in the head and the blood shoot thing was my cough

  • Amazedpanckake1 _
    Amazedpanckake1 _

    Animate your old videos so we can get a better view of the videos

  • xXxPeanut15xXx

    Aye he wearing a my hero academia shirt

  • shirohige

    Just took an L i poured oil in my bacon thinking it was eggs

  • Zee's World
    Zee's World

    *You feeling useless?remember Sonics car*

  • Snake

    UA High shirt

  • Deleted

    Loved this! Expecting a part 2 :]

  • - Yukimi -
    - Yukimi -

    Swoozies stories are low-key really satisfying you can listen to em again and again.

  • chantelle Burton
    chantelle Burton

    Love the UA high sweater

  • a clown
    a clown

    I just took a huge L by eating wendys and I shat my brains out it hurt so bad my stomach was burning

  • Aminata Sissoko
    Aminata Sissoko

    Please do a part 2

  • Sean Hamid
    Sean Hamid

    You can’t run from cockroaches, you can’t cry”

  • Tre Frank
    Tre Frank

    But like…. Karruche tho… fattest L of the century. Best line you coulda said.. “so what you finna buy me?” Then BOOM, married with 3 kids five years later. Smh

  • DANIEL Navarro
    DANIEL Navarro

    An advice that I always follow is always take risks. Cause it might be good and have a good reward. I am an opportunist. If it plausible, then it feasible and I shall go and try it.

  • Mehfil Majeed
    Mehfil Majeed

    L’s are like OOF moments

  • RyxlFN

    Accept @sWooZie Nike

  • CyberAiman

    8:12 did my man say megabytes?

  • Aleksandar Zavisic
    Aleksandar Zavisic

    Me getting triggered by nikeee

  • CloudzyOof

    The 417 people who disliked are probably the people who just didnt get the vibe of the sonic drawing

  • Nellyville

    “Comeon comeon pure pressure” LMAOOO

  • Cindy Gunness
    Cindy Gunness

    SWooZie see me and that sonic drawing the best i live in trinidad we home country 🇹🇹🇹🇹😁😂🤗🤗🤩😅😅

  • Hareem Chaudhary
    Hareem Chaudhary

    brooooooo where did u get that sick UA hoodie

  • Nathan Nawrocki
    Nathan Nawrocki

    I'm dying lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Adam Hubbert
    Adam Hubbert

    Bro I turned down a job at Amazon in 1997.

  • Adam Hubbert
    Adam Hubbert

    I would definitely do the yada dance for that camera.

  • Nyla Armstrong
    Nyla Armstrong

    Part 2?? …Rip Tod 🐸

  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • Laughs Maniacally
    Laughs Maniacally


  • I like making You uncomfortable
    I like making You uncomfortable

    My biggest L was being born

  • Mark Moreno
    Mark Moreno

    Yooo Swoozie!! Where you get that My Hero hoodie, that shiiii is 🔥 Hook me up with the plug

  • Ash Birchak
    Ash Birchak

    Bro I love your content

  • It’s Nemo321
    It’s Nemo321

    Happy birthday swoozi

  • cod fortnite
    cod fortnite


  • Mr Hogie
    Mr Hogie

    Happy birthday swoozie

  • Heidi Pfleckl
    Heidi Pfleckl


  • Kamilla Parker
    Kamilla Parker

    I cried for you about Leo

  • Muniba jahan
    Muniba jahan

    Anyone who watches anime will understand the HOODIE 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    • A0rse0n

      I K OWWWW


    Yo that sonic is the best thing I've ever seen

  • Yoyo Draws
    Yoyo Draws

    Only real ones no ice boy

  • oculusdexter x
    oculusdexter x

    Lol yeah as soon as I saw the frog I would have scooted it out. I love frogs, lizards, snakes tarantula all of that but I don’t know maybe because I know animals bugs, arachnids and insects that there’s no way I’m driving knowing that thing can easily just jump on my face. You’re body temp was probably really cool and wanted a piece of that 😂😂😂😂😅😅😄😄🤣🤣 no can’t believe you drove like that freaking out initially would have been unmanly but warranted. That’s like saying oh a random bird was on my dashboard chillin and I decided to just drive with it perched on there hoping it doesn’t fly right into my face man you should set up dashcam in fact retell the story but using strictly animation!!!! It’s just too funny

  • Emerald Anims
    Emerald Anims

    12:20 *YOYO 808

  • Hollande Nohar
    Hollande Nohar

    Jesus loves you

  • Mxxr Lol
    Mxxr Lol


  • ryudragon7

    I have been given so many L's in my life. Like, I have no clue what to do so many L's.

  • Lakkisha Makau
    Lakkisha Makau

    Sooo...... Who's your favorite mha character????

  • wkeyed

    What app do you use to make your animations

  • Brandon XL
    Brandon XL

    Hope jaiden does it

  • cl4

    Dude u fumbled yuh whole life g


    Why didn’t you tag yoyo808

  • Bru 3000
    Bru 3000

    Your hoodie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alisha Gadson
    Alisha Gadson


  • V!CE

    so we jus not finna talk about the UA jacket?

  • Evelin Alv.
    Evelin Alv.

    Aww I would take a picture with you 🥺

  • Gio

    Looks like you caught another L cause only 1/3 animators made the video 😂

  • X Wrld
    X Wrld

    I just love how this dude gets ready just to make a video

  • Cheryl Mann
    Cheryl Mann

    Nice mha merch

  • Blaster Disaster
    Blaster Disaster

    Why is no one talking about his U.A highschool shirt

  • radass.carter

    I would take a picture with you any day. Been watching you since middle school ( now a college graduate)

  • Khamani Davis
    Khamani Davis


  • Skypie ._.
    Skypie ._.


  • Frankyy _010
    Frankyy _010

    Almost the millionth view

  • Bradinator 343
    Bradinator 343

    To talk about acting like our lives are perfect, I don't. I acknowledge that my life is pretty much a mess but I live with it. Because living in a dream can only make things worse.

  • MushroomCloudsNChaos

    "Todd... Todd... Todd... No Todd" Like dis 👋 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    bruh 💀

  • Christos Ferizis-Synodinos
    Christos Ferizis-Synodinos

    I got a nickey add xd

  • Kei _in
    Kei _in

    I just realized that he’s wearing MHA sweater

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


  • Jake Estes
    Jake Estes

    “from the streets” foozie u delirious

  • wolf of the north
    wolf of the north


  • Mherhean Giray
    Mherhean Giray

    What is L's?

  • Plinko

    Do a part two please

  • Some One
    Some One

    I've had some..........a lot

  • Historical Dancer
    Historical Dancer

    The frog sounds like the "Hello my Baby" frog from Looney Tunes

  • Natal Madoug
    Natal Madoug

    You're cool

  • Joe Lindsey
    Joe Lindsey

    L is for looker 💁🏻‍♂️

  • Audrina Pack
    Audrina Pack


  • Joinks

    I’ve been watching ma manz Swoozie since I was in 6th grade - I’m now a freshman in community college and i’m still question why in the hell dis man ain’t got more subscribers?? 🤔

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