In case you're new to my videos, I get thrown into a lot of unbelievable situations, I travel a lot and I'm in the entertainment industry so crazy stories are gonna come as a result.

  • Dylanrealporche  cow
    Dylanrealporche cow

    I love that the on the back of the it said ups killer

  • Marqan

    Who initiates is not as simple as having a one-sided friendship. That tweet came for a severely inexperienced or unthoughtful person.

  • Light Stone
    Light Stone

    *When an cop pull u over and put an gun on your head* Cop:your resisting arrest Me:no im not *Cop forcing me to get out* Me:wtf your the one who resisting arrest*me smacking an cop with an rubber chicken*STOP REASISTING ARREST Cop:your not an cop! Me:now i am

  • sielie pienyu
    sielie pienyu


  • Kebblot

    It's been seven years, I hope you've let this chick go 100%

  • Kebblot

    That's the type of freak I wanted, then I fell in love🤦🏻

  • ros vdl
    ros vdl

    He's wearing 25,000 dollar shoes in the background

  • _ Yaboijjraw _
    _ Yaboijjraw _

    2:16 “And then…….. i ran…” I feel like we’ve all done this if we ever got close to being caught

  • Frosty


  • Puggy420

    Another sign of a toxic friend is if they say "give me a good reason to do X." Like they won't do things for you to be a good friend, they want to judge if you have a "good" reason.

  • Puggy420

    A great way to identify a toxic friend too is if you invite them to be treated to lunch and hang out and they reject your offer for petty excuses like it's too hot, even though you're not going outside, or cause they "Don't want to ride in the car with you." I had that happen once and I felt like he didn't value my company.

  • nate_the_fun_kid


  • nate_the_fun_kid


  • Jacob Welding
    Jacob Welding

    He hit her

  • SL jason
    SL jason

    man fr i would just leave it just dont get mixed up with that stuff

  • memelord 776
    memelord 776

    Hopefully I’ll get too meet Stan in heaven

  • Cernos

    Not sure but I think we are the simps in the dog's perspective, We bought it, we buy food for it, we buy stuff for the dog just for it to wreck them, then the dogs befriends other Hoe-ners. We're basically their bitches

  • Psychological Disrespect
    Psychological Disrespect

    Plzz upload more🥺🥺

  • Curtavous Starks
    Curtavous Starks

    Lol swoozie u are so funny

  • Zeldris Wrath
    Zeldris Wrath


  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers

    I met MatPat at a guitar center. Dope guy

  • Charlie Coronado
    Charlie Coronado

    Wait hoe old where you???

  • csgobonk

    I was toxic, but I had people be honest with me when I was being toxic. I changed and I'm so glad to not be an erik.. fuck yallllll!!!

  • Evan Fotus
    Evan Fotus

    Hey Ik this is just gonna be me but when the girl catches phenmonia with the baseball glove it’s on her left hand but then magically it ends up on her right hand after she catches it

  • Eliseo Martinez
    Eliseo Martinez

    Why not play games to escape from reality?

  • Soren Peterson
    Soren Peterson

    How do people dislike

  • MedVFX

    Loads of horse shit, never simp for anyone. especially for girls.

  • The Bobo gamer
    The Bobo gamer

    Stan lee has died in real life but he will be alive in our hearts and dreams

  • Your mom
    Your mom

    It’s pretty sad that if a guy does this to a woman he immediately goes to jail, but that doesn’t happen when a woman does it to a guy.

  • Random Stuff Golden Fredboi
    Random Stuff Golden Fredboi

    I feel like I’ve heard the story before

  • Chronixcz


  • Dr. Mango
    Dr. Mango

    Who’s watching in 2021?

  • Encryptonize

    hey swoozie was marcos the high manager

  • Val Parkin
    Val Parkin

    lol you look like skee-lo in 1995

  • SlyGamer 136
    SlyGamer 136

    Fun fact: this is technically the first video of storytime 'animation' to be made, (or popularized since there may be videos that weren't popular or as iconic at the time.)

  • astrxlsev

    id go str8 to mister steal ur girl abt it and confront bro.

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith

    Imagine a cop sees this on RSloft

  • imdaniellight

    Ready for the next vid!!!! That looks so good hahaha

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  • Midnight_YT

    I caught racist

  • Div ino
    Div ino

    When you want to bump in to celebrities like that but you live in Japan😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nature noise TV
    Nature noise TV

    I’m sitting here crying

  • Why Didifallforyou
    Why Didifallforyou

    Rollingu thundaaaa


    1 used to work at a Wendy’s in Illinois and the one fry cook would never follow the cross contamination policy.

  • Audrey Poat
    Audrey Poat

    as a girl all i’m gonna say is that she actually was with the roommates and was saying stuff like “omg i don’t wanna god back there cause ____” and when she said the “the other dude” she was prolly talking abt you. i mean if you rly think she was even remotely into you she would’ve texted “this guy” so when she was like “i DEFINITELY have to say it in person” she was prolly thinking of you

  • The Chef
    The Chef

    I like how his phone is like the main villain

  • jas skawinski
    jas skawinski


  • LazyBoiz

    beat his ass like wtf do you want me to say you go aroung with yo Pus A and say stuff ab out me i would have started a whole war like bro

  • Chris Kelly
    Chris Kelly


  • Hero Charge
    Hero Charge

    This video was made the day before I was born 😀

  • Shane Primeaux
    Shane Primeaux

    he is your go to dude that's what its called

  • Darius Horotan
    Darius Horotan

    Tell me swooz what engine does ur paps bought?

  • Incorrecthuman

    why does your dad look so much like maurice

  • Yugihan

    I thought this said 8 mins ago

  • Adrianna Cheeks
    Adrianna Cheeks

    I start security next month 😂😂😂😂

  • Jah Jah Binks
    Jah Jah Binks

    Whoever runs into Chris Pratt, please show him this video. Swoozie needs to flex on his ex

  • willist RainH2O
    willist RainH2O

    You should've called the cops and sent the address, they could've been doing worse

  • Octavyan

    “…Is you JJ?!” “Yee!” “Can I get a picture?!” “YEE!”

  • Cam D
    Cam D

    Boomers probably owned and marketed blockbuster tbh

  • Aceofheartz Xaver
    Aceofheartz Xaver

    i made the mistake of offering advice for my friendgirls toxic relationship and she just ignored EVERYTHNG i said

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    😌😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his face!😅😅😂🤣

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    I love SpongeBob on Netflix!!

  • Yantae Dias
    Yantae Dias

    Okay then 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • Manu Boymelgreen
    Manu Boymelgreen

    Swoozie straight facts

  • Katie C
    Katie C


  • Dark Shark
    Dark Shark

    What’s with the 3 boxes of krispy kreme :)

  • Val Brito
    Val Brito

    the engine its 2jz with a FUKIN TURBO get guud bro i like the engine

  • Katie C
    Katie C


  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young

    At four years old I ran into the doorknob of my mom’s bf’s door and it gave me a really bad black eye. It’s possible that that’s what happen to “Ann”

  • RacewJ

    This video is so OG

  • Kai

    Hey dude, im really sure that she was hit physically by her bf, since you said, and i quote "Humans don't have flat faces" unless she like 7 feet tall annd the corner of the door hit her, she was hit physicallynin the eye.

  • Jayden Clarke
    Jayden Clarke

    Obama hamburger

  • clowneeroni

    this high school experience is now a middle school and for some elementary school experience

  • techno 6
    techno 6

    Tf is this

  • Katie C
    Katie C


  • Mr. Pancake
    Mr. Pancake

    Btw Swoozie No way you are that superior of a human being that you ain’t gonna get with two girls

  • Mr. Pancake
    Mr. Pancake

    Bro that powers shit is fucking relatable